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Story 15 The One Above The Heavens Chapter 1

I awoke to the sounds of wet choking and I frantically threw open my eyes thinking my dog was choking or something and I froze seeing my hunting knife in my hand... With my hand having slammed home and buried the knife into the throat of someone leaning down into my face. 

'I fucking killed someone!' I mentally screamed pushing the guy who was drowning in his own blood away as I frantically backpedaled, and I realized I was outside in some forest rather than my home so for a moment I thought he kidnapped me or something!

But the man straightened up his back and then with only a grimace ripped the knife out of his throat and his voice hit me like a ton of bricks as his voice enraptured my very soul. "A simple mortal... With neither magical heritage, cunning, or skill... Just pure luck and my own negligence led to my death Haha!" He laughed manically with his glowing green eyes staring down at me and I finally saw how he was garbed in the finest robe I had ever seen with beautiful dragons and other imagery seemingly dancing across the tapestry. 

He looked at me with pure amusement within his eyes as he chortled loudly. "I fought gods, sundered realms, and suppressed immortals and aliens beneath my palm for tens of millennia... What is your name mortal who I cannot read the fate of."

With the way he so comfortably fucking spoke with a massive gaping wound his neck from where my hunting knife had ripped out his throat and shouldn't at all be capable of speaking. I knew he was some kind of supernatural being so I answered with some rightful trepidation. "Jake Barriss." 

His glowing imperial eyes stared at me and then he hummed before saying regally. "Your name of Jake Barris is dead to you now... I the Jade Emperor, the Celestial above the Heavens bequeath you my name as the Jade Emperor." 

He visibly shimmered with power and my mind went dull as his voice reached into my very soul as he spoke. "Your given name is Yuhuang Yudi, your temple name is to be above the heavens again... So your holy name shall be Tagatha."

I felt those names engraved upon my soul and then as I sat in a kneeling position I felt his hand fell upon my brow with his now tiring voice reaching into my soul. "I have never been defeated allowing another to take my mantle and domains as a Campione... You bearing my mantle represents me in the true world and even diminished as I am as a Heretic God I refuse to allow you to diminish my name." His hand squeezed on my forehead before he chuckled as he broke apart into motes of light that merged into my body.

But as his last words hit my ears I could have sworn I heard a woman screaming in confusion or something but I was more focused on my father figure's words as he blessed me with his power as his final words hit my mind. "Yuhuang Yudi, take upon all my domains as the ruler of the holy trinity. You shall control Taoism, the Heavens, and the Earth in equal dominance... My son." He finished and I felt his hand gently slide down to grip my shoulder softly before his form completely collapsed into golden dust that fused into my body and my vision went completely dark.


"What do I do! That celestial cheated darn it!" I heard the previous female voice screaming and as I opened my eyes and realized my head was laying in the lap of a beautiful if albeit flat-chested girl. And I finally put all the damned pieces together.

In the depths of my mind, I remembered, I remembered dying and my reincarnation with my memories sealed of this world as I was told my cheat would be an easy opportunity for power. And my sleep-deprived slapping motion that somehow had a knife inside my hand, literally made me into a Campione, a Godkiller, a Devil King.

And thus the connection of this world was realized as I knew that I had landed in the world of Campione... Sorta.

I swallowed to clear my throat as I spoke up with a soft smile. "Mother?" 

There was a long pause and then the pink-haired goddess that I knew was Pandora, the goddess who created the Campione ritual looked down at me with dull eyes.

And then in a burst of motion I was picked up with my face being mushed into her flat chest as she cheered out happily. "Finally! After millennia they called me mother! It finally happened Eeeeeee!" She shrieked with joy as she shook me in her arms.

"Hngggh!" I groaned out as her arms were like steel around my head as she spoke and I could feel her divinity touching upon my soul as she chanted in a tongue that could only be understood by the divinity growing within myself. 

"The black art that Epimethemus and I Pandora left behind. The Sacred Birth of a divine illegitimate child. Shrouded in darkness, born of the folly of a fool and a witch. The rite of usurpation has beguns with the sacrificial blood of a god." She chanted and then she laid a kiss upon my brow with my already dim vision fading as she whispered more naturally.

"I cannot help but hope you still remember this mother blessing you."

And my vision completely faded away as I fell unconscious with my body being blessed and turned into a Campione! No even beyond the average Campione, my body was inheriting the power of the Jade Emperor and his many domains and becoming more physically powerful and durable then the norm as energy pooled into my core to become a Jindan or Golden Core of energy forming the base of Taoism.


Waking up later on I abruptly sat up and patted my body frantically as everything was just feeling so fucking different compared to before even with my reincarnation fixing the slight issues I had before.

My body had been sculpted into a slim swimmer's physique with corded muscles and as I looked at my hands and my arms. My lips twitched as I thought 'Oh gods... My skin is so smooth now.' I thought with some despair and then I realized my blond hair had turned a shiny emerald green that matched the Jade Emperors.

"Now where the did I get reincarnated?" I wondered as my reincarnation process was as bare bones as it got and besides knowing I was landing in 'Campione' I had no idea what else was going on, nor where I was landing.

But as I got up and I processed things I finally got the mental download for my authorities that I ursurped as the Jade Emperor. Of which I got three of his authorities. 

