Avatar The Last Airbender: Cold Paths

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."—William Shakespeare. This story is about the latter. A man with no recollection of his name, finds himself in the world of Avatar. Forcing to accept the idea that the show he once watched as a kid is not, in fact, fictional has taken a massive toll on him, torn as he is between the awesomeness of his new found powers as well as it's absurdity of how everything came to be, he will do what humans do best, he will overcome and adapt and greatness will follow. to read chapters ahead go to www.patreón.com/cornbringer.

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The Beginning of a New Cycle.

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The ending of the last air bender series, will come back in Korra.


Even with Aang's help, Air bending proved to be useless, which meant I was back to square one, not that it saddened me much, I expected this result.

So the plan started, with a few extra factors, Aang and Zuko would stop anyone from interfering, alongside Azula, while Toph, Katara and Sokka would destroy the fire nation armory in the case I failed, to give the rebels an advantage.

As for me, I was waiting for the firelord in the northern caves, I had decided not to fight him with explosives nearby in the case he had like me managed to improve on his fire defensively. So, here I was. Waiting, sharpening my weapons, going over all the possible scenarios and how to deal with them, one wrong move, and not only life would win. But the firelord.

It was quite poetic to be honest, and a bit unfair at the same, taking all my bending when water bending was a gift from whoever had brought me to this world… oh well, I will fight like the human I originally was, with my fists… mostly because the technology in this world cannot provide me with an AK-47 just yet.

Tick… tock, little by little I started to hear the voices of Azula and Ozai approaching, it was time. Time to either die or win this challenge.

"What is the meaning of this Azula," Ozin growled, as soon as he entered the cave.

At this Azula kicked her father into the cave, and jumped back doing a flip while shooting a lightning strike to the entrance effectively trapping us inside, "Go to hell," Azula winked devilishly and the only entrance to the cave was closed by the debris, result of her attack.

"Ozai," I sighed, "Today one of us die," I looked around one more time, seeing the natural pillars around the cave, feeling the damp atmosphere of the cave, and the little space he would have to move.

"I will deal with my treacherous daughter after I kill you," Ozai sneered, "This time you won't win so easily,"

Ain't that the truth, "Perhaps," I chuckled, unsheathing my poisoned blade, "We will find out soon enough,"


[Primordials POV]

Akira and Ozai were about to face off in one of the caves inside the fire nation. The area was wide enough for the two of them to fight but not wide enough Ozai would have a clear advantage.

Akira looked around for a brief second and then turned his attention back to Ozai, "Let's end this,"

Ozai rushed at the Akira, propulsing his feet with pure fire bending. Akira stood still waiting for the firelord to be close enough and once Ozai was a few inches from him, Akira dipped under his attack as Ozai was about to reach him and in quick motion slashed the firelord upwards with his blade. Ozai dodged this attack maneuvering around Akira with his fire propulsion. Akira was quick to catch on and slashed in a circular motion, cutting Ozai on the cheek ever so lightly.

"Am I a joke to you," Ozai hissed, his index finger touching the small wound, "You think you can take me without any bending?! We'll see how long you keep this bravado, child,"

"Till you die," Akira chuckled, going back into position, his right hand on his blade, while his left reached to his pocket, "Now you see me… now you don't," at that Akira threw something to the floor that exploded into a thick screen of smoke around them.

Ozai at this scoffed, but before he had the chance to move or do anything, a blade came out of the smoke, in shock Ozai sidestepped backwards just enough to dodge the blade completely out of instinct, Akira was so close there, the blade passed a hairs breath from Ozai's throat.

"Insolent!" Ozai roared in anger, and before Akira could move out of the way Ozai swiftly kicked Akira in the stomach with devastating strength, using his fire propulsion to speed his kick to unnatural heights, delivering in the process some minor degree burns to Akira while knocking the wind out of him, and stunning him for a brief moment.

Fortunately for Akira, he managed to recover from the attack and started to move before the firelord ended the battle, running around the natural pillars of the cave, throwing knives at Ozai while using the environment as a shield. A smart tactic, one that Ozai didn't want to indulge in.

"You will die for your hubris!" Ozai stated, flying towards Akira in a straight line, Akira took this chance to throw some small explosives at the Firelord effectively blinding him for a second, were Akira stabbed him with his last knife on torso by throwing the knife with all his strength, "You little…" Ozai growled, pulling the knife off his body, before blasting a torrent of fire towards Akira, who barely managed to hide behind a pillar.

