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Everything has an end. Everything has a limit of strength. There is a ceiling beyond which it is impossible to grow. But at the end, you can find a new path, repair or reshape a broken object, and break through the ceiling. Weaknesses can be overcome, and shortcomings turned into an advantage. I know that well. I learned it on myself. {Author: Шэтэл-Соркен (shatal-sorken)} https://ficbook.net/authors/1711049

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Chapter 37

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The sheer abundance of readily available and incredibly cheap energy is truly remarkable, even if it is just thermal energy and even though the full conversion of heat into mechanical power is still in its infancy here. Yet, the accessibility of this vast amount of energy has enabled the Fire Nation, even in its colonies, to create this Monster!

Standing at the control room window, I marveled at the pinnacle of engineering thought and production power of the Fire Nation. Hundreds of meters long and about fifty meters in diameter. Hundreds and thousands of tons of metal, an immense amount of labor hours, and an unimaginable amount of energy were poured into this mad, yet incredible project. A massive drill that, with its monumentality and functionality, surpasses everything created in my past world. Even space shuttles seem somewhat less impressive in comparison to this marvel! And yet, electronic technology has not been discovered here, and this entire machine operates on the same old steam power!

Honestly, whoever came up with this is a genius! A genius of engineering, and I would very much like to meet them! I would express all my respect!

I stood at the window, watching the slowly moving sections of the massive drill. It reminded me of the movement principle of a worm - first, one section moves, then, with the help of hydraulic spikes, this section anchors in the ground and pulls the rest. When the rest are pulled forward, they also anchor in the ground, thus propelling the front, the heaviest part, forward. And all this is powered by hydraulics!

"Do you like it?" the man responsible for the mechanism, a firebender in ceremonial robes, asked me.

"I'm amazed!" I responded, not hiding my excitement.

I spoke the truth - back in my previous world, I was fascinated by robotics and various mechanisms, technology, and so forth, from a young age! Later, the interest dimmed, lost amidst a flood of information and memories...

But now, it seemed, this interest reignited with newfound strength, and my inner self trembled at the thought of this drill!

"I didn't think you'd be so attracted to these machines, Garo," Azula commented from her throne, which had been installed for her along with two seats beside her for Mai and Ty Lee. Upon our arrival, Azula began to fuss upon seeing that no seat had been prepared for me, a member of her entourage, then actually started whispering about whose seat to give me. However, standing next to her, I heard this first and immediately said I hadn't planned to sit anyway, so it made no difference.

This response somewhat calmed Azula, and I surveyed the drill from the top of the control room that had risen to a significant height. If the drill's size impressed me upon approach, it was only from here that I truly grasped how incredible this creation was, seeing it in its entirety from above.

"No, these machines, as you put it, don't captivate me, but creations like this, the crowning achievements of engineering thought and technology, simply make me tremble with admiration! Such work, all of it, the labor of thousands of people, encapsulated in all this metal, even in your throne, Azula. All made by people, and that impresses me. Machines... they're more like a very old, almost forgotten hobby and fascination of mine."

Azula just nodded to my words, having listened attentively and looking thoughtfully around.

"Oh, Mr. Garo, I'm very glad you understand and feel the same as I do!" the man in charge of this marvel, standing in the middle of the control room, said with a sincere smile.

Besides us, four firebender guards were present, protecting this place and, specifically, the members of the royal family.

Actually, royal indeed! The Fire Nation exhibits all the characteristics of an imperialist state! A powerful military and police force, a rigid power structure with a single ruler, a large territory, an active foreign policy, significant influence on the political scene... in other words, Azula is the heiress to an empire, and the title of Fire Lord signifies the emperor!

So, I find myself in the entourage of a member of the royal family. The only problem for her, when ascending, will likely be fending off those who wish to dethrone her. But Azula is very strong and will become even stronger over time, so there's nothing to worry about. She's probably already stronger than her father at her age, and her potential is higher.

Besides the four guards, twenty other people were in the control room, each responsible for their own task, all led by the man in charge. A well-oiled machine! Although deep down, I still harbor memories that cause a distaste for the Fire Nation, seemingly for life, I can't help but admire the unity, responsibility, and cohesion at the heart of this militarized empire.

I stood on the bridge, looking out the window at the approaching walls of Ba Sing Se. Like Omashu, the city seemed impenetrable, but while Omashu was just a large and powerful city, Ba Sing Se is more like a small, separate state, completely autonomous, capable of sustaining itself and withstanding any siege, keeping enemies at bay for years! Demonstrated years ago when General Iroh failed to conquer it and surrendered, retreating.

I smiled at the progress and prepared myself. Soon, I could uncover all the secrets of Ba Sing Se, especially its secret special division, about which I, as Joe, had gathered so many rumors that I was now practically drooling. I didn't even learn the name, but the rumors about their capabilities varied widely!

And I want to acquire that knowledge!

Sparks of discharge ran along the handrail I was holding. I caught their flight and again took a deep breath in and out, calming myself.

A new unexpected problem had emerged in recent days.

In moments of strong emotional surge, my mana automatically becomes hyperactive, entering a state of uncertainty and transforming into the closest form of mana to this state - lightning. My energy has shown incredible adaptability after weeks of frequent use of lightning and this charged, uncertain mana; my energy has started to adapt out of habit. But this wasn't a new element or bending; it was just a new form of mana! And so my mana adapted very quickly. On one hand, it's great - lightning forms much faster, generating as easily as I create fire, without needing to go through several complex stages and create charged mana by colliding oppositely saturated emotions. My mana immediately takes the necessary form of "quantum uncertainty," saving a lot of time.

However, for the first time, there were negative side effects. In moments of emotional saturation, mana involuntarily enters an excited state and transforms into the simplest form. Elemental forms are too complex, but the form of uncertainty is relatively simple in essence. And releasing pseudo-electricity is that negative consequence. How am I supposed to have sex now? Find a new partner every time? The stronger the emotions, the more electricity I generate! And it's dangerous even for me! In small doses, it doesn't harm me; at the limit, it even helps! Gradually, my body adapts to this unusual form of mana, dangerous as it is. But if the emotions are too strong, I might kill myself with a large amount of electricity!

I really dislike that I can't fully control myself. With bloodbending, I've become accustomed to having almost complete control over myself, and such knowledge is not at all reassuring!

My further musings were interrupted. And no, not by Azula, not by Ty Lee, or anyone from the guards...

"We have guests," I whispered and turned, heading for the exit of the control room.

"Garo, where are you going?" Azula asked, standing up from her throne, ready to follow me wherever I was going.

"Oh, don't worry, I just sensed that some old acquaintances of mine are nearby. I want to greet them, have a chat. No need to worry. Rest, Azula, your legs need it. And when I return, I'll do a new massage, alright?"

I don't know what influenced her more, my arguments or the massage offer? She's really gotten hooked on it, so I wouldn't be surprised if that swayed her.

"Massage? Garo, you know how to do massages? Will you give me one?" Ty Lee asked me, smiling cheerfully.

"Of course. If you want, I'll do it right after Azula. But for now, I need to step away."

I headed for the exit, catching Mai's suspicious glance. Does she suspect me of something? I haven't given any reason. Well, let it be.

Meanwhile, I felt my dear guests getting closer and closer. It seems they have a newcomer... though the number remains the same, I can clearly sense it!

Smiling, I left the control room and began to descend, simply jumping from the height. I haven't learned to fly using jet propulsion yet - I still lack the control over fire to compress it even more, but gliding with gradual descent is well within my capabilities.

Streams of dense, tightly compressed fire burst from my hands and feet, preventing me from falling to my death, and I began moving toward those I sensed.


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