[Suppression of the Heavens.] [All forms of divinity regardless of its origins are weakened by ninety percent of its power and effectiveness in my vicinity. Secondly, I could use the authority to enhance my weapons with the rule of 'Suppression' to further weaken all foes regardless of origin by thirty percent of their base attributes.]

The second Authority was a passive authority that was constantly active. [The Holy Trinity.] [Grants three incarnations,][Grants access and knowledge of Taoist magic and Buddhism Mantra's.][Knowledge of various Xianxia crafting styles.]

And lastly was the strictly for combat Authority, the Jade Emperor granted me. [Mountain Suppressing Seal.] [Creates a seal that can endlessly expand in mass and size with the expenditure of strength and mana that will crush or seal away things smashed by the seal I can control mentally.]

With the knowledge of what I was and generally what I could do. I began listing out my list of priorities... First, I find out where the hell I was as none of the buildings in the distance looked familiar besides the weird bridge across the water. Secondly... Abuse the living fuck out of my crafting authority to make my Imperial Seal as overpowered as possible!

'And of course make everything from enchanted pants to enchanted earrings. If I am going to be expected to fight gods I need as much power as possible.' I thought was I jogged ran at a high speed down the surrounding hills toward the city in the distance.


Once I got to the city however... I realized very fucking quickly there was a minor hiccup as I certainly didn't recognize Fuyuki City from the get-go. "I am not truant for school! I am not even Japanese!" I yelled out with indignation as the extremely old and clearly senile police officer held my arm firmly for his mundane human grip as he escorted me from the streets.

"Bah! All the kids these days are blaming lost memories to avoid school! Back in my day we used to outrun the police and then would still ace our exams as just because we didn't like sitting in a classroom all day. That didn't mean we were willing to ruin our futures after our parents worked themselves to the bone to put us into nice schools!" The old police office scolded me.

No seriously... The old man looked like he was closer to a hundred then ninety years old so I was legitimately afraid to pull his hands off of me as I thought with my superhuman abilities now, I could actually hurt him really badly.

And I was raised right... Some old man was trying to put me on the 'right path' and even though he was clearly wrong, I couldn't hurt the old man for doing so. So I allowed the old man to drag me to the main high school of Fuyuki in Homurahara High School.

"Come, I went to school with the principal and he can get you right sorted out!" The police officer spoke and before I could even process all this, I was pulled in front of an even older looking fossil with the police officer speaking rapidly with the old man and even with my lack of ID I couldn't prove anything.

And before I could react, the principal had taken a picture of my face with his phone, I had a school ID, transcripts printed off, and a plastic wrapped school uniform thrown into my hands in literally... No joke, less than three minutes as the old men didn't waste any time at all!

'How the fuck did I get sucked into highschool again!' I mentally screamed as it was damn near supernatural with the speed in which they got me into their system and with the principal helpfully saying. "Look young man, I can see you are probably a young man trying to make your life here Japan... I get it, I am a self-made man as well so here is a key to one of the orphan apartments where the young adults there have absentee parents due to work or having lost them." He said tossing me the key as he explained that my living expenses would be taken care of as part of the state sponsorship, and should I get good grades he would help me get into a good college.

But after a long moment, I nodded with a sigh as I realized that trying to get an apartment or buy a house with zero ID and no actual money was going to be damn near impossible even if I could speak Japanese like it was my first language.

The principal then handed me some money to pick up some groceries on the way home and I was neatly bundled up and sent off to class with myself getting changed into the Homurahara Highschool outfit.

But as I was coming out of the bathroom after getting changed I heard a couple boys speaking and I completely froze. "So you heard about Tohsaka right? She went completely off the rails and ran out of the school on some kind of family emergency?" 

And then it all connected in my mind. 'Fuyuki... Homurahara High... The Bridge... Oh gods that asshole of a sponsor threw me into a AU with Fate and I am in Fuyuki during the canon years of Fate Stay Night!' I thought but then I froze as I realized something.

I was a fucking Campione, I was at the literal top of the food chain in this world already. Fuck the Grail War and their Servant's I could throw a simple pebble and make it into a mountain to crush and seal away anyone who messed with me!

Unbidden. An evil smile crossed my face as I imagined Rin Tohsaka's face hearing a new Campione was born in her city and then how she would further react to learning said Campione was going to her school.

"Oh this is going to be so damned funny." I muttered as I all but skipped with joy into class and even as my fellow classmates gapped at my clearly supernatural appearance having been so infused with Taoist powers to remove all defects from my form I remained impassive towards their hungry questions about who I was, where I was from etc.

It was only as I was leaving school later that day after nothing really all that entertaining happened that I saw the two targets of interest I had.

I saw Shirou Emiya, and Sakura Matou walking their separate ways and after a long moment of thought I decided to go for the bigger issue as I followed behind Sakura Matou until she turned into a garden/park.

And as I naturally followed her into the park she was standing facing towards me with a frown allowing me to naturally take in her form. Sakura Matou was a rather beautiful young woman with dark purple hair, soft purple eyes, ample curves and she was wearing the Homurahara girls uniform that came with a nice skirt that exposed a good bit of her legs.

"Why are you following me!?" She demanded rightfully so as I was well aware that I was coming off creepy as hell.

But I pressed on as I drew upon my authority as a Campione with her staggering in place as the air literally thickened with tension of my gaze. "My name is Jake Barriss, I am the newest Campione... I have come to claim this city as my own, and in my divination of this city I became well aware of the filth that is your Grandfather." I stepped closer to Sakura and she shivered under my gaze.

