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Story 2 Magical Ascension Chapter 3

As I came out of my funk I realized for one that the badge on my chest was fully filled out meaning my awakening had brought me all the way to five of the seven stars needed to actually reach the Novice stage of a mage. But thankfully despite it being perfectly clear that everyone was desperately curious as to what 'advanced' element I awoke, they were forced to set those questions aside as there were still a few more students in my back row who needed to go next.

So I quickly made my way over to my desk and grabbed my cell phone out of my bag while my fellow students kept glancing at me, and with a sinking feeling in my gut I saw some of them were clearly taking fucking pictures of me and texting other people about 'The asshole who awoke the mystery element'

I held my phone up and as the call went through I was greeted with the deep tenor of my new father speaking through the phone. "What is it, boy." He said brusquely and I could hear the sounds of his hammer hitting the anvil in the background so I knew he was working on an expensive commission piece so... Yeah he would normally be pissed if I didn't have a good reason for interrupting him. So I spoke quickly and clearly.

"Father, during the awakening test, I awoke an element I had never seen before from the advanced elements chart and my teachers and students are texting everyone about it with pictures of my badge having the new elements rainbow colors," I explained and I heard my father grunt before a loud clatter rang out and I grimaced at the sound of his hammer obviously being dropped onto the nearby workbench that was made out of a metal that was different from the metal used for the anvil.

"We are on our way." My father grunted and with a sharp clicking noise I heard him hang up the call and I nervously mentally giggled at the news... 'As he said 'we' not me and your mother but 'we'... Taihou was probably coming as well and she would never let a moment like this go to cause an even bigger stunt.' I thought wryly.

For a moment I considered just doing the same thing that kid that Ai's family bullied did, in just hiding in the bathroom until my parents came to visit but before I could give it more thought Ed slammed his desk against my own and sat on it making the other students unable to stare directly at me anymore.

"You already called your parents?" He asked simply and I nodded while he grimaced before shaking his head and continued but speaking in a softer tone. "Sorry bro but this awakening an advanced element as a Novice mage. Is literally completely unheard of." He paused before his eyes snapped above my head and I slowly turned around and shivered as fucking Ai Hoshino was just standing silently behind me and looking at my back with her star-filled eyes. "Fuck off Hoshino, he isn't a commoner your family can forcibly recruit," Ed said coldly and Ai's starry eyes snapped to glare at him.

Ed's family although wasn't at the level of one of the noble mage families was a completely indispensable family of earth mages that kept the city safe with their insane engineering skills that used their earth-based magic to the best effect. To say nothing of how his family also controlled the walls that surrounded the city.

So Ai couldn't just snap at him to shut up or otherwise threaten him as his family could mess with the political climate if they decided to support one of the Hoshino family's rivals.

"Ai what do you want." I simply asked as it was clear she wasn't going to go away before getting her two pieces in. And I was right as she grinned in a friendly way but I could see the intelligence in her eyes as she clearly had some kind of plan whirling through her head.

"Oh, it truly has nothing to do with your elemental awakening but I was actually planning on inviting you to be my partner at the Awakening Ball this coming weekend." She explained and I frowned at her words as the Awakening Ball was... Controversial here in Memphis. For one it was supposed to be the moment the noble sons and daughters of the city of Memphis went on the market as it were, with them having become mages so it was common for the starts of arranged marriages to be made there if ladies and gentlemen seemed to fit together.

But beyond that was the fact that the most talented in the city would come to represent their noble families while becoming a mage and fighting one another with their new magic abilities... For people with nonoffensive magic in the first stage, it made fighting, utterly stupid at the best of times.

I calmly looked at Ai as my thoughts raced to whether she was trying to use me as some kind of shield to avoid the noble sons of the nearby cities that didn't know how scary she was. But in the end, just refusing her offer would only make me look like an asshole and if anything it could bring me more trouble as the vast majority of mage reagents and resources I would need, came from the noble families obviously.

So after taking a breath I nodded in assent and put on a thin smile that made Ai grin. As though she won something far greater than getting me to come to some kind of gathering.

