Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine

Bella Gold

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In Serene’s past life, she gave up her dream for her beloved—only for him to cheat on her, leaving her with a broken heart and a dead child. Given a second chance, Serene is determined to take revenge on all who wronged her, starting with developing the career that should’ve taken off if it weren’t for her wretched ex-husband. This time, she will be the screenwriter of her own life! When fate pushes her to meet the hunky actor, Damon Wilson, sparks inevitably fly. Together, can she and the prince of the silver screen rise above their enemies? — “You built me back up Serene,” Damon whispered into my ear, his lips grazing down my ear lobe to the nape of my neck. His hand cupped my breast, massaging my past heartbreak away. “Damon, you did it all by yourself,” I uttered, releasing a slight moan as his mouth cascaded down to my chest. “It doesn't matter. All I know is I'm yours, forever.” Back Off, the Best Actor is Mine is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.


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