Average Mage wants to reach the Apex

All Zed ever wanted to achieve in his life was to become one of the greatest mages of all time. However, reality was cruel as not everyone was equal. No amount of hard work could defeat talent. Similarly, no amount of hard work could change your status in life. Whether you were born a peasant or a noble, that is the destiny you must live on. Zed learned this the hard way but even until his last moments, he refused to give up. After his passing, he woke up to an entirely different world with different values and culture. Would he be able to reach greatness this time? - Volume 1 is more focused in developing the bonds between the characters while volume 2 is where the story will truly begin. Oh and if you can't deal with an old man trapped in the body of a child (MC) and is raising other children but the children in turn, develops romantic feelings for the MC. Then this isn't for you. But don't get this mistaken, there isn't any pedophiliac content. The MC only considers them family.... for now...? Maybe, I don't know. Stay and find out? Up to you. Illustrations: https://discord.gg/js3NPKdqeG -

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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Sibling Bonding Time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) // The Start of the Celebration

The bathroom had a relatively small space. It only had an average size wooden bathtub that could fit a whole person's body and two small and short chairs placed on the floor.

Zed and Lan'er were occupying those two chairs as Zed scrubbed Lan'er's hair.

Lan'er kept her eyes closed as soap dripped down her face.

Scrub. Scrub. Scrub.



Lan'er smiled as she started a small talk.

"You see, Sister Mei and Fei asked me about why my skin was smooth, my hair silky, and my body always fragrant."

"Oh yeah? What did you say?"

"I said they need to take a bath with brother every day for that to happen." She giggled.

Zed chuckled. "You cheeky rascal."

"Their faces were funny. Fei thought I was joking and Sister Mei seriously believed it."

"Well, you aren't wrong though."

It seems that just like Zed, Lan'er also inherited his teasing and playful attitude that's only limited to their friends.

Also, Lan'er wasn't lying since Zed always conjures shampoo, soap, and hair conditioner whenever they take a bath.

Zed had always been doing this since Lan'er was a baby, so her appearance was naturally groomed and her body was always fragrant.

After Zed finished washing Lan'er's hair, he asked Lan'er to wash her body herself.

"No!" She declined it.

She enjoys her brother's hands gently washing her body and would not give that treatment up any time soon.

She hoped that it would remain that way even in the future.

Looking at Lan'er's spoiled attitude, Zed grimaced as he realized that he only had himself to blame.

"You either wash your own body or we won't take baths together anymore." So he settled on letting her choose.

"Wa-" Lan'er gasped. "But why?!"

"Lan'er, you're a grown lady and we need to start doing things separately."

Zed continued, "We'll start with baths and soon-"

"Sniff. Sniff."

Zed couldn't continue what he was going to say because Lan'er started crying.

"Sniff. D-did Lan'er do something wrong, Brother? Sniff. Why is Brother punishing Lan'er? Sniff."

"I-I'm not punishing you-" Zed hurriedly explained, but was cut off by Lan'er.

"Then please don't make me take baths alone or sleep by herself... Lan'er feels so lonely without Brother."

She looked him in the eyes as she made a pleading expression. Her sapphire eyes looked pitiful and her small mouth slightly trembling.

Zed was wondering who taught Lan'er the "Puppy Eyes" because it was working against him.

"Mmmmm...." Zed closed his eyes, trying to remain strict.

But Lan'er pushed her face closer to him.


One of his eyes opened slightly, and what he saw tugged at his heart heavily.

Zed sighed out loud. "Alright, alright. You win."

Immediately, Lan'er's face brightened and she hugged Zed.

"Hehe! Thank you, Brother! I love, love, love, love, loooove you so much!" She said as she cuddled tighter to him.

Zed rolled his eyes even though he was subconsciously letting out a smile. He caressed her head and remarked, "I have a very spoiled sister."

"Hehe!" Lan'er giggled feeling slightly ticklish.

Tang Xiurong, who was listening to outside thought, 'Shrewd disciple Hehe....'

Then she smiled and gave them their privacy.


The siblings took a longer hot bath than usual, leaving them both lying in their beds, exhausted and yet relaxed.

Using her brother's arm as a pillow, Lan'er moved closer to him and spoke. "Brother... tomorrow is Sister Mei's birthday celebration, right?"

"Yeah." Zed confirmed.

Yan'er continued to speak while her eyes remained closed. "She's going to celebrate it in the palace and all the nobles are going to come, right?"

Again, Zed answered. "Yeah, they have to pay respects to her and if they didn't come then that would be insulting to the Royal Family."

"Oh, I see... Nobility is troublesome." Lan'er muttered.

"Indeed." Zed agreed and added. "We're asked to attend the gathering tomorrow so get some sleep already."

