74 Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Lan'er's Worries

"I see..." Han Qiuyue simply nodded. "Just to make it clear, you are seeking justice for Disciple Yi, correct?"

"Yes!" Fan Wen answered with conviction.

Han Qiuyue stared at him for a short while before exhaling a deep sigh. "I thought one example was enough, but..."

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!


All of the sudden, Fan Wen found himself on the ground, and not soon after that, pain invaded him from all his limbs.


Once again, another shriek of an adult man echoed throughout the deep trenches, but this time, it belonged to a different man.

'What happened?! What happened?! What happened?!' Fan Wen kept frustratingly asking inside his mind as he couldn't process what had just happened.

'Everything was going according to my plan! Why is this happening?! Why am I on the ground?! Why-' "WHY ARE ALL MY LIMBS BENDING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION?!" Fan Wen subconsciously shouted out loud.


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