Avatar The Last Airbender: Spirit

Mc voice in Azula's mind. The Fire Master is preparing a special gift for the coming of age of his perfect heiress. By undergoing one of the old rituals, devised long before Azula was born, she gains even more power, along with an extra inhabitant in her head. What will such consequences of the ritual lead to? With an unknown housemate constantly commenting on her every action, either to the point of gnashing her teeth or suggesting the best way out of a situation? patreon.com/FanFictionPremium

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The Road to the Capital

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After the unexpected storm, life on the princess ship returned to normal. The guardsmen burned the bodies of those killed in battle and honoured the missing. The relatives of the dead would receive all monetary payments due them, according to military regulations. Despite the considerable losses among the crew, people continued to live. The mourning was short-lived. This was facilitated by the men of the imperial motorcade, who questioned each and every person several times, trying to understand how this could have happened. In short, with every hour on the ship, the situation became more and more tense. Mourning for the dead was quickly replaced by worrying about their own skins.

And while Azula was unable to move and fully command the ship and the investigation, the guardsmen only had to follow all the orders of her deputy. Captain of the Imperial Guard - Wei Lung continued to dig into the dirtiest laundry of all the people on the ship. He was well aware of who the Fire Master would ask first about what had happened. This motivated him to try his best to expose the traitors and understand what had happened on the ship during the storm, or to assign blame.

Even the Princess' disinterest in the case didn't stop him. She did not give orders to stop investigations and interrogations of the crew. It did not go as far as torture, but the situation was very strange. No one has seen anything and no one knows anything. From the bodies of the dead, one could realise that traitors were virtually everywhere. Perhaps they were also in the princess' imperial motorcade. Since there were also missing people among the guards.

However, no matter how much Wei Lung tried, it was impossible to put together a unified picture of what had happened. The information he needed was critically lacking, and it was not certain that even interrogations would be able to get more out. Time and time again, he returned to the notes that were scattered everywhere in the captain's quarters, but he couldn't understand how this had happened. He had managed to learn a lot about each crew member, dead or not. Personal attitudes, preferences, relationships, marital fidelity, future plans not destined to take place due to death.

All of this was competently documented and examined from every angle, as were the subsequent interrogations of the entire crew and even the Guardsmen. Repeated interrogations were a necessary measure to catch a possible traitor in a lie. But it was all in vain. He found nothing, no motive, no purpose, no reason for the betrayal, even to catch very few people in a lie. And the information thus obtained said nothing. Cheating wives, small abuses of position, bribery, theft, relations with some servants....

It was negligible. Punishment from the Fire Master he couldn't avoid with that kind of information. The picture of what had happened was full of holes. The deputy princess and the new captain of the ship could not find a reasonable explanation for what was happening, no matter how hard he tried. It was as if this whole series of events was an accident, or else....

The spirits... Perhaps they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong moonlight and the wrong stars aligned. That would explain a lot. It may seem a bit far fetched, but it all fits together. If it was spirits, or a single spirit that decided, for reasons he alone knew, to sink the ship at any cost. Then it all makes sense! The unknown spirit might well have succeeded, if it hadn't been for the princess' lightning. But would the Fire Lord be satisfied with such conclusions?

Of course not.

Sighing heavily from the despair of the situation, Wei Lung threw all the sheets off the table in one motion. The gust of impotent rage continues as he punches the metal wall. His fists shattered into blood, but the blows continued to pound the metal wall that took all of the Guard Captain's anger. The pain was not sobering in the slightest.

- Captain? What's wrong? - One of the Imperial Cortege Guards, who now guarded the Captain's quarters, enters the room.

- Nothing worthy of your attention, soldier. Return to your post.

- Aye!

Life went on, and while the captain vented his anger on the walls, the other crew members went about their business. Of course, the storm they had been through could not go unnoticed, and it was the one that was on everyone's tongue. Everyone was discussing it. Its causes, its sudden appearance, its possible betrayal, which no one believed in. In passing, people were expressing their opinions, among friends and acquaintances, colleagues and comrades.

At the end of the day, the staff of five maids gathered together to gossip.

- These constant inspections. How annoying they are, every time to pass to the princess we are groped without remorse! How annoying! - resented one of the young maids, lying relaxed on her bed.

- It's their job, there's no need to get angry, especially under the circumstances," the older maid was much more relaxed.

