Back to the Past: The Rise of the False Heiress Marrying the True Tycoon

Guzi transmigrated into a novel and became a character in a story about a true and false rich heiress. While others who transmigrated into novels become the true heiress, she became the fake heiress. To make matters worse, both she and the true heiress are engaged. She was engaged to the son of a military leader, while the true heiress was engaged to a divorced man with three children from his previous marriage. Guzi's parents, caring for the true heiress, decide to have Guzi marry in her place. In the book, the character "Guzi" was furious and attempted suicide but failed. As a result, she lost the love and favor of her parents. After marrying the divorced man, "Guzi" blamed him for all the wrongdoings and mistreated his children. Eventually, he could no longer tolerate her actions and divorced her. "Guzi" would become a destitute beggar and die miserably on the street. After transmigrating into the book, Guzi left her family and married the divorced man. When she faced the man and his three children, Guzi believed that the original owner of her body made a terrible mistake. This was a painless experience of being a mother without any hardships to endure! On the other hand, the true heiress had to deal with her husband's illegitimate child and fight for family assets. She would lead a daily life full of hardships. The true heiress consoled herself, thinking that she was still better off than Guzi. She had to raise someone else's child and care for an old man. However, one day she sees Guzi stepping out of a luxurious car with a protruding belly, supported by the richest man in the city. Looking aggrieved, Guzi got out of the car and said, "We agreed not to have children!" The man beside her responded tenderly, "Sorry, my mistake."

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Gu Zi smiled and chatted with the people for a while before she spoke up, "It's getting late, and I need to get back home to take care of the children."

Hearing Gu Zi's words, everyone was stunned for a moment. Everyone in the village knew that their boss had spent money to ask Aunt Chu to take care of the child. So why was Gu Zi in such a hurry to go back and take care of the child?

"Is the child at home alone?" someone couldn't help but ask.

Gu Zi shook her head with a smile. She explained, "When I came here, I took Lele to our neighbor Aunt Zhang's house. I need to get back early so I don't keep Aunt Zhang waiting. I'll be going now."

Everyone looked at each other and thought of Aunt Chu's daughter, Chu Tian, who had just come to deliver food.

They originally thought that Aunt Chu was taking care of Lele at the boss's house and couldn't spare the time to come here herself, so she asked Chu Tian to bring food to Boss.

Now it seemed that Aunt Chu didn't go to the Su family's house to take care of Lele today. She even asked her daughter to deliver food and seduce Boss.


How disgusting.

The group had initially stayed in the hall to enjoy the cool, but now they wanted to give the two of them some space for private conversation, so they began to find excuses to leave.

"My stomach doesn't feel well. I'm going outside."

"I remembered I need to mix pig feed. I'll go take care of it."

"I need to check on the piglets."

"I'll go with you."

"Let's go together!"

In the blink of an eye, the hall was left with only Su Shen and Gu Zi.

Gu Zi watched as the others left, realizing that they were creating an opportunity for the two of them. However, she didn't need that opportunity.

She stood up, intending to bid farewell to Su Shen. As she looked at his face, she noticed his scrutinizing gaze, causing her eyebrows to furrow slightly.

Gu Zi didn't understand why he was looking at her like that. However, she was still polite as she said, "I'll head back now. Take your time with your meal."

As she turned to leave, she heard Su Shen's calm voice.

"I don't understand why you changed your mind, but since you've come here, I will treat you well."

Gu Zi stopped and turned to look at Su Shen. She was about to respond when he continued.

"This is my situation. If you can't accept it, you can refuse. I'm well aware of your situation, so there's no need to lie."

A trace of disgust flashed across Su Shen's heart. He hated hypocritical people the most.

When Gu Zi heard Su Shen say that, a hint of puzzlement flashed across her eyes. She asked, "What did I lie about?"

Su Shen frowned and looked at Gu Zi coldly.

Gu Zi met Su Shen's gaze fearlessly. From the moment she transmigrated into this body, she had already made up her mind.

What did the host's thoughts have to do with her?!

She was not the original owner of this body!

Could it be that the person Su Shen cared about was Lin Miao, so he couldn't bear to see her tell the truth?

She pursed her lips tightly and her eyes were cold.

Although Lin Miao was the female lead of this book, she did not think that Lin Miao was a good person when she read the book.

Although the Gu family and the Lin family had mixed up their children at birth and Lin Miao was forced to be a country girl for more than ten years, in the book, even after Lin Miao returned to the Gu family, she still spent her days attacking the host of this body. The original owner of this body died miserably in the end.

She tightened her lips and replied calmly, "Some things may sound untrue when heard, and not everything you see is the truth. But time will reveal one's true colors."

After saying this, Gu Zi turned to leave once more.

However, Su Shen was still puzzled by her words and called out, "Wait."

Gu Zi turned back to look at Su Shen with a hint of confusion in her eyes, but her gaze was devoid of warmth.

She originally thought that Su Shen was a good man, but now she had to change her mind. Although he was good-looking and rich, his words were not pleasant. It seemed that there was no fate between them.

It seemed that she would have to rely on herself to make a fortune in the future.

Su Shen did not care about Gu Zi's attitude. In his opinion, it was normal for Gu Zi to be young and uncertain.

He put the lunch box aside and walked toward Gu Zi. He took out some money from his pocket and handed it to Gu Zi. "Take this money. Buy whatever you want. If it's not enough, come and find me."

Su Shen remembered that Gu Zi had come to deliver food, so he politely said, "Thank you."

Gu Zi accepted the money with a polite "thank you." Her frosty demeanor had softened, and she smiled as she said, "Thank you. It's my honor to bring you your meal."

She took the money and walked away, her smile still in place. Gu Zi realized that she had been wrong about Su Shen.

Despite his good looks and wealth, he was indeed a good man.