2 Conviction

Elliot ran as fast as he could through the track so that there won't be an extremely large discrepancy between him and the rest of the students.

Still, he was several laps behind the others.

Although his determination and willpower were extraordinary, his lacking strength and low stamina could only take him so far.

A difference in which he was already several laps behind the second weakest student of the school wasn't mountable.

Of course, he didn't give up as he hopes to catch up to the others in this race by finishing seventy laps around the track, even if it means completing the race as the last position holder.

Several minutes later, Elliot slowed down as he was low on stamina and needed to concentrate to execute the breathing patterns mentioned in the supernatural technique.

At that very moment, a student who was seven laps ahead of Elliot approached him after running another lap around the track before speaking, "Just give up, loser! Don't you have any shame? You are making us look bad in front of the instructor from the magician academy."

"Yeah, weak chicken, Cain's words are right. You should drop out of the race. There's no need to feel embarrassed. Everyone here knows that you are an embarrassment to the magician's name."

"You're weak, and running around like a dying monkey isn't gonna change anything about that."

Elliot's eyebrows raised. "I am weak, and I know that. I am also reminded of my weakness every day. I know I won't be able to catch up to even the second weakest student of this school, but I'm not trying to catch up to anybody. I just want to give it my all and complete seventy laps around the track."

From the very start of this race, Elliot only had one goal, which was to impress Instructor Leo, not through his strength, ability, status, and so on, but by his hardworking nature and never-ending willpower.

He hasn't been trying to compete with others, as he knew full well of his ability and understand that he would never be able to catch up to them even if he musters strength from every fiber of his being.

"Why are you both wasting so much breath on him?" Alexander said to his buddies, and he then looked at Elliot before speaking with ill intent, "Orphaned bastard, you better drop out of the race before the thirtieth lap. Otherwise, a world of pain is waiting for you."

He cracked his knuckles threateningly as if saying I am going to instill pain in your bones if you dare to ignore my words.

The truth is that Alexander and his friends had made a bet with the big boss of the school that Elliot won't be able to complete more than thirty rounds around the lap, while the big boss bet that he will be able to do more than that.

If they lose the bet, all three of them will pay thousands of dollars to the big boss. The same will happen if the big boss of the school losses the bet.

That's why they were trying to shove Elliot off the race by threatening and ridiculing him.

But who was Elliot?

He was a weak chicken but not a sissy.

He wasn't going to piss himself just cause a strong man started to diss and threaten him with a diabolical look and a poisonous tongue.

Elliot laughed at his threat and said with a mocking tone, "Alexander, who the fuck do you think you are? Do you think your measly ability gives you the right to determine my life? Bitch off and look at yourself in the mirror. You're a loser that can only bully the weak and lick the soles of the strong. I won't give up just because an overgrown bitch like you threatened me."

Elliot didn't control the viciousness overflowing from his tongue and let his heart out, lashing out at Alexander. Because today's the last day, he will be coming to the school.

Today was the graduation day from the magic school.

Although it seemed pretty weird to be considered one, the students were still happy with the race as they got to prove themselves before a respected figure.

Elliot was one of them.

He believed that after today, they would go on different ways and never come across each other, hopefully.

He was sick and tired of the bullies and was looking forward to joining the magician academy and befriend nice people who would treat him kindly for who he is, instead of berating him for his weakness.


As they heard his words, Cain and his friend laughed out loud, but Alexander's cheeks turned a shade redder.

He was embarrassed and felt as if Elliot had slapped his cheeks.

"Looks like you have forgotten what happened a month ago? Let me remind you of how I stomped on your bones and broke your legs." Alexander sped up to approach and tackle Elliot who was only a few meters away from him.

"Do you really wanna do this? The instructor is supervising every single one of our moves. If you mess with me, you'll be disqualified from the race and lose your chance to impress him. You sure you wanna continue?" Elliot hurriedly said to save his neck.

Alexander sped up to approach and tackle Elliot, who was only a few meters away from him.

"Consider yourself lucky!" Alexander shouted with a disgruntled as he moved past him, but not before accidentally tripping him to the ground.

Elliot stood up with a pained expression on his face and looked at the instructor, who seemed to have found no problem with the accident.

He looked away in disappointment, shrugged his shoulders, and continued running.

Sometime later, once all of the students had completed seventy laps around the track and were sitting on the benches, resting their strained muscles and drinking water to quench their thirst, Elliott completed the seventieth lap around the track with gritted teeth.

"I did it!" He cheered at the top of his lungs.

He has been using the supernatural technique to restore his stamina each time he felt like he would collapse because of stamina depletion and that's how he managed to run across the track seventy times.

The eyes of the students and teachers of the school opened wide in surprise as they stared at Elliot with an expression of bewilderment.

"Who is he? Am I imagining things?"

"It's hard to believe that he is the most unremarkable and the weakest magician in history."

"How come he completed seventy laps in four hours with his weak ass body?!"

Everyone was shocked out of their wits as they found it hard to believe that a pathetic weakling like Elliot managed to complete seventy laps.

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