- A job? Groping your breasts and arse at every encounter is a job?

- He just likes you. That's why he's giving you signs of attention," the third maid joked to the indignant one.

- The captain of the guard believes that what happened was the result of a large-scale plot to assassinate the princess. We and all the soldiers and the rest of the ship's crew are only incidental victims. Wei Lun is understandable, because he's the one who's going to be held accountable for what happened, so he's being vicious. I'm afraid to imagine what they'll do to him if he doesn't find anyone," the princess' senior maid said calmly.

- Oh, I didn't look at the situation that way. Poor thing, maybe the princess guard will have a new captain soon.

- They probably will. The girl took after her father," the other girls accepted their older colleague's position.

The maids in the princess' motorcade were still lucky, unlike the new captain, Wei Lung. He had taken command after Bruce Lee went missing, and he would be asked more than anyone else. No one and nothing will be asked of them, punishment they successfully avoided thanks to their profession and almost total lack of responsibility. At least, they are not responsible for the ship, as well as for the safety of the princess and the crew.

- Speaking of the princess, did you feel strange after being alone with her? Such as..." one of the young maids spoke cautiously, gesturing with her hands and trying to express her thoughts properly.

- Memory lapses? Nausea? Dizziness? Headache? - Another girl echoed her colleague's thoughts. She, like all the other maids, had noticed something similar, only they were afraid to say it out loud. Suspicions were building up, waiting for the right moment inside each of them, and now one of them raised the subject, making everyone interested.

- Yes..." the third hesitantly replies. - I thought I was the only one.

- No, I've noticed something like that too.

- Girls, Mistress has been having more seclusion with one of us. And the blackouts... I'm even more afraid to be alone with her now. It all started with that damn storm! - a fourth maid enters the conversation.

- Don't remind me, it makes me shiver. How frightening it was then! I thought we were all going to die! Wai spent the whole storm in a faint," one of the girls said excitedly, trembling from the memories.

- And I don't regret it, it was too scary.

- Be patient. It's only temporary. We'll be in the capital tomorrow night. We can only hope that such incidents will stop and the ship will not get into another storm, - the oldest and most important girl finds the best way out of their mysterious situation. They could not disobey the orders of the princess, even if these orders would mean death.

Among the princess's personal maids, a hierarchy of seniority and experience was formed by themselves. Therefore, the most senior was responsible for the actions of her younger colleagues. They had thought of it themselves, as Azula usually didn't care about them. At least as long as they did their job almost perfectly.

- Still, what causes something like this? Could it be some sort of curse? Light-bearing Agni displeased with the princess?

- So you said, maybe you can think of some spirits, too.

- What's the big deal?

The maids continued to talk about the princess and all the strange things that had happened lately. Including the mysterious storm with the monster attacking the ship. According to the guardsmen that fought it under the princess's command, it was a sea serpent. The most dangerous inhabitant of all the oceans.

That same evening, the soldiers who were questioned unnecessarily by the princess' guardsmen were also discussing the incident and their problems. They, like everyone else, were shocked and could not believe that there were so many traitors. And what kind of traitors could there be among the princess's subordinates? All of her servants are the best and most loyal. It's extremely hard to believe in such treachery. At such a moment, at such an hour, in such a place, with such victims, and among their friends and comrades. Comrades with whom they'd spent years of service. It simply couldn't be true.

Meeting in the mess hall, in the barracks, on deck... just in the many corridors, they discussed everything that had happened. Remembering how scary it was during the storm. How the roar of the monster made their blood freeze in their veins and their hearts freeze with every sound of lightning. Some even fainted or fell into a stupor, unable to move. Rumour had it that there were even some in the imperial cortege, which few people believed. Instead, the soldiers discussed how valiantly the guardsmen led by Azula had fought. All the survivors would remember this storm for the rest of their lives.

Many people did not like Wei Lung's actions, but there were also those who understood and took such harsh measures. All the soldiers were familiar with the regulations, they knew who the Fire Master would ask for the incident. But that didn't stop them from gossiping as well as the women in the marketplace. Most of the crew, having taken the necessary measures, endured the numerous interrogations, hoping to get away from it all and get to the capital as soon as possible.

Already on land, some planned to go on holiday, some on leave to their wives and children, and some would go on the most interesting adventure to the brothels. Some even seriously counted on a medal with a promotion for the battle with the monster. Of course, the latter is a dream, but all the soldiers were willing to endure a little. The end was near, it was less than a day's journey to the capital.