"Sakura Matou, you have gone through a... Tremendous amount of suffering, I respect you for that. But..." I gently grasped her chin as I spoke firmly. "There is an utterly repugnant filth within your body." 

Her eyes widened with tears entering her eyes as she knew that I could see or otherwise knew of the Crest Worms infesting her womb, heart, and other important organs. "My... King I am sorry for being dis-" She shakily spoke but I put a finger to her lips as I pulled at my inner divinity and finally laid a hand between her perky breasts.

"Supprese the Heavens!" I spoke deeply and Sakura shivered as my first authority slammed into her body and I could feel the insects within her body all but turning to dust under my imperial authority and disgust at their existence as their mortal nature, couldn't withstand my suppression that was meant to suppress gods for millennia without them having any chance of escaping.

So much drama, about her being filthy for having the terrible Crest Worms infesting her body, along with how Shinji would abuse her to feed the worms and for his own enjoyment. And I had already dealt with the worms with a small flex of my power.

But there was just one major issue remaining in Sakura... The corrupted remains of the Grail inside her womb that I couldn't destroy with just the passive suppression of my first Authority.

Now... To deal with the rest of the Matou issues. 

'Why is making a young girl an orphan literally the fastest and by far best option in this life?' I thought wryly as Sakuya laid a hand on her chest over her heart where a soul chunk of her grandfather was previously infesting a particularly large Crest Worm wrapped around her heart.

Sakuya looked up at with wild eyes as she demanded wetly with mucus entering her throat at the excessive emotions filling her consciousness. "Why! I am filthy! Why would you help me if you saw everything!" 

I took a breath and then I gave Sakura's breast a squeeze making her flinch as I pulled my hand back and then I spoke compassionately. "I saw something terrible being done so I decided to fix it. You are definitely in a bad way I won't deny that. But regardless, I wanted to help you." 

She looked at me with her purple eyes before she stilled as she came to a thought and she sighed as she spoke weakly. "You want me for my body? A Campione wouldn't help someone for no reason." 

'Ugh!" I mentally groaned and I sighed as I exhaled out a gust of air that made Sakura shiver at seeing me obviously getting a bit frustrated but I took a breath and spoke seriously. "Sakura Matou, you are beautiful, yes I paid more attention to you due to your beauty, but even if you hadn't been beautiful I would still have helped you as what has happened to you is beyond the pale. In evil and disgusting shit to happen to someone." I finished firmly.

The purple haired highly emotional girl had to process that for a long while but then she swallowed and spoke. "Ok... What happens now?" She asked shyly.

I spoke frankly. "First have you summoned a Servant yet with the Grail War?" I asked and she nodded with her showing the back of her hand that had faded command seals with her explaining that she already summoned Rider a week and a half ago and Shinji had her now with the Matou cheat book that could hold people's command seals to take their Servants.

But she had no power over Rider now due to Shinji having all the command seals so I nodded and said. "Alright so lead me to your house now." I said taking a hand around Sakura's waist and pulling her towards the exit for the park with her being quiet for a few minutes besides gently pulling me down the roads leading to her home.

After a couple of roads, however she spoke up. "What are you going to do with Rider? And what are you going to do after you deal with my... Grandfather?" She asked while still clearly afraid of her grandfather.

I hummed before answering frankly. "I want to meet Medusa as I am a Campione and want to see if she will set off my divine murder boner. And as for what happens after I kill your grandfather, well I suppose I will likely to go to your sister Rin Tohsaka to see if she can properly educate me about the magical forces of the world beyond what I have seen in my visions." 

Sakura stopped with making me stop as well as she looked at me with dull eyes before a smile crossed her face as she shook her head. "No... No that's not needed, I can teach you about the magical organizations of the world as I actually had my Grandfather teach me who was the major players of the world and my sister didn't have anyone teaching her!" She finished clearly having her own ideas so I just nodded with a shrug.

'Ooof, I guess Sakura's hate for her sister is going to be a bit of an issue.' I thought wryly but thankfully besides that Sakura didn't have any other hard questions for me and likewise, I was keeping quiet as I just enjoyed the walk while holding an arm around Sakura's waist.

A few minutes later of walking we reached the Matou mansion. And looking upon it I grimaced as my passive Taoism knowledge was screaming how utterly cursed, evil, and repugnant this land was so I snorted and with four rocks that I used a boundaries I drew on my Bhuddism attribute that came with being the Taoism trinity.

My authority rang out through the air as the setting sun seemingly gained a brighter hue as the sky above Fuyuki took on a golden glow as I sang a powerful Buddhist Hymm. "With mindful steps, traverse the path, Of wisdom and virtue, free from wrath. In every being, a spark divine, Let's nurture that flame, let it brightly shine."

The world seemingly stilled into silence as every chirping bird and croaking insect remained spellbound by the words of enlightenment carried in my voice. "Harmony and kindness, let them take wing. In the vast expanse of the cosmic sea, May all beings find peace and be truly free."

And finally, for the final verse, I snapped my fingers creating a golden holy flame that burned wrathfully as it devoured the evil in the air that was seemingly shivering as I sang the final verse with the fire flaring into life and seemingly engulfing the mansion. "As the Samadhi fire cleanses the soul, In its embers, let compassion remain. Evil dissolves like mist in the dawn, A new era of peace, eternally drawn."

