Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

# HUSBAND-CHASING Si Mi had been foolish in her past life. She aborted the child she had with her husband just so she could return to her first boyfriend, Fu Xing. Yet, Fu Xing had no intention of reconciling with her, and even ridiculed her for flattering herself. With that, Si Mi felt that she had been abandoned by the world. She wandered the streets dejectedly and was killed by a car that malfunctioned. As her soul floated in midair, she saw her stepsister secretly meeting up with the driver who killed her to give him a large sum of hush money. She even saw her stepmother, who had always doted on her, say, “That girl finally died. At least my efforts weren’t wasted in spoiling her to the point of being brainless and arrogant! My dear daughter, you can finally relax and be with Fu Xing now.” Finally, Si Mi saw her ex-husband attending her funeral, and then took revenge for her death. Her supposedly disfigured husband even removed his mask for the first time before her portrait. The man’s flawless appearance seemed to be a gift from the gods. Every inch of him was meticulously perfect, and he wasn’t as hideous as the rumors painted him to be. Then, Si Mi lost all senses. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a bed naked while a man rammed into her from above. It was her husband, Fu Zhen! She had just attended her own funeral moments ago as a wandering soul, so why was she in Fu Zhen’s bed now and making love to him? It seems that Si Mi was reborn back to the time when she had just married her husband. During this time, she had yet to abort Fu Zhen’s child, and hadn’t yet fallen into her stepmother and stepsister’s scheme! What perplexed Si Mi even more was that she now possessed the power of telekinesis after being reborn. Splendid! She swore not to be toyed with anymore in this life. She would also take revenge! More importantly… she had to compensate Fu Zhen for what she owed him. She would give her best to this man who once loved her deeply.

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Chapter 006: The Clueless President Fu

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Although she didn't have a good rest last night, Si Mi still woke up at 8 AM. She opened her eyes to get used to the light coming in from the window. It was as if she could already feel the temperature of the sunlight!

Si Mi took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. The greenery in Fu Zhen's house was very good, and the air was especially fresh. Si Mi had never cared about these things before.

When they went down to the first floor, Fu Zhen had already woken up. He was drinking the coffee that he always had in the morning and was preparing to eat breakfast! When he saw her, Butler Sun enthusiastically came forward to place her breakfast on the table. They were all the things that she liked to eat.

The two of them sat together and ate breakfast very harmoniously. Butler Sun smiled knowingly. This scene was really rare. But today, it seemed to be especially different.

Si Mi drank the hot milk and asked tentatively, "Do you want to use the chauffeur at home today? Sister Lan said that there's an important audition!" 

Fu Zhen looked up at her.

"Oh! Sister Lan, Lan Xin! My manager!" Si Mi added quickly.

"Yes, I know." Putting down the phone in his hand, Fu Zhen sat up straight. "I have my own chauffeur. You can ask Uncle Sun to arrange one for you." 

Fu Zhen said that he knew. Si Mi thought that he would not even pay attention to these trivial matters. She was a little happy and the corners of her mouth curved into a happy smile. Fu Zhen saw that her skin was very fair, and her cheeks were rosy. The color of her slightly curved lips was so beautiful that it made him feel a little enamored!

"Okay, what time will you be home tonight?" Si Mi asked.

Fu Zhen looked at her. The anticipation on her face did not seem to be fake. It was as if she was really just his wife. She asked him what time he would be home for dinner. "What's wrong? Is there something wrong?" 

"Nothing! What time will you be home? I'll wait for you for dinner." Si Mi saw that the man's eyes were filled with confusion. She just wanted to treat him better and care more about him. She really wanted to know more about this man.

Fu Zhen finished her last sip of coffee and stood up. "There's a cocktail party tonight. There's no need to wait." 

Si Mi looked at his back as he stood up and left. She nodded and said, "Okay!" 

On the way to the company, Fu Zhen held her forehead and was still thinking about Si Mi. What was this woman doing? He wasn't a blockhead. Si Mi's transformation was too obvious. Fu Zhen was confused. Was there still something that she had not achieved? Was it something on Si Long's side? Or something else?!

"Today's banquet is not that important. Why did Young Master reject Miss' invitation for dinner?" Uncle Sun had worked for Fu Zhen for many years, so he had some understanding of his Young Master. He looked at Fu Zhen, who had been silent but was not paying attention, and he asked bluntly.

"Is that... a dinner invitation?" 

Butler Sun turned around and looked at Fu Zhen. "Yes, Young Master!" He had a puzzled expression.


"What else can there be?! She just wants to have dinner with you!" Hearing Uncle Sun's words, Fu Zhen looked very troubled and confused!

"What does she want now?" 

Uncle Sun turned around and shook his head. He knew that his Young Master was not enlightened. He said, "I want you to spend more time with her!" 

"Didn't you notice that the way she looked at you this morning was very different?" 


Uncle Sun smiled lightly and said with a teasing tone, "In the words of you young people..." Seeing Fu Zhen's inquisitive gaze, his smile widened. "There were stars in her eyes!" 

Fu Zhen had never known that Uncle Sun actually knew these hip and trendy slang.

Only when you looked at the person you like would there be stars in your eyes!

Si Mi found the location that she had arranged with Lan Xin to pick her up. Si Mi was looking at the information on her phone, and Lan Xin couldn't stop nagging the moment she started!

"My lady! How long has it been since you contacted me? You didn't pick up your phone! The few jobs you had are almost gone! Do you know?" 

"I don't think you know! You don't care! You don't lack money, but if you want to do well in the entertainment industry, you have to have a few outstanding works, right?" 

Lan Xin was disappointed. "Look at that web drama that was pushed out earlier. Look at the girl who is your rival. How many fans has she gained?" 

Seeing Si Mi unmoved and only looking at her phone, Lan Xin sighed tiredly. "The script today is pretty good. Can you be more serious?" 

"Okay! After you sent me the script, I have already read it."