Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

# HUSBAND-CHASING Si Mi had been foolish in her past life. She aborted the child she had with her husband just so she could return to her first boyfriend, Fu Xing. Yet, Fu Xing had no intention of reconciling with her, and even ridiculed her for flattering herself. With that, Si Mi felt that she had been abandoned by the world. She wandered the streets dejectedly and was killed by a car that malfunctioned. As her soul floated in midair, she saw her stepsister secretly meeting up with the driver who killed her to give him a large sum of hush money. She even saw her stepmother, who had always doted on her, say, “That girl finally died. At least my efforts weren’t wasted in spoiling her to the point of being brainless and arrogant! My dear daughter, you can finally relax and be with Fu Xing now.” Finally, Si Mi saw her ex-husband attending her funeral, and then took revenge for her death. Her supposedly disfigured husband even removed his mask for the first time before her portrait. The man’s flawless appearance seemed to be a gift from the gods. Every inch of him was meticulously perfect, and he wasn’t as hideous as the rumors painted him to be. Then, Si Mi lost all senses. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a bed naked while a man rammed into her from above. It was her husband, Fu Zhen! She had just attended her own funeral moments ago as a wandering soul, so why was she in Fu Zhen’s bed now and making love to him? It seems that Si Mi was reborn back to the time when she had just married her husband. During this time, she had yet to abort Fu Zhen’s child, and hadn’t yet fallen into her stepmother and stepsister’s scheme! What perplexed Si Mi even more was that she now possessed the power of telekinesis after being reborn. Splendid! She swore not to be toyed with anymore in this life. She would also take revenge! More importantly… she had to compensate Fu Zhen for what she owed him. She would give her best to this man who once loved her deeply.

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Chapter 004: Honey Water

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Si Mi raised her head slightly and answered him, "She lost her balance and fell! We've called an ambulance!" 

"Okay." The man didn't say anything. He gave Butler Sun a few instructions, then turned around and returned to his room. He sat on the sofa. Fu Zhen felt that Si Mi treated him a little differently today. She was a little closer to him. Fu Zhen thought about the heavy smell of alcohol on Si Mi's body, then he didn't take it to heart anymore.

Si Mi watched as the ambulance workers picked her up before returning to the living room. She was a little tired. Although she didn't drink alcohol personally, the alcohol in her body still had an effect on her. Holding one of her temples she felt a little headache. The phone in her pocket started to ring. Looking at the number on the screen, Si Mi thought, the speed was really fast! It had been a little more than half an hour!

Si Mi took the phone. "Hello! Mi Mi! I heard that Auntie Shi fell down!" 


"Then are you alright?!" Gao Ping's worried voice came from the other end.

Si Mi still answered her, "I'm fine! The doctor just picked her up. It looks quite serious." 

"Sigh, why was she so careless?" 

"I'll send one of the aunties at home over for you! I'm afraid Auntie Shi won't be able to recover for a while!" 

Gao Ping wanted to send another spy over. If it was in the past, Si Mi would have already agreed by now. In the past, she really didn't have a brain at all and fell for traps so easily!

Si Mi sat up straight. "There's no need. Fu Zhen has already been arranged it!" 

Not expecting Si Mi to reject her, Gao Ping said. "Is that so? Is that person reliable? Mom..." 

"With the Fu family, what are you still worried about?" They were more reliable than her.

Gao Ping choked for a moment. Her family naturally couldn't compare to the Fu family. "That's not what I meant! I'm just afraid that you won't feel comfortable over there!" 

Si Mi was getting a little irritated from being pestered. Her tone was very anxious. "You don't have to worry. He's already arranged everything! I'll hang up first. He's calling me!" 

As Si Mi said this, she hung up the phone. When she turned her head, she saw Fu Zhen standing still behind her with a cup in his hand. Si Mi was instantly embarrassed. She didn't know how long Fu Zhen had been standing behind her, and did he hear everything she had said to Gao Ping?

Si Mi sized him up. Through the mask, she couldn't see his expression clearly. "How long have you been standing here?" 

The man handed her the cup in his hand. "Since you answered the phone." Perhaps it was because he was relaxed at home, but the man's voice was low and mellow, like the music of a cello.

He heard everything. She took the cup, and the warmth from the cup seemed to be reflected on her face. She blushed. "I told a lie by using you. You're not angry, are you?" 

Her voice was soft and her tone was slightly raised. It sounded like she was acting coquettishly. Fu Zhen's eyes flashed. "No." 


Looking at the cold man, Si Mi held the cup and took a small sip. She wanted to ease the strange atmosphere between the two of them.

"Sweet? Honey water!" Si Mi looked up at him and said with a surprised tone.

Fu Zhen nodded. It was just a cup of honey water. She had drunk a lot of wine that night, so it would be more comfortable to drink this.

Si Mi felt warm in her heart when she thought of this. She had returned from a new life, and this man's kindness made it feel more real.

"Go to bed early," Uncle Fu said to Si Mi, who was acting cute in front of him. He seemed to have softened. There were only two of them in the large living room, and the incandescent light was not switched on at night. The warm light in this quiet night made people feel even more cozy.

Fu Zhen walked upstairs. After taking a few steps, he turned around and said to Si Mi, "I know about your father's company. I'll get my secretary to find out about the situation." 

Fu Zhen spoke slowly and succinctly, as if this was just a small matter. However, Si Mei knew that the crisis that Si Long was facing this time was not a small matter. Fu Zhen did not even take the opportunity to ask for anything! In her previous life, after the two of them slept together, she took the initiative to mention it to him. What was Fu Zhen's mood at that time? Si Mi did not dare to think too much about it!

"Thank you, Second Uncle!" When Fu Zhen heard it, he almost missed the step. Si Mi calling him Second Uncle made him inexplicably tantalized. Perhaps the night was too quiet, and the atmosphere was too good!