Chapter 182: You'll Have a Grandniece-in-law Soon!

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Mianmian saw Rose drooling over Teacher Liu and clenched her little fist even tighter, "No no no, you can't drool, I've told you already!"

So dirty, it made her want to drag Rose over and knock on her head again.

Rose's head did a 360 rotation, noticing Mianmian's tightened little fist, and quickly put away her drool.

The interaction between the child and the ghost opened a new world to Teacher Liu.

She had seen many ghosts from a young age, typically pretending not to see them, and if that didn't work, she would persuade those haunted by ghosts to visit a temple.

But most people didn't believe her, often responding with harsh words. Some particularly malicious ghosts would even trouble her at her home.

She had also tried searching for masters online, only to almost get scammed of 100,000 yuan the first time.