The fire seemingly spread burning only shadows and dark smoke in the surroundings with myself pulling Sakura into the harmless flames of Samadhi that only burned away evil things and Sakura wasn't evil. Nor was I, even if the flames naturally wouldn't harm me as the creator.

As we walked into the brightly burning mansion with the evil wards, and screaming insects everywhere bursting into golden flames, we could clearly hear screaming from all directions. "You! What have I done to you Campione!" I heard an older voice screeching at me from all directions and I simply rolled my eyes as I spoke out.

"You are utterly evil and repugnant to look upon. Reincarnate into something better." I stated bluntly feeding more power into the Samedhi flames making Zouken Matou, Sakura's grandfather scream out in hellish agony before falling silent as the soul-burning flames wiped away his consciousness before his physical form inside countless insects was even fully burnt away.

I gave Sakura's waist a good squeeze as I spoke out. "We will now wait for Shinji to get here from his afterschool stuff. Mind showing me where his room is so I can make myself some new clothes and take a shower?" I asked with her nodding quickly as she actually took my hand and pulled me up the stairs. And as she led up the stairs I felt the flames of Samadhi finish burning away the evil in the mansion including within its basement of horrors that included the massive worm pit down there.

Once she lead to Shinji's room I gave her a quick hug that made her stiffen as I whispered into her ear. "The worm pit is gone... Completely cleared out. You will never go back there again." And I pulled back as her purple eyes stared at me with unseen before intensity before I gave her a nod and turned around and grabbed all of Shinji's clothes along with some metal and other things.

As I was going to make my first Imperial Robe like what the Jade Emperor had that could protect his body from great amounts of harm... At least if the harm hit the robe anyway.


Across the city, in the large Christian church, Rin Tohsaka was stomping her feet in front of a wryly smiling priest and a salaryman who was equally looking at the young heiress of the Tohsaka family along with being the Second Owner or ruler of the city's magical affairs. "What the hell do you mean a new Campione was born in my city!" She screeched throwing her arms up in exasperation.

"What the hell am I supposed to do about that? Hell, who even is this guy, and which god did he kill?!" She demanded.

The salaryman coughed and spoke. "Miss Tohsaka, I didn't introduce myself. I am Amakusa from the Committee for the Compilation of True History... As you well know we are the Mages Association opposite within Japan. We had tracked the Heretic God, who was the Jade Emperor from China where he had supposedly soundly defeated the Campione Luo Hao and came here to Japan for some reason... But soon after he landed here in Japan, he was abruptly killed off by a mortal and all the seers and priestesses of the world have concluded that the Seventh Campione has officially been crowned this morning!"

Tohsaka covered her face with her palm as she groaned aloud and then said weakly. "Ok... So any idea who the Campione is. Or even where-"

Almost as though in divine providence Amakusa and the priest Kotomine Kirei's phones went off loudly in abrupt warning and both men looked at their cell phones while Rin's face twitched at not getting any such message but with a humm Kirei spoke out with a small smile.

"Oh... Our new Devil King has apparently assaulted the Matou mansion using some kind of divine flames that burnt away harmful wards and other magical protections. And he is still there as no seer can see his presence but through the blinding headaches and bleeding eyes they get for trying... They can tell he is there because they know he isn't anywhere else." 

Rin's form froze as her mind processed the information that her sister who was traded away to another Magus family now had a Campione living in her home... And in the back of her head, she was screaming as she was just going to summon her own Servant today!

"Well, Miss Tohsaka I suppose we should go to see our newest King." Kirei spoke with a relaxed smile that didn't at all soothe the other two's hidden... And not at all hidden worries.

As all three of them were well aware of the insanity commonly found in the other six Campione in the world. After all, only the clinically insane would dare to fight a god as a mortal with any hope of winning.


If there was one thing to be said about Zouken Matou besides being a horrible monster who had taken the idea of Horcrux's entirely too far by shredding his already decaying soul down to thousands of pieces to inhabit his Crest Worms. One 'good' thing about Zouken was that he had absolutely superb taste in chairs...

He had this wonderful huge office chair that was damn near a throne with how regal it looked but had the added bonus of having hidden wheels beneath its leg box so I could move around and spin if I wanted.

So I was sitting in my new 'Throne' spinning around idly as I considered my current life and what I should be doing, Then I heard Sakura knock on the door to my 'Study' that I was going to turn into a workshop of sorts as I was going to burn the basement out a couple more times before I dared to use it for any form of Taoism. "Come on in Sakura."

The door opened and Sakura walked in looking a good bit better after getting her head on straight while I got cleaned up and made myself some clothes using my Taoism authority so I was garbed in an Imperial Robe that fit my status as the Jade Emperor.

For a moment Sakura stared at me as I certainly had a different gravitas being changed out of my school uniform and she took a breath before saying quietly. "Ja... Your majesty, Shinji is in the living room."

She obviously was also treating me with greater deference and after a moment of thought I decided to let her respect me more if she wanted to. I stood up and then said firmly. "Stay in this room and sit in that side seat. I will be collecting Rider from your brother and becoming her Master." 

Her eyes widened as she snapped up to look at me in utter confusion as she hurriedly spoke. "Can the Grail even give you something you desire as a Campione?" 