"You… won't win… not using your bending it's just making this harder for you!" Ozai shouted.

"Last time I crushed you too fast, so I thought why not make a day out of this," Akira taunted as he treated the burns on his chest with some ointment to reduce the pain, "This way I actually get to enjoy the battle," he added.

"Ahhhhh!" Ozai felt right into his game, and rushed at him in blind rage for insulting his pride.

Akira smiled at this, putting the cream back on his pouch while putting on some goggles and a mask and grabbing what we assumed was another smoke bomb, and once Ozai reached him, he immediately threw the bomb at the ground, this bomb however was different, because for some reason Ozai seemed to be in pain, specifically around the face, "Welcome to the pepper strategy moron," Akira whispered to his ear, injecting the firelord with something as he tried to cut the Firelord's head, Ozai however noticed right on time and ducked under the blade, unfortunately for him, Akira was quick to adjust and moved his blade to deliver some significant dandy, cutting his right arm under his armpit, inhabilitating his right arm, and his ability to user lightning.

In pain, Ozai screamed, holding his arm in pure agony, however he was still open for more attacks and Akira obliged him, going for his head again, Ozai noticed this and propelled himself backwards with his fire bending, but once again, Akira was quick to adjust to this situation changing his attack to a closer target, managing cut his left foot off.

Ozai screamed some more, but regained his posture, burning the wounds, avoiding a bleed out, "I will end this once and for all," the fire lord declared, throwing a torrent of fire to where Akira was, Akira once again quickly moved behind one of the pillars, but this time instead of stopping, Ozai simply continued burning the rock, "You will die if you don't use your fire bending to stop the attack, unless.. you can't use it," he sneered.

"Took you long enough," Akira muttered, the sides of his body slowly burning under the heat around him.

Akira was in a difficult situation, if he came out of where he was, he would die right away… if he stayed there he was going to die eventually, burning slowly into his deathbed.

"Fuck fuck," Akira muttered in pain, the sides of his face, arms and legs already showing burns from first to second degree, his head already showing bald parts, it was a wonder how he was still standing… with the intention to fight, a fruitless attempt now that Ozai had cornered him… and when all seemed like Ozai was going to win… he coughed, blood… stopping his assault, for a brief moment… the poison had worked.

The burned Akira took this golden opportunity to jump out of his hiding spot, and like a spear threw his blade at the firelord, "Die…" Akira muttered, and as the blade came to Ozai, this in a desperate attempt to survive burned Akira even more, this however was not his primary intention, as his wounds and the poison inside his body didn't allow him to move, he tried to burn the blade, but fail to bring forth the necessary heat to melt the blade down and was impaled on the head, dying.

"I won…" Akira muttered, his body completely naked… and covered in burns, "Fuck…" was the last thing he said before dropping to the ground, without realizing during his last second, he had managed to bend the air for a brief second.


[Akira POV]

The vendor had said, if the poison didn't kill a person in under ten seconds, the guy would survive, which is why I had in the last minute resolved to throw the blade at him… I had to win, I had to.

—-So… we died— Vaatu commented.

—Aye, it was fun while it lasted,— I replied, —Did not want to die like this though… a bit painful if you ask me,—

—We won the challenge though,— Vaatu chuckled.

—We did— I chuckled, —I'm surprised I managed to deal so much damage without him burning me away, in the TV series he was showed as a freaking beast, I mean he was above almost all firebenders, but not like in the show,—

—The comet increased his power exponentially… something you unknowingly avoided, had he fought under the influence of the comet he would've killed you in less than a minute— Vaatu stated.

—Now what buddy?— I asked.

—- I don't know… you died, this is new ground for me— Vaatu admitted.

—Well… whatever it is, thanks for not being as evil as I thought— I smiled.

—-Ha! I'm still the king of chaos and evil!— Vaatu snorted, and I felt the presence of Kindred around me, they had come for me… oddly enough, I felt no desperation… —Akira… don't take him you creepy fuckers!!!! You wanna throw hands?! Let's do it!!— I could barely hear Vaatu at this point, but he seemed worried.

—His cycle…— the Wolf growled, —Has just begun— the Lamb finished.


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