Lan'er grumbled. "Can't we just come after the party? I don't want to meet the other nobles."

Shaking his head, Zed caressed Lan'er's head while trying to ask for her understanding. "We can't object to it because the King personally asked her to invite us."

Lan'er's eyes opened in surprise. "Eh? The King? You mean Sister Mei's father?"

"Yes, as well as the person who rules over this kingdom."

"I see..." Lan'er answered weakly, but she still didn't like the situation.

"Don't worry, at best we would only be standing behind your Sister's back while she will be busy meeting all the other nobles," Zed said.

Then Lan'er had an idea and suggested, "Brother! How about we have a celebration of our own after Sister Fei's gathering. It would be just the four of us again!"

Zed nodded and agreed. "Alright, we'll do that so sleep already because we'll have a busy day tomorrow."

"Okay." Lan'er was finally satisfied. "Good night Brother."

"Good night my little Lan'er"

"Sweet dreams."

"....Sweet dreams"


Fengshu City was in a festive mood as today was the coming-of-age ceremony of their Royal Princess, Xia Meixiang.

The Main Palace of the Royal family was located atop a tall mountain in the middle of the city. It was placed there so that everyone could see the glory and prestige of their rulers. One has to walk through the wide steps made of stone to reach the courtyard.

Once they reach the courtyard, they will find that the Main palace is surrounded by three imperial gardens, all depicting the scenery of nature, making one feel at peace. From the courtyard, a pathway made of carefully polished stones will lead to the tall open doors of the main palace.

In the main hall, the King was sitting on the highest throne. He had a remarkable and ferocious aura. befitting of someone who rules over a nation. His blonde hair was tied in a bun that was held by a tall black headwear, which is the crown usually worn by rulers.

He had a strong gaze that was complemented by his crimson eyes. He was dressed in luxurious black silk robes that were embroidered with a golden dragon pattern.

By his side was where princess Xia Meixiang was seated. Similar to the attire of the King, her long hair was tied in a bun held by a smaller taller golden headwear. She had thin make-up that made her already attractive face enchanting.

She possessed phoenix eyes that had a strong and sharp gaze which she inherited from her father. She had a straight and confident posture, depicting her unique temperament. She wore unique red robes patterned with golden dragons following the shapes of flowers.

Standing behind her were Zed and Lan'er. They were busy admiring the view of the main hall from the King's perspective.

Zed was observing the entire banquet and felt himself immersing himself in the ancient eastern event. His impression of the palace was similar to the ones used by Chinese emperors during the ancient dynasty. The walls were painted red while the tiles were glazed in yellow tiles.

Several large cylindrical pillars were erected across the main palace which supported the high ceilings. Black-ink paintings of nature were placed on a scroll and hung on the walls. Calligraphy art was also decorated inside the hall.

Lan'er was dazzled by the magnificent and lavish design of the interior, but didn't like the atmosphere that the arrogant nobles brought.

In front of the throne were several rectangular tables with short legs that occupied most of the space in the large hall. Soft pillows that would serve as seats were placed around the tables.

Several guests were already seated in some of the pillows and were served by servants who were standing by the walls of the main hall.

Guests continued to enter from the entrance and greeted the King and Princess before heading to their designated seats.

Eventually, the hall was filled with nobles; most of them young masters and mistresses, that accompanied their parents to greet and become acquainted with the princess. After all, not everyone has a chance to meet the princess.

And at last, the final guest arrived.

An elderly robust man entered the hall. He had a tall and huge physique, his face wrinkled, showcasing his age. He had a long white mustache that reached to his chest. Similarly, his long white hair reached his back.

He did not wear formal wear and instead, wore a silver chest breastplate and a cape that covered his back. His large and robust arms were showing for all to see. His right eye was closed by a scar that reached his cheeks.

His remaining eye had the serious and terrifying gaze of a warrior. By his side was a youth who possessed a similar kind of physique.

The youth wore formal robes, but he was also wearing a breastplate on top of it. Similar to the elderly man, he had a terrifying and serious gaze that resembled a warrior. However, when he arrived in front of the King, his eyes turned into reverence.

The King's eyes narrowed when he saw their attire, but did not say anything.

The elderly man bowed first and cupped his hands, "Marshal Tian greets the current King. May your reign rule supreme forever."

His voice sounded deep and rough, but he was sincere in his greeting, proving his loyalty to the Xia Kingdom. The King slightly nodded. "You've arrived."

The youth beside Marshal Tian hurriedly offered his respects as well. "Tian Delun greets his highness, King Xia."

Marshal Tian's face crumpled and shouted. "Insolence!"

His voice resounded throughout the hall, attracting the attention of all the nobles. When they saw Tian Delun, their eyes looked at him in disdain. Some couldn't even help but scoff when they saw him wearing superficial clothing like the breastplate he wore.

