Avatar The Last Airbender: Not Avatar

Everything has an end. Everything has a limit of strength. There is a ceiling beyond which it is impossible to grow. But at the end, you can find a new path, repair or reshape a broken object, and break through the ceiling. Weaknesses can be overcome, and shortcomings turned into an advantage. I know that well. I learned it on myself. {Author: Шэтэл-Соркен (shatal-sorken)} https://ficbook.net/authors/1711049

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64 Chs

New Book on Avatar

Dear readers!

It is with great excitement and joy that I want to share with you the news that many of you have been eagerly awaiting. The new Avatar: The Last Airbender book is finally out, as I promised in the previous chapter. It's a work called Not the Last Airbender, co-created with a friend of mine.

We decided it would be best to release the book on my friend's profile, so for anyone who would like to dive into new adventures in the world of Avatar, we invite you to visit the profile of user Paracetam0l. We are sure that the book "Not the Last Airbender" will bring you a lot of fun, new impressions and unforgettable moments.

Thank you for your continued support and love for the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. We hope that this new book will be a worthy continuation of your favorite story and open up even more mysteries and adventures for you.

We look forward to your reviews and impressions!