Awakened: The Spirit King!

Xie Yang, the most unique and accomplished king of the spirit world, who died protecting his world and fending off the invaders along with his dao partners, wakes up in a frail and sickly body of an 18-something-year-old boy that resembled him a lot. He had supposedly earned a chance to live a second life due to a twist of fate and his new wife! Ten thousand years have passed, and he had become a figure mentioned only in legend. With a sword in one hand and a cauldron held in the other, Xie Yang will once again let his name ring throughout the spirit world. This is a tale of a good husband who knows how to bless his wives with three happiness of life. This is the tale of a man who uses his sword to kill and his mind to scheme and conquer. This is a legendary tale of a legendary spirit king; Read on to find out!

ProfessorBai · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
121 Chs

The First Poem: Twin Skies

The sky above was full of white, fluffy clouds, which blanketed the blinding sun.

The clear lake below the white expanse reflected what was above it perfectly, making it seem like whiteness was in the sky and also the land.

Trees with pink petals so beautiful that they would hook the soul of any onlooker surrounded the dreamy lake, draping their shadows onto it.

It was such beautiful scenery that Xie Yang felt enchanted.

'I see thousands of petals covering the clouds too white.

'I see vibrant pink resting on snowy white for endless nights.'

'I see a magnificent sky too far away, and I see one in my reach.

'Is it a twist of fate, a miracle of God, or the creation of man?'

'I see a lake too clean, and I see many mouths touching it to feed.'

'Near it, in every breath, I savor the scent of cherry, and in every ten steps, I see a spiritual ashen tree.'