Everyone knew how much he hated martial arts and how he was nothing but a degenerate debauchee. Him showing up in that attire was his poor attempt at boasting about his family.

Seeing the trembling body of Tian Delun, they all snickered as they thought of what punishment he would receive for disrespecting the King.

Addressing the King directly by his name is one of the most disrespectful attitudes toward the Royal Family since it was similar to challenging the King for his throne.

Marshal Tian mercilessly pushed his grandson's forehead to the ground.


"Please forgive my grandson's offense! He is an ignorant youth and did not mean to disrespect your highness. I beg you to spare him."

The King remained silent for a while, and Xia Meixiang ignored them. Inwardly, though, she was thinking of something else.

The hall turned silent as they all waited for the King's verdict.

The King's expression didn't change as he spoke.

"Subject him to a hundred lashes a day for an entire week."

His voice stretched across the spacious room, and his punishment made the nobles have different opinions.

Marshal Tian's eyes glinted for a second before bowing his head once more. "I thank his Majesty's, magnanimous heart."

The King noticed the Martial's strange look, but ignored it.

He waved his hand. "You may go now."

Marshal Tian nodded and released his grandson's head. Tian Delun stood up but kept his head down.

"Marshal Tian greets her Highness the Princess." Marshal Delun bowed.

Xia Meixiang spoke in a dull voice. "I am very glad MarshaI Tian made it. I would like to commend your undying loyalty and service to this Kingdom."

Marshall Tian smiled. "Your praise is too much for this old man. I am merely fulfilling my duties."

"Mhmm..." Xia Meixiang did not speak anymore.

Marshal Tian glanced at his grandson, who was too busy admiring Xia Meixiang's beauty.

Raged erupted inside Marshal Tian but forcibly controlled himself since he was in front of the King.

"Unfilial grandson." Marshal Tian spoke.

"Yes, Grandfather?"

"Greet her highness already and go back to your designated seat. Delay any further and I will disown you." His voice sounded cold and unfeeling.

Tian Delun gasped as he realized that his grandfather wasn't kidding. He hurriedly bowed his head.

"Tian Delum greets her highness."

Xia Meixiang responded with a customary nod.

After that, the two finally went to their seats along with the other nobles.

"Kuhum..." The King's voice resounded again.

He stood and addressed the entire hall. "I thank everyone for coming to celebrate my daughter's coming-of-age ceremony.

The heads of the families and leaders of their clans are to follow me to use another room. Let's use this chance to let the younger ones be acquainted with one another and enjoy the party."

As he said that, he started walking down the steps of the throne. Immediately, all the clan heads rose and followed after him.

Although they didn't know what the King's intentions were, they had no choice but to follow.

The spacious hall remained quiet even after all the adults had left the room.

The young nobles were silent as they didn't know what to do.

Xia Meixiang observed the entire hall for a minute before standing up. All the youths' attention turned to her as she was the head of this gathering.

They were wondering what she was going to do.

Xia Meixiang spoke. "Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone attending here today. As my father said, please use this chance to be acquainted with one another while enjoying the delicious dishes cooked by the palace Chefs.

Having said that, Miss Shi Jingfei, please join me at my table."

"Yes!" Hearing her name called out, Shi Jingfei stood from her seat.

She wore a yellow complimentary robe that had flowery patterns. This dress perfectly matched her cheerful attitude and beautiful smile.

Shi Jingfei followed behind Xia Meixiang as they eventually took a seat on an empty rectangular table located near the throne.

It seems that this table was specially reserved for Xia Meixiang.

Seeing Shi Jingfei and Xia Meixiang take a table of their own, the other young master and mistress didn't know what to do.

Should they join them? Or would that be too disrespectful?

Some thought this was the chance to make an impactful impression on Xia Meixiang and make a connection, while others were too nervous to think about anything.

While the nobles were wondering what to do, they noticed two youths standing behind Xia Meixiang.

One was a youth who seemed to be in his teens. He had a tall, muscular but slim physique. His most noteworthy feature was his cold piercing eyes and handsome face.

He wore unfashionable gray robes while his inner garbs were a black shirt and black trousers. Lastly, he had short black hair that further emphasized his handsome face.

The other one was a girl who had long, silky silver hair. She wore a white fox-patterned mask that hid her face. She was wearing a long cyan robe while her inner garbs were a white shirt and trousers.

The two of them looked like martial artist experts.

They wondered which noble was bold enough to approach the Princess immediately, but they soon realized that they didn't know them.

And based on how the Princess was acting, it seems that she knows the two youths behind her.

They wondered what was the identity of those two youths for them to be able to stand behind Xia Meixiang.

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