96 Father's Back

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Gu Zi thought of the bean jelly grass that was drying in the sun at home and forgot about the unhappy episode with Tian Hai.

She said to Su Shen, "Let's go to the Revival Store. I want to buy some things."

Su Shen adjusted his mood and took her to the Revival Store.

She bought edible alkali, cornstarch, brown sugar, wolfberries, and also some canned fruits. Su Shen didn't know what she was planning, but he didn't find accompanying her boring. He enjoyed being her bearer of things and the feeling of paying the bill.

As they returned from the city to Daqing Village, Su Li and Su Bing were just returning from school. They met at the village entrance and walked home together.

Su Li walked very slowly because his body had not fully recovered.

Su Shen walked up and squatted down.

Gu Zi took Su Li's backpack and said to him, "Su Li, go ahead."

Su Li couldn't believe what was happening. Was Dad going to carry him?


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