Awakening of the Crimson Guardian

"In this world, you cannot always survive by only doing what is morally right." Myalis, a young brave, beautiful, and rebellious girl who led a happy and peaceful life with her family, some of history's most powerful beast tamers, life changed after awakening a talent that could change her fate. She witnessed a traumatic event, one which was caused by a threat operating in the shadows, one that ripped her apart from those that she loved and one that she was powerless to stop. Due to which, she discovered a truth, that altered her perception of reality. She was reborn, giving her access to a variety of skills, including the ability to tame beasts, transforming her into something no one had imagined she could become, bestowing upon her a power that had been lost for ages, enacting a long lost and terrifying prophecy. However, everything was different this time, including her objectives; she was unlike any other before her, and she drew the attention of many powerful beings, resulting in many conflicts, one of which threatened to destroy everything she knew. Will she be able to protect what she built? Will she be able to overcome those that oppose her and demonstrate her power or will she fail in fulfilling her purpose? What will be her path, darkness or light? What is her true intent? Follow the young woman on an exciting and mysterious journey as she overcomes countless obstacles in her path as she explores the limits to her abilities, develops special relationships with monster girls and many other beings as she rises to power, and unearths many sinister secrets about the world that have the potential to topple empires and unleash anarchy, all while rebuilding what was lost after becoming the leader of powerful beings and walking a precarious line between life and death. Note: MC's system will appear a bit later in the story, not the first set of chapters. Other tags- Evolution- Overpowered MC- Fantasy creatures- Slice of life- Mature- Revenge- Magic- Mystery- Beautiful female lead- Dark- No NTR- Dungeon.

Darkswan · Fantasy
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Something wrong

When Myalis finished freshening up, she got dressed and left to go to the dining room when she suddenly came to a stop as her heart beat began to increase and her eyes began to glow blue.

Myalis began finding it difficult to breath when she noticed the giant marking from earlier appearing before her.

Her eyes trembled as she stared at it because she didn't know what it was for and didn't want to cause trouble for anyone.

The girl clutched her chest and began breathing in and exhaling slowly when she heard a growl and she flinched.

"You again? Do you have a death wish human?" The same rowdy voice she heard once before asked and she sighed.

'I really wish I was imagining this right now, what the hell is this anyway?' Myalis thought as she felt her chest tighten and the marking in front of her began glowing slight red.

"I will eat you, who are you to have such an ability in the first place?" The voice asked and Myalis's brows twitched in irritation.

"Shut up, I have had just about enough of your rudeness," She responded as her breathing began going back to normal and the marking disappeared, then she scoffed and went to the dining room where the others were.

Myalis sat down with everyone and began eating dinner while talking about what threats those that summoned the beast within the city might be to innocent people since not everyone had a magical ability and Myalis understood that.

Myalis knew a lot about politics and the ways one had to handle certain matters for the sake of the people, but this time, she didn't want to get involved in much.

"Seraphina, can you find out what they are up to?" The chief asked and Calris looked at her as Myalis stopped eating and glanced at the woman.

"Hey, what are you thinking? You don't have how dangerous these people are," Calris said and Myalis exhaled deeply.

"I don't know, we don't know of any other way in which we could get to them either, Calris, we have a duty to protect the people of this, she is young and just a student, I am well aware of that but...." The chief replied and Myalis tapped her fingers on the surface of the table and they looked at her.

"Please don't fight right now, give me a day chief, I will think about it," Myalis said, Lilian and Calris looked at each other and Myalis smiled at them.

"Relax, I will think this through carefully, for now, I am done eating and I have the assignment to work on, I will get going now," She added as she stood up and they smiled at her.

"All right, good night," Calris said.

"Good night guys," She replied, then left the dining room, Calris exhaled deeply as the chief chuckled and he scoffed at her.

Myalis went to the back of the temple and she took a deep breath before flames began forming around her body, due to the brightness of it, the others saw and exited the dining room and the chief left staring at four flames formed in the air and the way they were moving made them seem as though they were alive.

"Calris, how connected is she with the elements?" Lilian asked and Calris smiled as the flames moved with Myalis's movements.

"No incantations or so on, the flames, they are listening to her without any trouble, they are in sync, she can master it after all, I don't know if she possesses the other elements as well, but, this is more than just connected, leave her be, she has to give to get a special move for an assignment," Calris said as he walked away with his brows furrowing and the others followed him.

Later that night, after the chief left and Myalis had finished practicing, she went to her room to call it a night since she was tired.

The next morning, when she woke up and it was time for her to go to the academy, she went about doing her normal morning routine, then she got dressed and had breakfast before leaving with Aster.

After a while of flying, they arrived at the academy and Myalis got off of Aster then he left and she went into the building where she noticed a lot of students talking about a trial.

'What are they talking about?' She asked as she looked around then decided to go to Yuna since she usually knows what was going on around the academy.

Myalis went to Yuna's class which was not far from her and she saw that the girl was not there.

"Seraphina," A student called out, Myalis looked at him and he smiled before approaching her.

"Hi," She said.

"Hey, I wanted to tell you that Seraphina is at the arena, she is training we are all going to be tested on our skills soon, to see if anyone of us can awaken any other talent, if you are looking for her, you can find her there," He replied and she smiled.

"Thanks," She said before walking away and he smiled at her.

Myalis decided to go to the arena since there was time until the bell rang, but while going there, she began remembering an oracle, one that she has never read or heard of before and she began seeing herself in a different place.

"What is going on here?" She asked as she felt flames engulfing around her and her eyes trembled as well as her hands, at the same time, Yuna exited the arena and saw Myalis standing on the bridge and won't move.

"Myalis," She called out as she approached her, but Myalis couldn't see her, all she heard were screams and a voice in her head.

'There is something seriously wrong with me, why the hell am I seeing and hearing these things? I am starting to get really annoyed,' Myalis thought as her brows furrowed.

Aster appeared before Myalis as Yuna rushed over to her and she tapped Myalis on the shoulder but got no response.

"Myalis, what's wrong?" She asked and Myalis's eyes began closing but she forced her right arm up and slapped herself due to which Yuna jumped as well as Aster.