I looked down at Sakura and I felt a burning anticipation in my gut that I realized was my Campione bloodlust for the divine and I didn't bother hiding my smile as I said with anticipation. "The grail is the very reason why I want to join... After all, there is a Heretic or even a real divine spirit shoved inside of it, due to the Einzberns fuck up." I finished as I left the room with Sakura obediently staying there like I ordered.

Walking down into the main living room I saw the waste of space that was Shinji Matou and seeing me, his eyes tightened as he asked brusquely. "Who are you supposed to be!?"

Looking around I tensed feeling the feeling of a snake and divinity in the room and clearly ignoring Shinji I spoke out. "Medusa come on out." I ordered with my essence flaring out and the Rider class servant grunted as my magical energy slammed into her spiritual form and forcing her into her physical form.

"Rider kill him now!" Shinji yelled as he pulled out the Book of False Attendant which allowed him to make a contract with Medusa even with his lack of magical circuits. The cursed book's pages flapped rapidly with purple light radiating across its form as it pushed Shinji's order to Medusa.

But instead of trying to kill me as Shinji ordered Medusa was deathly still as she spat out in utter certainty. "You are a Campione!" 

And Shinji's face... Shinji's face went utterly sickly white and I could literally hear him fart as he shat himself in mind-numbing terror.

After a moment of thought, I realized that I was actually going to kill Shinji as well. And completely end this bloodline of nasty mages.

I finally decided to give Shinji a look as I spoke bluntly. "Shinji Matou tell me... Are you an evil person?" I asked as I mentally chanted a Buddhist hymn and formed a hand full of the Flames of Samadhi. And then without bothering getting an answer, I tossed the handful of flames at him making him scream in surprise.

Those screams of surprise then became screams of anguish as the flames registered him as a very evil person despite his relatively young age. But then again he had been abusing Sakura for years and the moment he got Medusa he had been using her to feed on the female students that wouldn't go out with him.

I had to make sure the flames didn't actually burn the Book of False Attendant as Shinji's form left behind nothing but a small indent in the couch he was previously sitting upon that I absently noted to myself to have thrown out. "You aren't going to attack?" I asked with some confusion as Medusa already looked ready to strike out like the serpent 'goddess' she was.

And in response, Medusa responded dryly. "The Grail made sure to make it clear that Campione were stronger than us, and to keep our antics from getting a Campione's attention on this ritual... Not that a Campione would actually get any authorities from killing us as we are merely Servants, not Divine Spirits or Heretic Gods!"

Then seemingly like an afterthought she added on. "Plus I hated Shinji Matou to the core... He didn't get a chance to use one of the book's command seals so my willpower was enough to resist his demand hence for my own self-preservation I didn't attack."

I nodded in understanding as I took in Medusa's form in being a somewhat tall woman at almost six feet tall, with very long purple hair that went down almost to the ground, along with her being highly curvaceous that was clad in a purple dress-like outfit. Along with her eyes being covered by a metal-looking visor to block her from turning everything to stone.

"Anyway, I have taken Sakura Matou under my care for now." I said clapping my hands together before continuing. "I will be taking your contract as I have a vested interest in dismantling the broken Grail... Do you have any issues with this arrangement?" I finished with her stiffening.

She slowly relaxed as she spoke with clear consideration to her words. "I... Don't particularly have a Wish for the grail. Besides helping Sakura have a better life." She took a long breath before continuing. "If you a Campione are going to take her as your lover. Then there is little in this world besides Heretic Gods and Apostles that would dare to harm those close to you. I will obey you, so long as Sakura's happiness is assured." She finished firmly with clear determination.

While I had to poke her bubble a bit as I coughed wryly and said. "We aren't quite lovers but yes I will be protecting Sakura. Anyway, lets go meet your summoner... Wait could she summon another Servant seeing as I have your contract in my hands?" I asked as I realized that if the timeline wasn't too wonky Shirou and Rin wouldn't have summoned their Servants yet.

As I could feel the teeennnyy tinnny drain on my mana and stamina from Medusa who was a high-ranking Servant when actually supplied with all the mana she could take was definitely a strong Servant.

A humm was my answer Medusa spoke frankly. "I am not that aware of the intricacies of magic to be honest. But is there a particular reason you wish for her to try? As a new Servant may have a strong desire for a wish from the Grail that you cannot just grant them if the Grail is as broken as you say."

I nodded at her answer as it was a fair thought process so I shrugged and said evenly. "Alright fair enough."

Medusa silently followed me from the living room as we left the final shadow of the Matou Bloodline behind and went back upstairs to where Sakura was supposed to still be.

And she was as she was still sitting down in the same chair I had pointed at her to sit within a good five minutes ago. "Sakura." I said, silently telling her that it was done. It was all over.

Seeing the book of False Attendant in my hands she visibly took a deep breath with Medusa walking behind her and supportingly laid her hands on Sakura's shoulders. "Although I kinda want to summon my own Servant to see who I get... But a Campione summoning a Heroic Spirit sounds like a recipe for disaster." I spoke with my eyes meeting Sakura's purple eyes.

"So Sakura. Do you actually want to fight for the Grail at all?" I asked with some curiosity.

But she quickly shook her head as she said softly. "I never wanted to fight in the Grail War... I had no choice but to summon Medusa even though I don't regret it at all!" She said firmly as she looked up at Medusa with a heartfelt smile.

