Avatar The Last Airbender: Cold Paths

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."—William Shakespeare. This story is about the latter. A man with no recollection of his name, finds himself in the world of Avatar. Forcing to accept the idea that the show he once watched as a kid is not, in fact, fictional has taken a massive toll on him, torn as he is between the awesomeness of his new found powers as well as it's absurdity of how everything came to be, he will do what humans do best, he will overcome and adapt and greatness will follow. to read chapters ahead go to www.patreón.com/cornbringer.

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Chapter 96

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Agni guided us to the sea of lost souls, where he for some reason started to breakdance until again… for some reason Leona appeared, I had so many questions, and frankly I wanted no answers.

"Leona, looking good!" Agni winked at the massive water spirit .

"Why have you come Agni," Leona said… or demanded it was hard to know for certain with her size and lack of facial expressions, "If you don't have a good reason I will stop the flow of blood in your body!"

"Ah, she's so kinky isn't she?" Agni smiled, slumping his head and back back against me, "Honey, you know I'm all about for some fun, but now is not the time,"

"That was a ONE TIME THING!" Leona shouted and the water started to violently shake around her.

"But I guess if you really want we can spice things up with the human," Wait WHAT?! Hell no.

"First of all… no, second… no, and third, how did this…" I said pointing between the massive water serpent and the little weasel, "Work sexually speaking,"

"I am a selfless lover," Agni replied, "Honey the human said no, I tried but what can you do about it,"

"Why have you come here Agni," Leona breathed out in annoyance.

"Come? I have yet to, we'll get there in a while, as to why I am here, well, this human is my boss, my brother, the father I never had, and the kid I never wanted, and he can offer us an escape from this place," Agni replied.

"I… what?" I muttered.

"Oh, this is fun," Faunus chuckled.

"I agree," Axis nodded, wiping tears off his furry face.

"Is that true?" Leona asked and I nodded, "Very well… what are the conditions?"

"Well… like these three you would work for me… following my orders, besides not much," I answered.

"I will accept… if one of you can entertain in combat," Leona said after a few seconds of silence.

"Well, let's give this fine lady what she wants," Agni said, cracking every single bone on his body as he made his way to Leona, "I will be back in a few, kids, mommy and daddy are going to play so stay put!"

"Is it me, or did that sound oddly sexual," I asked my group.

"It was not you," Faunus laughed.

"Yep," Axis nodded.

"Good, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy on the spirit realm," I sighed as I waited for the battle to break in.


[Ulaza POV]

Day by day, the voices in my head would get stronger and stronger, asking me to look for answers… to recover what is lost. But if I did, I felt I would lose something I had recently gained.

"I think you should go… and find some answers," Mother said with a warm smile, "Maybe go to the valley and ask the spirits to answer you,"

"I don't think I need to, it's just a dream," I sighed.

"Ulaza, you will never lose us, I know you feel like you will if you start looking for answers, but know that I will forever love you," Mom said hugging me tightly.

"Alright, I'll give it a thought," I sighed.


[Akira POV]

The battle lasted around eight hours, and ended in a draw with both spirits being extremely tired, I had to admit, seeing them fight was a treat, like a 5D movie or something. Agni was a terrifying foe in battle and so was Leona, they both showed immense battle sense and an immeasurably high stamina, Agni alone could probably level the entire fire nation without any problems, and so could the rest of my associates.

"Fine I will come with you, but you will have to prove you are worthy of leading me once we are out of here, without your bending I would squish you like a bug," Leona chuckled, "So now what?"

"Now? We dance!" Agni said back to his weasel from dancing tango around us, and I couldn't help but wonder… we're all fire spirits insane?

"A dance maybe for later," Faunus laughed, "For now, I think is our boss turn to… get us put here," he pointed out.

"Indeed it is," I nodded.

"Very well then, proceed," Axis nodded eagerly.

"Give me a moment, I need to contact Vaatu," I chuckled, forcing myself into a meditation state to talk with Vaatu.

—Die bathroom! Die!— Was Vaatu fighting with a… toilet, —You messed with the wrong entity! Now suffer the consequences for thy crimes! And burn!—

—Vaatu,— I called out.

—Akira, please tell you are ready… I hate being a human!— Vaatu shouted.

—Were you fighting a toilet?— I could help myself, I had to know.

—Yes, from now on they are my second nemesis,— Vaatu answered without skipping a beat, —Now are you ready or not?

—Yes, I have them with me… now what?— I chuckled.

—They must enter your spirit, so that when you come back you have them with you— Vaatu stated, —Now, hurry up!—

"He says that you all have to get inside my spirit," I told the spirits around me, who simply share a look among them, and with a nod one by one entered my spiritual core, the feeling was not like the one I had experienced with Vaatu, this was more along the lines of feeling some extra weight all of the sudden.

"Now what?" I heard Axis ask from within my mind.

"Now, I go back," I chuckled, forcing my spirit and the extra weight my associates brought back into my body.


I opened my eyes back into the physical world, and I found myself inside a utterly destroyed bathroom, "I'm going to assume this was your doing, Vaatu?" I chuckled, I knew he had some problems with the toilet from our last conversation but this was stupid, the toilet was melted down to a white looking glob and the rest was broken beyond repair.

—You assume correctly,— Vaatu stated proudly.

—Greeting lord of chaos— Faunus said in an oddly respectful tone.

—Hey boss within the boss!— Agni chuckled.

—So, when do we get our bodies? This is too crowded for my linking,— Axis pointed out.

—Soon— Vaatu stated with a tone of finality.