"Alright students return to your seats and I won't bother to say not to call your parents to give them the good news of your awakening. But keep quiet so you don't have to shout over the others." The teacher said as he threw one last glance towards me, one with pity in it as we both knew trouble was going to be coming for this.


And that promised trouble wasn't even far as the door to my classroom was opened up and in stepped my full family besides my older brother who was away at one of the Mage Colleges. Not to mention my family I couldn't help but smile seeing Ed's three older brothers and his own father following my family into the classroom.

"Hey class hasn't been dism-" The teacher tried to speak but my father glared at him and the man froze under the weight of the glare my father who was a peak Advanced Mage who could any day become a Super Mage.

In my blood-related side of the family my mother and father were rather intense-looking people, my father named John Barris was tall and very muscular and the only hair he had was the full well oiled, and cared-for beard that covered the bottom of his face. While my mother named Olivier Barris was the definition of a Swedish beauty with her pale skin, long blond hair, and blue eyes.

But my mother was the reason my father hadn't been pressed into one of the noble families' service with his great smithing capabilities as she was a mid-ranked Super Mage who served in the hunter organizations that hunted rogue mages and the intelligent demon beasts that turned their fangs upon humanity.

So when my mother's ice-cold eyes landed on the teacher and she spoke the teacher literally just fainted under the weight of my mother's mana. "Your phones like all other teachers are bugged by the police and government offices to make sure you don't sell information to criminals... I don't know why you are so stupid as to think you could sell information on my son as the information is already out in the public but you can think about how to get out of the city before I show you my disappointment."

Sure my mother being the scary girl boss was awesome and all, but as I was trying to quickly make my way over but before I could, Taihou pulled her shenanigans. "Jake, here I was going to bring you lunch when school let out early but hehe... I guess it was just fate that brought this homemade lunch made with my adoring feelings to you oh so sooner!" Taihou said popping open the large picnic basket so everyone in the classroom could see.

And within the large picnic basket, it looked as though Taihou had literally baked a large bread bowl in the shape of a heart, and then within the bread bowl was a stir fry but the noodles were arranged to say. 'For my dear man and his future accomplishments!' Honestly, regardless of how my fellow male students clutched their chests at the agony of such a beautiful busty woman doing something so bold, I was more impressed she managed to legible form those words out of the noodles and it didn't get messed up even when she cleared used her spatial ring to carry it around.

"Jake, let's get you home for now." Ed's father called out as he stood beside his older sons who nodded smiling towards me but I saw they were looking rather tense as we filed out with Taihou pouting at how I refused to take her 'token of love'. I didn't have any control over my magic so I couldn't use a spatial ring or anything and I wasn't going to carry around a large picnic basket like a dumbass... Although admittedly the food smelled really good.

Either way, the trouble began as our group left the school with Ed beside me and as our fathers led the way out of the school they stopped at the large black limo that was parked outside the school and I realized this was undoubtedly going to lead to a fight... As the large muscular mages that clearly removed Ed's family's cars and my father and mother's car had left the balled or crumbled-up remains of their vehicles on the fucking sidewalk.

I could hear my father's fist pop with a vein showing up on his neck as his fucking heart and joy, his 1967 Chevy Impala was clearly smashed by what looked to be the Earthen Rock spell so to say nothing of Ed's families reaction to their own two cars being wrecked and moved out of the way my father was already stomping towards the two muscular mages clearly standing guard in front of the limo.

"Oh, dear. Father is most upset." Alice tittered wryly but I could see the ice-cold glare she had as she followed my mother who was sedately following behind my father but instead of walking she was clearly hovering off the ground using her status as a Super Mage to levitate off the ground.

"Boys you stay with Taihou and Jake, this is getting out of hand." Ed's father said frowning as the door to the limo opened and I frowned seeing the twin female heads of the city's head noble family that had more than half a decade ago moved in and forced themselves into a leadership position within the city with their power as peak Super mages that could combine their power and matched elements to transcend their rank temporarily.