I matched her smile as I hummed before shrugging and after a moment I tore the book in half with Sakura hissing as the command seals on the back of her hand glowed with power as they reformed. "Alright, I have another Servant I know of that I can snag... Or I just don't need one honestly." I finished frankly as Medusa and Sakura stared at me for breaking the contract to allow Sakura to host it.

Ignoring their shocked looks I continued with a neck pop. "Anyway. Can we get dinner started, I am rather hungry as I lost all my money and stuff after becoming a Campione." I finished wryly with Sakura giggling at my sheepish expression.

"Yes that's no problem at all... But do I call you Yuhuang or you know... Like your majesty?" Sakura asked easily at first but then her voice got more serious as it was clear she was unsure how to treat me who came so abruptly into her life.

After a moment I replied gently to set things straight. "Sakura, just call me Jake please in private. Unless I have to lord my position over someone, I won't be trying to push my Campione status or my Given name onto the people I want to consider friends or more."

She slowly nodded before a small smile came across her face as she bowed her head slightly. "Then my newest 'friend.' Please excuse me as I go make s-"

A loud ringing noise rang out to my enhanced senses and Medusa twitched as she inhaled and spoke softly. "A couple of men, and a younger girl are outside." 

'Now who could they be? Well, it's not like I was subtle with my cleansing of this place.' I thought as I stood up with some annoyance entering my tone. "Go see what they want then. I will be in the sitting room if it's for me."

I had a lovely 'throne' of an office chair. It would be a shame if I didn't get to use it to T-pose on people.


A couple minutes later as I sensed Medusa and Sakura talking to the three people outside Sakura and her Servant lead the three into the mansion and were clearly leading them to me. But as they came closer my lips pursed as I felt more corruption and evil coming into the house that was cleared of all evil.

With my face resting on my fist I heard them entering the room and dramatically I slowly spun my chair as I spoke slowly. "To come into my holding, with a heart of such filth. Such utter evil within yourself... Did you not consider that your mere presence wouldn't disgust me?" I asked as the rotting scent of undeath hit my nose. And the source was found as I recognized Kotomine Kirei and I knew what I was sensing was his heart which was from the God of all the world's evils, Angra Mainyu.

Besides Kirei Kotomine was a salaryman in a formal business suit that I didn't recognize and I kinda dismissed his form to be honest, but on the other side was someone I most certainly did recognize. Rin Tohsaka, Sakura's older sister.

And I wasn't even playing it up either... Kirei Kotomine was literally a writhing blight to my senses and every second I stared at him the less my patience was being held as the three and Sakura along Medusa froze at my clear displeasure.

"The false priest sustained by evil, leave this place as you are not welcome here... I will allow you the guest right to leave safely and that is all you will receive from me you misbegotten monster." I said coldly as a simple blade handleless blade I made while creating my robe glowed with silver light as my inner core's power thrummed with power.

"Please excuse us then Mr Kotomine." The suited man said respectfully bowing to me as Kotomine gave me a small smile before bowing her head with his arm going around his waist as he spoke out submissively.

"Oh great devil king, your mercy is greatly wasted upon me... So I shall leave your sight then."

Seeing that so patently false smile aimed at me... My face twitched and then I lost my patience and a loud zipping noise followed by a thunking noise rang out as my flying sword with no handle flew out under my minds control and Kotomine was directly cut in half from top to bottom with his two halves falling down onto the ground with the sword stabbing into the ground.

Beyond Kotomine's accursed nature as all but a spawn of Angra Mainyu I also knew he was a monster who literally created a flesh mana battery farm out of countless orphans that was left behind by the previous Fuyuki Fire from that last Grail War.

Rin screamed out. "What the hell!" And she raised her hand at me with her finger pointed at me like she was making a gun gesture but even as a black curse formed on the tip of her finger I remained calm as I stared down at the corpse of Kotomine before I looked at the suited man.

"I do not know you... But I assume you are with some kind of magical organization, but I will not suffer such a misbegotten creature in my presence, as look upon his black heart granted by the Evil God Angra Mainyu which inhabits the Holy Grail. It is still beating with vitality born of it's fel nature." I finished with utter disgust as the Buddhist portion of my Authority as the Taoism Trinity was screaming at me to exorcise that demonic-like taint.

The suited man without much a change in expression move the corpse slightly and then he froze upon seeing the blackened much larger than usual heart Kotomine had in his chest that even with his body cut in half. The heart was beating powerfully, with no signs of stopping, and if you looked closer... You could see the blackened blood pool of Kotomine's corpse seemingly slowly bringing the corpse together.

"My name is Amakusa from the Committee for the Compilation of True History." The suited man introduced himself carefully before very carefully pushing Rin's pointed hand at me down as the curse faded from her hand as well. "I was sent to welcome you here to our homeland as the Seventh Campione. May we have the honor of having your name?"

I shifted slightly in my chair as I formed some flames of Samadhi silently making both Tohsaka and Amakusa stiffen with fear enter their eyes seeing the clearly divine-like flames form without an incantation or chant but as I burned away Kotomine's filthy remains as I didn't want him to literally come back, I answered his question.

"You two may relax. I will not harm you unless you extremely anger me... But as to your previous question, the Jade Emperor after naming me as his successor has given me the name of Yuhuang Yudi. You may call me Yuhuang unless otherwise said to say otherwise." I finished much calmer as Kotomine's demonic taint was scratching at my mind like a chalkboard screeching as something is scratching down its length.

