Chapter 90: Rain God, Rain God, I am Mianmian

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Su Chenfei thought of the last time he got a mobile phone and chatted with his eldest brother in the group, nodding his head, "You can say anything, Little Auntie, go ahead, it's no problem."

Since the last incident, the family had received related phone calls. This meant the matter could be disclosed; there was no need to hide it anymore.

With Su Chenfei's permission, Mianmian said to Gu Youyou, "Mianmian washed her face and put on fragrance because she wants to contact a fairy."

Because there was no need to hide anymore, a sense of ease was evident in Mianmian's childlike voice.

Gu Youyou's eyes widened, "A fairy?"

Mianmian nodded, "Yes, that fairy controls the rain, called the Rain God! Mianmian wants to ask her why it keeps raining here."

"How do you contact her?" Wang Ze was also curious, "Is it like how Ultraman contacts Brother Ultraman?"