42 Massive Recruitment

The same way personnel were being recruited on Kyoshi Island, it was happening on other islands that had been cleared of enemy contact and placed under protection by the Water Nation fleet, commanded by Dario, who was the most intelligent in these strategic maneuvers.

In a few more weeks, a complete dominion could be established over the former Fire Nation colony. Special armor was being crafted now, not made of metal but of a special fabric that covered the entire body and could deflect fire attacks multiple times as long as subsequent attacks could be dodged.

But getting back to Thorian's main point, what he was now seeking was a way for Suki to train the recruits who hadn't shown talent in controlling any element, thus shifting their training to specialized close combat aimed at indirectly eliminating the enemy.

Throughout history, humans without elemental control have been underestimated—those too weak to demonstrate elemental abilities or those unaware of their talents.

Anyone could kill even a baby with a knife in hand. The right way to make them all effective is by showcasing their combat capabilities against enemies who appear strong in their eyes.

As Thorian looked over the island, now rebuilt in a much more effective and invasion-resistant manner, he pondered many more things.


Upon hearing that sound and catching the scent of the wind, Thorian didn't need to turn to know who it was. "You're so distracted that you can't even hide your footsteps."

Suki's eyes were filled with pain and a certain fury for not understanding Thorian in these recent days.

Thorian then turned towards Suki, and neither of them spoke. However, for some reason, Thorian was emotionally touched, and he finally sighed before saying, "Since the war won't end until there's a supreme ruler, I assumed that creating an army to eliminate all insecurity and injustice in the world would be necessary to seek the peace we've longed for."

"And why does it have to be you?"

"You're not understanding, Suki. The reason they're winning the war is by leveraging their abilities." Thorian looked at the sky and said, "Do you know how the war has escalated to this state? It's because of the Great Comet that passes close to Earth once every hundred years, just grazing the upper atmosphere's surface."

As he said this, Thorian paused and continued, "When the comet is this close, firebenders can harness its energy, boosting their powers. Back then, the Emperor figuratively described it as a comet granting those who control fire the power of a hundred suns. This allowed the invaders to start the war that initiated everything and led to the genocide of the Air Nomads."

Suki trembled, knowing that was a hundred years ago, which means if Thorian is telling the truth, the comet could pass by Earth at most in a year.

"Do you understand now? We have a year before we're completely conquered. We're strong now and can crush the enemy, but if for some reason they regain that temporary power, they'll massacre us," Thorian said with a serious expression.

What Thorian had just revealed was known to very few, but that's why they must hurry and gain a significant advantage over the enemy before the war concludes.

"My firebending will allow me to stop the Emperor. If everything goes wrong, then I'll face him, and only then will we know who the true ruler of this world will be." Thorian turned to Suki and said, "You're the only woman who has understood me. Only a few of us are doing something for the world, so your help would be greatly appreciated."

"What's your plan?" Suki looked at Thorian with a different gaze.

"First, we'll recruit and train a great coalition army led by a single leader. I'll then travel to the Northern Water Tribe to unite it with the Southern Tribe, and after training them with my icebending, I'll make a deal with the Earth Nation's leader."

Looking at Suki, Thorian said, "We'll take control of the colonies, kill those who are necessary, and imprison those who surrender without genocide. Once we share our vision, we'll be ready to attack the Fire Nation, and at that moment, I'll take out the Emperor."

"How will you take his place?"

"I won't. I heard his son is in these waters, so I'll capture him to become the next Emperor. After that, I'll rule over him and all the other nations as a purely peaceful authority, something that will maintain the world's balance forever," Thorian said, absolutely certain of his words.

If he succeeds, he'll be the great Emperor; if he fails, he'll only suppress the Fire Nation, and if he doesn't succeed, he'll simply kill the Emperor.

"Once all this is over, I'll retire. No more fights, no more killings, and no more wounds." Thorian said, taking Suki's hands as she had a change of heart.

Knowing everything Thorian had been contemplating, Suki rested her head on his chest. She didn't know what awaited them in the future, but she just wanted all of this to end once and for all.

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