Avatar The Legend of Korra: Ruthless Wind

An Airbender is a peaceful warrior. an Airbender does not kill. An Airbender witholds his wordly desire. But he is a different Airbender, a man despite using the most peaceful element is the most brutal and scheming.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

In the morning after completing his airbending training, Jiran decided that he should go back to the city and do some sightseeing to freshen his mind out.

"Tenzin, can I go to a city for a bit?" Jiran asked Tenzin.

"Okay, but you must be careful, you are the only airbender outside my family so you should take care of yourself "

"Yeah, yeah, I can fight well so don't worry too much about me. And umm can I also have some pocket money?"


Jiran was walking down leisurely on the road of Republic City. He was wearing an Air Nomad's cloth making many turns their heads at him.

Jiran just ignored the bothersome looks and continued walking on his own.

He turned his eyes to the meat stall. Looking at it he walked confidently towards it, this time his intention not to steal but to buy.

"I would like to buy five stick of meat please" He ordered confidently.

"That would be twenty yuan"

"Here you go" He pulled out exactly twenty yuan and handed it over to the stall owner.

After giving her the money the stall owner handed him five sticks of barbeque.

'Oh my god, I thought this day would never come,' Jiran teared out.

All his life he has been stealing food and everyday when he was living on the streets he would always dream of buying his own food without stealing. He thought that day would never come but thankfully it came true.

'Thank you, Tenzin' He gratefully said inside his mind.

Taking a bite at the barbeque, a heavenly taste invades his mouth.

"Ahh" A sound of exhilaration left Jiran's lips as he devoured the food.

As I was eating my food something was caught on the corner of my eyes. A woman wearing water tribe clothes and a man wearing city clothes, both of them were on the back of a giant polar bear dog.

"Korra?" That must be Korra and who is that guy?

'Ahhh! That guy was the firebending dude from Fire Ferret!'

'What was his name again? Moko? Marko? Ah right Mako.'

Are these two on a date? I mean why would the two of them stroll around the city at night. No it doesn't look like they're dating, they look like they are looking for something seeing their eyes darting here and there

I'm not the guy to stalk two couples in the night but I can smell something fishy. If Korra got into trouble again, Tenzin would scold me like last time, and believe me I'd rather not experience that again for the second time.

So I decided to follow them. I used my airbending to climb the roof and observe them from afar.

After that, I followed them for a minute. lo and behold they indeed were getting into trouble.


I saw a dark van tailed by five bikers. All of them were wearing suspicious masks with green glowing goggles.

I narrowed my eyes on the van and saw two men on the back of it. One being the earthbender from the Pro-Bending match and the other being… Shady Shin? Holy shit that's Shady Shin!? I recognize this dude, this dudes famous for doing shady business around the streets.

When my eyes landed on their tied hands, I suddenly felt my blood boil. My fist clanching as my heart started to beat fast.These fuckers are kidnappers, they are criminals. Fucking scums!

If there's one thing I hate in this world other than starving, it's criminals. These scums ruined my life and if I can do the same to them, I would be willing to risk it.

"BOLIN!!" Mako shouted at them and ran towards the suspicious group. But they threw a smoke bomb at Mako, making him stop in his tracks.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!"


The vehicle drove away.

Fuck… I knew something was suspicious. Why does Korra have to get in trouble everytime she goes out!? And worst I'm always there to witness her so it becomes my responsibility to look after her because Tenzin asked me.

"Naga come!" The two of them rode the polar bear dog and made chase.

"Shit!" I too chased after them but I remained on the roof, remaining obscure to them.


Mako kept sending fireballs at them but they were skilled enough to dodge it each time. Korra decided to join the frey and started earthbending but nonetheless it was also useless.

The chase continues until the biker and the van lead Korra and Mako to a wide field. It seems that they're going to fight.

Well this is good. I'll join this fight, I'll be the hero tonight and remove five less scum in this city.



