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Bachelor's wing


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"Collin think twice before you leave her at the altar, remember this is all you wanted at a point in your life." Says Rodney getting up from his seat to pick up a call "My target is to see her walk down the aisle then dump her after she says I do." I reply to Rodney. She caused my father's death and that's her penalty. The poor man was loyal to her family and knew not about her kidnap when she was ten. I thought over this every time I remembered my father's dying face. **** "You look so beautiful my daughter, am happy that you have the man of your dreams" Mrs. Swey compliments her daughter with the widest smile in the world. Just as she left the bride's room, she got a phonecall and fainted . The bride's bodyguards carried her to hospital without Lance her daughter noticing. ----- Deep hatred never turns into love but will spicey revenge and tragedy meet romance and demands of the world.?????


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