I waved my hands using a lesser taoism art and a refreshing scent of calming incense filled the air and I took a breathe before speaking out. "Now... Mr Amakusa, I will be staying here in Fuyuki due to the Grail War being an issue to the safety of Japan and beyond, due to the Einzbern's trying to cheat and summoning a Herectic God or a Divine Spirit in the third Grail War, the Grail is stuck like a clogged pipe by the god they summoned... The god of, All the worlds evils, in Angra Mainyu." I finished explaining.

Amakusa and Tohsaka shared a look before Rin's eyes comically widened as she whispered. "Oh... The aberrant second servant that didn't fit the seven standard classes and died before he could do anything." 

I nodded and then briefly explained how his Servant form was the symbol of his mortal form being tortured by life and only in death did he ascend into his true divine state... And with him being a weak servant who all but instantly died in his first fight, he had been cooking in the grail for almost a century at this point.

After my quick and dirty explanation about how the Grail was fucked, Tohsaka spoke softly. "Then... Are you going to destroy the Grail?" She asked clearly worried about her family's many generation goal being all but destroyed and after a shrug I replied evenly.

"The Grail itself is rather dangerous in how a person wish can twist the world... But no, I don't exactly plan to destroy the grail if I can help it. Though it will likely be broken after I deal with Angra Mainyu." I finished bluntly.

I shifted my shoulders as I took a breath and then said. "In that same vein, I am formally announcing that the Grail War is over... Spread the word that any Servants I find fighting will be dealt with by myself."

Amakusa clapped his hands together and nodded as he said respectfully. "Lord Yuhuang, if that is your wishes then we shall dutifully pass along your message."

And with that I wrapped my fingers across my armchair before speaking out. "Good... Now I am the Jade Emperor in all that matters as the man gracefully passed his domains to me without any hatred for my act of deicide against his person. I will probably be a bit more... Hands-on then other Campione, as I am at my core a more stable person then my siblings who rush off to fight every Heretic God they can find."

Both Rin and Amakusa waited patiently for me to get where I was going, and I did so as I continued. "In either case, Amakusa, I wish for the Committee to bring supernatural materials of all kinds here, and in return for such patronage I will be willing to do your group a favor to be called in at their discretion." 

Amakusa actually grinned widely at my offer as he bowed his head with a hand going over his heart as he knew that paying some supernatural materials to buy a magical nuke to act at their request was beyond great.

As the rest of my siblings in Campione... The majority of them would just steal or demand the stuff they wanted and if you were lucky, you would survive them stealing whatever they wanted. I was actually willing to give them a boon for doing the favor.

I waved my hand to Amakusa to make him relax before I looked at Rin Tohsaka and spoke frankly. "Rin Tohsaka, I have no plans to leave Fuyuki for now so as the lands Second Owner, I apologize for any trouble my presence will bring and should you need protection you are welcome to seek it beside me." I offered before taking a breath and then saying frankly. "Now, I must ask you all to excuse us, I haven't eaten since I literally killed a god, so Sakura is going to make me dinner tonight." I finished in clear dismissal.

Rin gave Sakura a long look with the purple-haired girl who was standing beside me softly laying a hand on my shoulder in some silent message that I didn't understand as the sister's eyes met before Rin sighed and said in annoyance. "Fine! But you... Don't do anything stupid!" She almost shouted before she spun around and stomped off with the door slamming shut behind her as Amakusa look at me in some amount of fear before chuckling seeing my face that had amusement written all over it.

'Rin is still a tsundere... I wonder if she still has that submissive/masochist fetish as well.' I thought with amusement before waving my hand at Amakusa in clear dismissal with him bowing his head one final time before respectfully leaving with the door closing much softer as he left the house while being escorted by Medusa.

After a moment Medusa returned and I looked over at Sakura and said with a far more relaxed smile. "Alright Sakura, let's go make some food."


Almost across the world, and within the country of Italy a very important meeting was taking place. Within a darkened room were two people, both being handsome or just plainly beautiful in their appearance and with both having almost glowing blond hair that was shared between them.

One was a male and the other was a woman. With the man speaking in a deep voice with his face being as serious as he could be. "Lord Salvatori Doni is already running over to Japan to test the new Campione who was born today." 

The younger woman sighed before asking with some annoyance. "Do we have any measure of the new Campione father?" And the father of the blond woman he spoke with as an equal in this mage association sighed before grunting and replying.

"No... Beyond taking himself a home in the city of Fuyuki and causing some issues in exorcising some kind of evil, none of our spies were able to catch any true sight of his actions and none of our spies are anywhere near the top rungs of the Japanese Committee for the Compilation of True History who can learn what the Campione is like from Amakusa's report he is undoubtedly saying as we speak now." 

The father brushed his hand down his face before grumbling. "The Copper-Black Cross is in a bad way Erica as you well know... Our heritage as being the descendants of a past Campione is haunting us as the Bronze-Black Cross is using their connections with Lord Voban and Lord Doni to pressure us greatly in matters of military might, along with causing us great economic pains." 

Erica Blandelli slowly nodded as she likewise took a breath and spoke. "And the other Campione are simply unwilling to support our organization as they already built their own... Or are a fool who can only punch things or think of only swords!"