The two out of the five bikers turned their bikes around and faced Korra and Mako. One of them then threw a metal rope with two iron balls on the end of each to Naga's feet, catching it and making Korra and Mako fall from atop.

Thud! Thud!


The two of the bikers then jumped out of their bikes and started darting towards the two of them at terrifying speed.



Korra bended a fire at one of them but the masked assailant was too agile and evaded the stream of fire acrobatically.

"HIYYAA!" Seeing the latter gaining distance at her, Korra once again spewed fire but the masked assailant already managed to close the distance making their fight more close combat.

Korra punched with her left aiming for the masked assailant but the latter was very skilled in martial arts. It blocked her attacks and counterattack in a blurring motion.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Immediately, Korra was hit three or four times in her left arm in a successive fashion and after being hit her arms went limp.

"Ahhh!" Korra groaned from pain but she didn't give up.

With only her right arm and leg she slashed it down creating a fire arc that descended down from above.


But alas it was futile once again. The masked assailant dodged her attack for the second time agilely and used the strange technique once again on Korra, this time her arms and legs both went limp.

But it was not only her having the same dilemma, Mako was fighting another masked assailant too and he was having the same trouble as her.


Thud! Thud!

"Mako!" Korra shouted. The two of them then collided as Mako was pushed back by his opponent.

The two were defeated. Both of them fell down to the ground with a thud.

Seeing the two of them unable to bend and limp, the two masked opponents grew closer to them while swinging chained iron balls.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

They were approaching Korra and Mako dangerously and it seems that their life is in grave danger.

Their malicious intent was clear to their menacing steps but as the two were about to swing their weapons down to Korra and Mako a sudden gust of powerful wind hit the masked assailant sending the two of them flying away for a good distance of ten meters.


The masked opponent was pushed away and the perpetrator of the wind attack was revealed.

He was wearing an Air Nomad's clothes but his head remained with hair. It was gray hair that was styled in a rough thug like manner his eyes were almond like.

"Jiran!" Korra shouted in relief, it seems that she knew who this guy was.

But Korra noticed something was off about him. He didn't look back at Korra and Mako and instead he just looked at the two masked men with menacing eyes.


There was something cold around Jiran, as if he became a completely different person to the one Korra knew.

Without even giving the two a chance to counter attack, Jiran pushed his fist in the air and punched. A powerful wind bullet was released from it aiming for the one on the left.


But he didn't end there, Jiran spun around and sent two more wind arcs with his kick.

The first wind attack was evaded by the masked opponent but he was unable to dodge the second attack.

And so the wind arc struck him and sent him flying once again making him crash on the walls.

"HUP!" Jiran then turned his eyes to the second assailant and waved his hands. A tornado was created from his open palm and pushed the masked opponent away, and with a follow up, Jiran spun and created a powerful wind pillar by punching his hand to the ground striking the latter and pinning him down to the ground with wind.


It was powerful. So powerful in fact that the ground cracked upon impact.

Seeing how effortlessly Jiran defeated the two which gave Korra and Mako a defeat they looked at Jiran with wide eyes.

Jiran won. And effortlessly at that.

However it seems that he wasn't going to end there.

Jiran walked over to the man who was crushed in the ground and lifted him up with airbending.

Then he pulled his mask away, roughly revealing a face of a mid thirties man. Jiran however didn't care about that and instead his hand started making a spiral movement.

Upon seeing that, Korra felt something ominous was happening. Korra felt her hair stand up from Jiran's cold attitude.

"what are you doing…?" She asked hesitantly and scaredly yet the latter didn't respond.

Soon she saw a stream of small air leave the man's mouth and upon that she came to a realization.

Jiran was bending the air out of the man's lung. He was going to kill him.

"HUU! HUU!!" The man tried to resist but the air coming out of his body made him weak.

Soon the air that came from his lungs formed a sphere of wind around his head and Jiran kept on making spiral movement with his hands as if he was spinning a giant ball in the air.


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