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It took me sometime, but I managed to find a body for each spirit, which meant I was ready to start with the next stage of my plan, the revolution.

With each spirit representing an element, it would be as if the collective support of the elemental countries worked together to bring Ozai down.

When in reality it was me, shouting to the world, the order of chaos had been formed… I'll work on that title.

"So, who gets to kill the Opai," Axis asked, walking like a toddler that had just recently learned to walk, it was funny seeing him trip over and over again on his new body, "This will take time to get used to," he frowned.

"This is remarkably hard," Faunus laughed, struggling like Axis but taking it like everything so far, with a big and wide smile, "But nonetheless I shall prevail, this can't be harder than playing the piano,"

There are pianos in this world? "I suppose,"

"I find it rather easy," Agni commented, being the only one that had taken to his new body like a fish in the water.

"Good… for you," Leona growled, face down on the floor, I guess being the only one without legs before this really affected her, "I hate this biped body!"

"It's easy, look, left, right, left right, and then we switch it up! Right! Left!" Agni chuckled, as he broke into a dance around the fallen Leona.

"I will learn how to use my legs… just to strangle you!" Leona growled, annoyed at Agni's antics.

"Vaatu didn't have any problems with my body…" I chuckled, "Well, he did have a few with the bathroom,"

—My nemesis…—

"The what?" My new companions asked, god please tell me I don't have to teach them how to use the bathroom.


I had to teach them how to use the bathroom, and I am forever scarred by the horrors I saw inside that small room, "I will never be able to erase that awful memory from my head,"

—-I need another men in black situation!— Vaatu demanded.

"Another? What do you mean?" I chuckled.

—I… I don't know… why did I say another?— Vaatu muttered.

"I… let's forget about it," I sighed, but deep down I felt like something was missing, or hiding beneath a mist of misdirection.

"Why do humans produce such a disgusting amount of waste?!" Leona was not happy with her body… at all, "We need to eat and for some reason our useless bodies can process all the material we give them… which turns into a disgusting thing that comes out of us!"

"I found it fun!" Agni laughed, "It makes the human body thing feel real, so hell yeah!"

"Hmmm, I suppose it's only natural for humans or mortals of this realm to create waste, though I had expected them to evolve past that," Faunus smiled, "But is unimportant, I will master the ways of humanity is a day or two,"

"What about you Axis?" I turned to the air spirit, who simply shrugged.

"It's just something our bodies do, I don't have to like it, or hate it, besides I already knew about humans are their needs, so I expected as much," Axis sighed, "As for them," he pointed to the other spirits, "They never had much contact with humans, At least not to the point of living with them, so their knowledge is very basic at much,"

"Basic for now," Faunus remarked.

"Wait a minute… this body is full of blood," Leona smiled, and immediately stood up from the floor, "I can just bend my blood to move,"

"That works but… I don't recommend it," I chuckled and at that she glared at me, for a second I wondered why and then I realized she was trying to bend my blood.

"Any reason why you are trying to bend my blood?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at her.

"Hmm, my blood bending doesn't work on you… well, it doesn't matter…" Leona smiled, "You promised to fight for the right to lead me, so fight me!"

Oh right, I had forgotten all about that, "Sure," I nodded.


[Mother of Faces - POV]

Azula or rather now, Ulaza stood in front of me, asking for help, she was starting to remember, but without spiritual help her memories were a haze, a chain of random dreams showing her a lot, and at the same time nothing.

"Oh, mother of faces," Ulaza kneeled, "Please… help me,"

"I can help you… but are you sure you want that?" I asked her, "If I help you… you will lose what you have right now,"

"I… I won't lose my family," Ulaza stated, "I know that,"

"Perhaps," I hummed, "but… you would lose a lot, the help you are asking for is almost toxic for you,"

"If you can give it to me… I accept," Ulaza said with determination, determination she didn't know where it came from, "I feel I need to know… it's… the pull is to strong,"

Perhaps it was time to move the pieces of the board out of the plan, "A man brought you here, to offer you a life you never had the chance to enjoy…" I said, showing her the image of Akira dropping her on the village, "At the time, you were full of hate, and jealousy, but I cleaned that away, I gave you the fresh start he asked for you,"

"He is Akira right?" Ulaza muttered seeing the image of the man dropping her past self, "Did he love me?"

"In a way," I nodded.

"Then why did he abandon me here? Instead of staying with me?" Ulaza asked, and I couldn't help but wonder, was that Azula talking or?

"He is strong, probably the strongest human that has ever walked on the earth… but, even someone with such power can fight what he can't see," I replied, "Life put you two away, and you could say I finished Life's work,"

"Isn't that what relationships are all about?" Ulaza chuckled, crying, "Fighting together against what life throws your way?"

"Oh dear ignorant child," I chuckled, "not life, but Life, the primordial of the living, Life is an spirit older than most, and with a personal agenda a hands, one that didn't involve him loving you,"

"So he didn't abandon me… I mean not completely?" Ulaza said with a little bit of hope, "Look at me, talking about love and a guy I don't even fully remember, what a joke,"

"No, he didn't abandon you completely… but he had no choice," I answered, "Life can control many aspects of the living, and among them is the mind… he resisted for long, even when his feelings for you were never certain, he resisted, but Life knows how to break a mind… and Akira lost the battle, one he wasn't even aware it was happening,"

I knew my sister very well, I knew she fed him on his fears, about the fact he would never grow old and she would wither down and die with time, and when that didn't work, she showed him how much of a threat was her to his friends, Life was sometimes torture, as Death sometimes was relief.

"I don't think I like, Life telling me how to live my life," Ulaza stated, "I know how stupid that sounds,"

"If I give you back what I took… you must know, he doesn't remember you, I took away his memories of this place, but Life took away your presence on his mind, for what Akira matters you don't exist," I informed her.

"I will make him remember, I managed to remember a bit why can't he?" Ulaza stated.

"Very well," I nodded, wondering what my sister would do now that Azula was coming back to her chess board.

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