The patriarch of the Blandelli family and the leader of the Copper-Black Cross hissed out crossly. "Erica! Just as we have spies everywhere... Just as everyone else does, it's best to not even say anything negative about a Campione even in a place as safe as this... As should someone as prideful as Luo Hao hear such words..." The older gentleman shook his head with a clear shudder crossing through his frame and Erica simply took a drink of her wine before snorting out loud.

"Fine I got it! The Mages Association has still been hounding us for my sword Cuore Di Leone... I understand Father, we are all but beset on all sides by vultures. In truth we need true backing again if we are to hope to keep our heritage." She said with determination entering her eyes as she stood up from the large round table with her elegant form standing up straight as she met her fathers eyes.

"I will head to Japan to personally take my measure of this new King... Should he survive his battle with his older brother Doni which I will try to help him in, I will do my best to bring the Copper-Black Cross under his umbrella!"

The Blandelli Patriarch slowly nodded and then with parental care clear in his voice he spoke gently. "Just be careful my dear. All Campione are little different from an Dead Apostle Ancestor with their warped mindsets... Just typically having a more pro-humanity mindset as they are blessed by Alaya to keep the world safe from the gods and other beings that escape the Reverse Side of the World."

Erica just gave her father a quick hug and then with a quiet "I love you." Whispered into his ear, the Red Devil of Italy Erica Blandelli left the room to charter a private plane from Italy to Japan to reach there in the next few hours... With the hopes that. Not too many organizations will have already made contact with the new Campione.

But as the beautiful Erica Blandelli was getting on her plane with some luggage being added, a short youngish boy strode to her plane and chuckled with his voice carrying through the air with no one seemingly being capable of hearing it as the world seemed to still into complete silence in his presence. "Hmm. So the new Campione killed the Celestial Bureaucracies head god... That's no lesser feat then killing either one of the Trimultri or the King of Steel." The young boy held a finger to his chin in clear thought.

And after a long moment, he burst into chuckles before a bright orb of light escaped his form and entered an ornate slate of stone he was carrying that he had liberated from a foolish witch who thought she could steal one of his authorities simply by using a mortal as a carrier.

But a newborn Campione? He wanted a true challenge... And giving him a bit of a handicap as he slipped a note onto the grimoire in the girl's fathers handwriting to give to the Campione as a greeting gift. Would be just so delightful. "This will definitely better than bringing that old giant Melqart out of the Underworld... Hmph, he better not disappoint me though." The young boy said as he looked at the frozen-in-time form of Erica for a moment before his form disappeared and time seemingly resumed with the blond noticing the Grimoire and the note from her 'father'.


While eating my food with Sakura and Medusa I was getting a bit of a lore dump in learning how Campione fit in with Fate. And honestly it actually made entirely too much sense with the Fate lore enabling Campione nonsense.

"So... Basically Heretic God's are copies of gods from the Underworld, or the Reverse Side of the World, where the gods are wrathfully coming to the real world or Human Order, pissed off because our perceptions of them are changing their core being in the other side of the world?" I asked in clarification and Medusa nodded adding on.

"Yes, though Heretic gods are a lot more... Amassed in their forms as they are formed from their myths, like for example should the heretic god version of Athena come about, she will include parts of my own myth, her Pallas, and even Metis-based mythology forming parts of her being." Medusa explained before taking a breath and continuing.

"Heretic Gods are Gaia using gods to push back on humanity's grasp on the planet's will and likewise Campione are blessed by Alaya along with Pandora to protect humanity from Heretic Gods, Divine Beasts, Dead Apostle Ancestors... And aliens coming from other dimensions or otherwise Apostles from outside the world." Medusa listed off my enemies making my lips twitch as Humanity sure did have a fuck load of enemies.

With Sakura adding on. "Heretic God's are blessed by the will of the planet in Gaia, so their mere presence is enough to change the world to fit their surroundings like a constantly active Reality Marble when they want to project their presence and wasn't going incognito like the Jade Emperor was." Sakura took a bite of her well-made fish before continuing while I took a drink.

"Anyway Jake... Do you plan to actually claim Japan as your 'kingdom'?" Sakura asked with a wry smile and I knew what she was getting at. I literally wasn't even Japanese even if I could perfectly speak it.

But in the end, I was the white guy who killed a Chinese emperor god who was now claiming Japan as their own... There were going to be some raised eyebrows but in the end I shrugged as being from America I was used to racism so I nodded and stated firmly. "Yes Sakura, I am Yuhuang Yudi the new Jade Emperor, the Celestial Emperor. I am claiming Japan as my own." 

I continued eating my delightful dinner and after a bit I spoke up after I finished my food. "Sakura, while it's only the late afternoon let's go to the shopping center so we can pick up some herbal ingredients along with going to the tool store so I can begin making myself a workshop to work my authorities." I spoke and Sakura nodded with a wide smile as she responded happily.

"The Matou accounts are open to you Jake. It's the least I can do for you." 

I nodded knowing that Sakura hated her family rightfully, so I didn't say thank you as if anything... She would probably want all that money probably gotten in terrible ways to be spent as soon as possible.

But before the night was over, I wanted to get my workshop setup so that hopefully by tomorrow morning I could create an Imperial Seal that I could use with my Authority to suppress and crush my enemies with a stamp that could grow to the size of a mountain.

As god knows what the world will bring me in the next couple of days... As I doubted my fellow sibling Campione would leave me untested for long.