"All this I have learnt in one evening, Zula. I would have made a great spy!" - the spirit finished his story as the sun disappeared over the horizon and day gave way to night.

- Nothing useful," Azula said quietly as she relaxed on her bed, having finished all the humiliating tortures for the day, the last of which was the ablutions with the spirit. After those, she felt absolutely no desire to do anything at all.

"What did I say about the servants' problems? You won't know about their lives, you won't notice the betrayal." - the ghost reminded her of her own words.

- "And what did I say about the maids? At least one of them will turn you in to Daddy, how will you explain all this to him?" - The spirit insisted, clearly having a different opinion of the information he had obtained with his own hands.

- I don't, it's just a rumour. Suspicion, without any proof. I'll leave it as it is, it's the best thing to do. My staff of maids won't mindlessly blab it to anyone else. They could be deemed insane themselves. There's too little evidence.

"And if there is? The same captain is already guessing the truth and my presence. Once he's been informed of the memory lapses near you, he can figure out a lot of things on his own. For example, that you're connected to the spirits that massacred the ship. Or that you're possessed, or..." - The spirit's emotional speech is interrupted by the princess's harsh words.

- I get what you're trying to say. Enough ruminations for today, I've had enough of a bath with you, I'm... tired. Time for bed, good night," the girl turns over to the other side with difficulty, but with trembling hands pulling the blanket up to her neck.

"I understand it's been quite a day for you. I can rejoice. I'm guessing by tomorrow you'll be able to limp on your own by now! Without any help!" - Spirits voiced the glad tidings.

- That would be great. But that would arouse a lot of suspicion," the girl replies in a tired voice that she is really tired from the day. Not in terms of physical fatigue, but moral and volitional in terms. Too many shameful things have been done to her today. Things most of which she wished with all her heart to forget.

"Yes. I think you can tell a lie believable enough for everyone to believe. If they ask of course," Yoaru continued.

- I'm so tired...

"Good night, but we'll come back to this conversation tomorrow," the spirit replies, about to enter the girl and attend to her treatment as he has been doing for most of the day and last night.

- Whatever you say...

The next day, Azula did not succumb to the spirit's entreaties, and did not interact with her staff of maids in any way. Instead, she discussed with the captain what he would have to say to her father when it was time for his audience. The princess always had a knack for getting everyone to do what she needed them to do. This case was no exception. Rumours had managed to greatly embellish the girl's wounds. Everyone knew how much the princess had contributed to the victory. People's rumours travelled too fast in the cramped ship. The sight of a limping princess was surprising to the core. The crew, the guards, the maids, the counsellors... and especially the doctor. They were all greatly surprised at her rapid rate of recovery.

The doctor even cried tears of happiness when he realised that he would not be executed. Of course, the doctor had many questions, but Azula demonstrated excellent persuasion skills here too. Mixing threats with lies and distorted truths, she got him to remain silent, telling him that she was special. For everyone else, the relative recovery of Mistress was enough.

In two days, from a seriously ill patient who needed help even to go to the toilet and eat, she had practically recovered, beginning to walk without the help of others. Albeit limping, leaning on the wall, with great difficulty and slight pain all over her body, but she walked! The time taken to regenerate boggled the doctor's mind, but he was well aware of the hints and the possibility of the royal family having secrets. Quickly realising which way the wind was blowing, he stopped his questions.

Azula was not in favour of the interrogation situation. On the contrary, on her orders they had ceased. The team spent the last time of the journey in peace, without the constant tension so emanating from the Imperial Cortege Guards. The Lady took no further part in the command of the ship. She only checked the course and quickly calculated the remaining hours of the journey to the harbour of the capital. Realising that the ship would arrive by evening, she retreated to her quarters. The girl had done so much already, having overcome her ailments in monstrously record time, she needed a simple rest.

That was the official version, while in reality I continued to work on healing her body back to perfection. And while I went about my business, Azula breathed, Azula ate, Azula slept. That's all the girl did while I, without fail, continued to treat the bodily wounds she had received through my own fault. The time to evening passed very quickly, by which time she could more or less walk without limping. However, it would take a few more days before she would return to the ideal body condition she had before the battle with the monster. I think I can do it in a week, and she can take care of other important things at the palace.

By sunset, the ship entered the wharf....