Avatar The Legend of Korra: Ruthless Wind

An Airbender is a peaceful warrior. an Airbender does not kill. An Airbender witholds his wordly desire. But he is a different Airbender, a man despite using the most peaceful element is the most brutal and scheming.

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Secret Deal (2)

There was once a powerful criminal in the Republic City decades ago. His name was Yakone.

Yakone was a powerful crime lord who threatened Republic City for many years. A corrupt and ruthless individual, Yakone longed for more power and used his unique psychic bloodbending abilities to control the United Republic capital through his criminal empire.

For a long time, he was able to hide his forbidden ability and evade the law, until a final trial saw him sentenced to life imprisonment. Upon this judgment, Yakone attempted to escape, but following a brief scuffle with Avatar Aang, his bending was permanently removed.

Yakone was later freed by his gang and left Republic City for the Northern Water Tribe. There, he got married and became the father of Noatak and Tarrlok, both of whom he taught waterbending and bloodbending in hopes that they could eventually avenge him.

Yakone brutally taught Noatak and Tarrlok to hone their abilities once they both realized they were waterbenders. Noatak was a natural, but Tarrlok did not develop as quickly, and Yakone would often verbally attack him for it. At first, Noatak supported his brother, but he gave up when Yakone told him not to speak again.

On a purported hunting trip distant from their home when Noatak was ten years old, Yakone revealed to his sons his true identity as a criminal from Republic City and gave them an explanation of the power of bloodbending.

He declared that he intended to turn his kids become the best bloodbenders in the world so that he could strike revenge on Avatar Aang, claiming that their family was the most powerful bloodbender line in history.

When Yakone finally gave the command for his sons to bloodbend one another, Noatak carried out the order with remarkable ease, disregarding his brother's agonizing cries until Yakone gave the order to cease.

Yakone became enraged and referred to Tarrlok as weak after he declined to bloodbend Noatak. But just as Tarrlok was about to strike out in retaliation, Noatak bloodbent his own father to stop the attack.

Then, after reminding his father that they were his offspring and not his "tools of vengeance," he termed Yakone weak for having lost his ability to bend water as a result of the Avatar. Then he pushed his brother to leave Yakone and begin a new life with him, but Tarrlok turned him down, fearing for their mother. Noatak was inspired by this to concur with their father's assessment of Tarrlok's weakness.

And then they separate ways, Tarrlok eventually becoming a Councilman and then Noatak later on becoming Amon, Leader of the Equalist.

However despite leaving each other on a sour note, Noatak never hated his brother, in fact till this day he still loves him.

That's why when Jiran threatened him that he will kill Tarrlok he felt hopeless. Practically, he is in the palm of Jiran.

"Tsk. Fine then, I will continue to play within your hands but the moment I secure my brother's safety, it will be your head I'm coming first." Eventually, Amon surrendered and backed down for the time being.

"So do we have terms?" Asked Jiran. Amon paused for a split second before responding.

"We have terms"

"That's good then. Then I guess this meeting has come to a conclusion." Jiran stood up from his seat and smiled, then he turned around and walked away. However before fully stepping out of the building he looked at Amon and said one last sentence.

"Then again I must warn you. I'm not an easy man to mess with." He said and before Amon could even realize his vision turned black.

Later on that evening he woke up very confused and quite frankly scared.

There was no injury in his body, there was no sign of bending or anything, he just fell unconscious.

'Fuck… is he implying that he can kill me anytime he want…'

With that horrible thought lingering in mind, Amon shuddered.

"As expected of the culprit of the Killerless Massacre"


Jiran flew back to the island, of course still being unnoticed. Once he step in the Air Temple Island, his cold and distant visage that he wore when talking with Amon disappeared. Now he was just an ordinary Airbender.

He walked towards the training ground, to where the Air Gate Contraption specifically, to stretch his body a bit before goinv back to meditation but as he was heading there he encountered Korra who wore a full Pro-bending suit.

"Oh! Hey Korra, where you going?" Jiran asked with a slight smile. Seeing Jiran's charming and warm smile, a small blush appeared on her cheeks.

"I-I'm going to train with Mako and Bolin" Korra stuttered.

"Oh right, the Fire Ferrets are back in the competition right?"


It was really unusual of Korra to act like this, Korra just stuttered every sentence which is the complete opposite of her brash attitude.

She started remembering what happened that night, her face started going red once again, suddenly an idea popped in her mind.

"Ummm… Jiran…?"


"Can you come with us in the gym and train us?" She asked while fiddling with her nails.

"Why me?" Jiran sported a confused look and asked.

"Because you're super strong….! You defeated Amon easily of course we would want you to train us!" Korra exclaimed making Jiran chuckle.

"Ah yeah, that happened…" He muttered.

"Yeah, why not."

And so Jiran got in tow with Korra. The two of them headed to the Arena just one ferry away but both of them are benders so it was easy for them to cross.


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