My father eyed the two placid twin women that had no expression, no tells as to why they did what they did. So finally my father broke the tension-filled silence as already there were dozens of people who were watching this scene that came out of the nearby buildings knowing that with the powerful magic being radiated here that no monsters would dare come out of the fog above to try to nab a bite.

"Why?" He demanded with that simple demanded word that meant many other things.

The twin sisters were in their late twenties and they had moved here to America from Japan for the large amount of lightning and water-based treasures that constantly streamed from the Great Lake. Ei and Makoto Raiden... They were strong, together they were bar none the strongest mages in the city to say nothing of how they recruited from the populace and bound them in magical agreements for their service. With the person getting heaps of mage resources for their magically enforced loyalty.

Makoto was the softer of the two, with Ei always having a spear that could instantly cast several of her lightning spells before needing to recharge in hand that allowed her sister Makoto who wielded a katana to look unarmed and approachable as the purple and well-decorated sword perfectly matched into her official and regal kimono.

Rather than Makoto answering and possibly putting this situation at ease Ei answered... In her infamously blunt manner. "The car was parked in the way... Will Ten Million Dollars suffice for a replacement?" She offered and I could hear my father's fist pop as he spoke deeply with his voice resounding from his chest.

"No... That was my father's car that he received from his own father... We literally milled the parts at the shop as the Chevy plant in Detroit was sunk under the Great Lake when it expanded." My father took a deep breath and visibly went overly still. "That was a priceless heirloom that I was going to pass on to my own son Jake in the next few weeks as he has been working in it with me for years as did I at my own father's side."

Even Ei looked fucking awkward as hell as she realized this went beyond just putting my father in his place to cow him with their strength. They had stepped on my father's most prized possession besides myself and his wife.

So my father looked at the two of them and then snorted but before the situation could escalate a series of coughing broke out and I looked up and saw four men and two older women hovering in the air making my face twitch as I recognized the people up there.

"That's well enough... You girls came here and what? Just destroyed some people's property to send what message? This isn't the damned Great Lake or a danger zone where you kill anyone in your way to get ahead you stupid muscle-headed girl!" The older lady yelled at Ei and Mikoto who flinched and cringed under the Asian grandmother's glare who began literally screaming at them in Japanese that I couldn't understand.

The Hoshino family had arrived and like always was the voice of 'reason' or in this case. The grandmothers and their numerous children who acted as their muscle used their pinpoint lecturing skills to make people even arrogant assholes feel like complete dog water and then came the dreaded moment. When Ei tried to refute and tell her to mind her business, Ai's grandmother took off her wooden slipper that glowed with green light as the Grandmother imbued it with her own Super Mage magic...

Yeah, even the strongest pair in the city was scared of being seen publicly being smacked with the smelly slippers of some grandma's so they quickly beat a retreat while my father just silently walked over to the car while I followed him and stood beside him silently as we took in the wreck.

Didnt matter that they would hands down win the fight but it wasn't a fight to the death and the cost of being seen and recorded being smacked by the infamous rank granny wooden slippers was too much for them.

"Hey, Dad." I started softly and his dark brown eyes looked at me and he just looked tired honestly. "We cannot rebuild this... But we could use the metal to mill out the parts to make most of a motorcycle or something." I offered and the man exhaled heavily but I saw his head was whirling with thoughts on my offer.

He eventually sighed but nodded with his callused strong hand gripping my shoulder. "Then so be it. But those girls were probably probing not only you for your new element that doesn't fit any known element, but they have already been pressuring me to become their force-exclusive smith for a while. So don't overthink all this son." He said with his hand squeezing my shoulder in support before my mother came over to inspect the car and a wry smile came to her face and she teased Father.

"So I suppose now you will spend more time waxing me off than that damned car." She said bluntly and I covered my face as the true corrupter of Taihou's overly blunt and bold methods made her appearance my father just closed his eyes as he seemingly tuned out the tittering old ladies and people of the Hoshino noble family as they came to talk to us as a well and leading them proudly was Ai who was smugly smiling towards me...

"Tch harpie used her grandparents as a method to get closer... Shameless!" I heard Taihou snarl from across from me while Alice held her in place to prevent Taihou from stomping over and making a further scene.

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