7 I Have Awakened The Healing Talent

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Puchi ~

When Lin Fan heard this, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. What a funny kid he was!

When the four experts of Wind City saw this scene, they also laughed. However, they immediately put on a stern expression.

En, this situation was a bit off. They couldn't laugh. They were experts, so they had to have style.

The next moment, Tian Cheng felt as if he was struck by lightning.

He was a man!

What child?

How could he have a child?

What just happened?

Memories then filled his mind and he slowly recalled what had happened!

Didn't he just ask Lin Fan to treat the wound on his arm? Wasn't he preparing to humiliate Lin Fan?

He suddenly raised his head and looked at Lin Fan, who was not far away from him. At that moment, Tian Cheng felt as if he had seen a devil. He had no strength at all and was in so much pain that he was convulsing. He definitely did not want to experience it again.

At this moment, Tian Cheng suddenly flipped over, unable to stand up. He crawled back to the back of the students as fast as he could, curled up into a ball and shivering as he muttered, "Devil, he's a devil!"

Meanwhile, the students who were originally standing in line had already squeezed into two groups. One group was boys while the other group was girls. It was as if by huddling together, it could give them a sense of security. They were 80 feet away from Lin Fan and didn't dare to get any closer.

Lin Fan was a little speechless. Was he that scary?

Lin Fan looked around. When the students met his gaze, they immediately lowered their heads. Even the teachers of Wind City First High lowered their heads when they saw Lin Fan's gaze. When the four strong people of Wind City saw Lin Fan's gaze, they couldn't help but look to the side.

This skill was too lethal!

However, they immediately turned back their gaze on Lin Fan. They were Wind City's experts. They would be fine. After all, the previous tester who was weaker than them did not experience any effect from Lin Fan's skill. Lin Fan's skill would not cause any substantial harm to them.

The main point was that their demeanor as an expert could not be so weak. How could they not dare to look directly at a newly awakened First-grade One-star Awakened Being?

This can't happen.

Of course, they still felt a little guilty, especially when they saw Lin Fan's bright smile. He looked extremely handsome. But even so, they felt even more uncomfortable.

What the heck, this ability is too heaven-defying!

It could actually make someone pregnant!

At this moment, they could not help but recall the name that Lin Fan had mentioned when he had used the skill. "Expert Identification Skill!"

God damned Expert Identification Skill!


They were speechless.

It was a nonsensical Expert Identification Skill!

It was more like a stare that made someone pregnant!

All they felt was panic.

In the end, under the strange atmosphere, it was Wind City First High's principal who spoke first. After all, he was old and had more experiences, so he could accept more things. Most importantly, it was almost evening, so he had to quickly finish today's test.

Separated by the crowd, the principal of Wind City First High looked at the Wind City experts on the stage from afar and asked, "City Lord Han, does Lin Fan have a… healing talent?"

The principal of Wind City First High asked the question that many people wanted to ask.

How could this be a healing talent?

This was not a healing talent!

The five basic awakening talents did not include this thing. What kind of awakening talent could make one pregnant?

Men could make women pregnant, but Lin Fan could make men pregnant!

Han Bing was also stumped. He too did not know what to answer. He was just an Awakened Being who had just entered the Fourth-grade and did not have much knowledge. However, before he said anything, Lin Fan's voice could already be heard.

"Principal, what do you mean!"

Lin Fan had an innocent look on his face as he said sincerely, "Since the Awakening Stone has already tested my talent, I naturally have a healing talent. You can't just randomly change it. You have to announce to the public that I have awakened a healing talent. I have named it the Expert Identification Skill. Only those who have successfully passed my skill are worthy of being called a powerhouse."

The moment he said that, the faces of the teachers and the four experts from Wind City twitched violently.

Identification your head!

If that's what it takes, they'd rather not be strong.

This skill was too shameless. Most importantly, they were a little traumatized.

The skill could make one pregnant!

Furthermore, this skill was effective on men too!

And to be in so much pain in less than a minute, was that something normal for a skill that had just been awakened?

Everyone had witnessed the entire process.

It had to be said that everyone's hearts were still trembling. They could not bear to recall the tragic scene just now.

Today, it was destined that all the girls present would be traumatized by childbirth. Of course, compared to them, the boys were even more traumatized. It had become a heart demon that was worse than solving mathematical equations.

Han Bing looked at Lin Fan. He suddenly felt that this young man who looked about the same as him when he was young was not simple. Ordinary youths would naturally want their information to be recorded as something powerful. However, Lin Fan was the opposite. Instead, he hoped that he was recorded as a healing-type Awakened Being.

This was a very smart choice. Many people had the authority to check one's information out from the database and it was very easy for one's information to leak out. Lin Fan's way of doing things was to protect himself, especially when Lin Fan was weak. Geniuses were the prime target of enemies.

Lin Fan was obviously hiding his strength.

It was not as if Lin Fan had fully hidden his strength. The higher-ups of the city had already seen his value. They would naturally report it to the higher-ups through special channels. Therefore, Lin Fan had managed to show his value to the higher-ups, yet keeping his information slightly secretive.

En, not bad. Lin Fan was pretty smart.

However, Han Bing completely ignored Lin Fan's words. That powerful Expert Identification Skill of his was causing him a headache as well. He pondered for a moment before replying, "I don't think… I don't think so! I don't think his skill has any healing effects."

However, he was unable to determine it because the Awakening Stone had clearly detected Lin Fan as a healing-type Awakened Being.

"Yes, it has healing effects. I really have it."

Lin Fan was unhappy. He did not want Han Bing to spread rumours. He was indeed a healing-type Awakened Being. He said loudly, "City Lord Han, I'm letting people experience motherly love. Isn't this a form of therapy? I'm definitely a healing-type Awakened Being."

He did not want others to think of him highly. He was just an ordinary healing-type Awakened Being. He was still weak and needed to protect himself. As a human, he would naturally have enemies in the future.

He did not wish for his abilities to be exposed before he fully grew up. It would be best if he could wait until he entered the Awakened Beings University. That way, he would be much safer and have enough time to grow.

If there was really no other way, he would have to work hard and raise his strength during this period of time. Right now, he was still really very weak.

He did not believe that with his results as Nanyang State's top scholar and today's performance, Han Bing would not report about him upwards.

Once the higher-ups knew about him, no Awakened Being Universities would not want him.

Since he had already achieved what he had set out to do, there was no need for him to have his skill recorded to show off.

A truly impressive person didn't need to use information to show off.

Yes, information was meant to fool outsiders.

Han Bing: "…"

What the heck!

He actually didn't have anything to say in response.

Lin Fan had actually made a reasonable argument… Reasonable your ass!

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