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Average Mage wants to reach the Apex


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TL:DR, Just another chinese cultivation trash that may or may not be worth your time.

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First thing is the cover, if you want to attract more readers, then either get rid of the text, or make the text readable, because you're gonna miss a lot of readers scrolling down quickly on their phones that way. Next is writing quality. The writing quality of this novel is okay, not the best, but not the worst, a solid 4 stars. There are a lot of typos and grammatical errors, but it is still readable and a flow is still established that doesn't break the reader's concentration. (I don't know how you did it! I mean, I can notice all the mistakes, and there are a lot a lot and I mean a lot, but it doesn't take away from the reading experience for some reason? I'm really, really confused right now.) The stability of updates isn't able to be measured right now, so it's a solid 4 stars. After is story development which is a splendid 5 stars. Honestly, the way the story is developing is very engaging, as mentioned above, and I just can't get enough of the story. A really good job author! The only thing I have for the author is that I am waiting for a unique twist to the story, something that I haven't read about before, as all the events that have happened before have already been used by other authors. Character design is also stellar, 5 stars. I love the way the siblings interact and I just can't get enough of their cuteness. It's honestly incredible how you wrote their interactions, not too much, but not too little conversation either, it's just right. Again, like the story development, I am just waiting for the uniqueness in the characters, as their relationship and their designs are again, something that other authors have used already. Finally is world background, a solid four. This is just because the world is really cliche at this point. I am once again waiting for the uniqueness that the author will come up with for the world, as it is just a normal cultivation world right now. Overall, I would have said it was a highly recommended read, except for all the errors in the writing. I definitely recommend you get an editor, or somebody to proofread your chapters as to lessen the mistakes. So, in the end, it's a novel that I would recommend casually, in passing. Not something so great, but that might just be because I place a heavy emphasis on spelling and grammar. Great Job!


Good novel just the sister and brother relationship is weird and how the author hints at the romance between them is disgusting anyway everything is good but shame the author has these ideas also if the novel Mc was the girl from the cover that would be fun but hey that's just me


The blurb is intriguing and it makes me want to read it again and again ... yeah.. The story's pace is alright not too slow and i love that thing . The flow of grammar is great not much error i spotted passed . Characters , i definitely liked them.. Will recommend readers out here to give this amazing book a chance to invade your world of magic . [img=recommend][img=recommend]


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I've read 21 chapters so far. The novel has a great start. The first chapter perfectly sums up Zed's first life. His new life starts with a great scene that made me care for the two main characters. The following chapters are slow-paced, but I enjoyed reading them, too. They have more information about the world, Zed, and his sister. The world-building so far is done very well. I loved the action that started in chapter 9. It's a great story, full of magic and mystery.


It's not easy finding a good novel these days. It has good grammar and the flow of the story is also good, like hella good. Everything is reasonable that you can't really complain and make you want to read more. The issue of whether its harem or not... this is just my opinion, since I'm already quite attached to the well-made characters, I'm kinda hoping that it is a harem, I don't want this to be like a japanese anime where the freaking MC don't choose a girl. ANYWAY, 28 out of 10. lol P.S. Thanks for your hard work, and please work harder for more chapter (no pressure).


I love the beginning of this novel; how the writer immediately pulls us into the story's world. The narration and descriptions are great and the character development is simply amazing.


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Another cultivation power fantasy that starts off very slow but has the potential to be really good. This may be the book for you so give it a try.


This is a good story. Too bad the story is in the initial stages only. I am really looking forward to the upcoming chapters. Author, keep up the good work.


First of, great work author, interesting storyline, and well-written chapters( spotted no grammar error) even though I just started reading, I'm already hooked, I really like how the first chapter was written, the author has done such a great job at designing the characters too. So keep up the good work author. I'm sending you my best wishes.🤗🤗


the storyline was eye catching and the grammar was good and most important was each chapter was extremely long... which sometimes makes me lazy to read but a great novel


great idea ruined by the simple fact the mc keeps trying to be s mage and not a cultivator poorly executed ides...I love the whole mage being reborn into a cultivation world and being a cultivator but being a mage in a cultivation world is just plain dumb and stupid


the story is nice to read with interesting developments but well here comes the problem...after so much time all the heroines have become much stronger a ..and that's good ..but why the f**k is the mc still weak...he had so much time but barely improved..the author has purposely weaken the mc so as to display the awesomeness of the heroine but the mc is a massive turn off to read ....not to mention his simp like character ....the plot is good ..the interactions are good but the mc...is a disappointing trash..


Alright, here’s my comprehensive review! Writing Quality- a solid 7/10, really good, although there are quite a few grammatical errors + small things like ‘phoenix’ instead of phoenix, but those could be resolved pretty easily, and the author actually does it when you let him know in chap comments. Updating Stability- The first chap was 6 days ago, the novel has 20 chapters. I give 5 stars for updating daily, so extra points too. Story Development- Surprisingly good. Cliche done right. The only thing im worried about is Arrogant young masters, 6/10 Chara Design- 9, the siblings’ interactions are fun to watch, and the princess actually is interesting. World BG- There has been close to nothing on it yet, the default I give when that’s happened is a 4/5


The books got a decent start. I love how the author leaves us every chapter with a question that keeps us curious. The story looks promising. the description and the elaboration makes h imagine the story in front of ur eyes. Great story line. all the best author.


love the novel and characters. Female characters are a bit obsessed over him but it's good that they are not totally yandere.