Avatar The Last Airbender: Cold Paths

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."—William Shakespeare. This story is about the latter. A man with no recollection of his name, finds himself in the world of Avatar. Forcing to accept the idea that the show he once watched as a kid is not, in fact, fictional has taken a massive toll on him, torn as he is between the awesomeness of his new found powers as well as it's absurdity of how everything came to be, he will do what humans do best, he will overcome and adapt and greatness will follow. to read chapters ahead go to www.patreón.com/cornbringer.

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Chapter 84

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After the duel between Vaatu and Raava, things followed the canon pretty much to the letter , with Azula manipulating Zuko into betraying Katara and Iroh, and with Iroh being captured. Things were back to the normal track of events, the avatar had escaped and Zuko was on his way to realize he was wrong and that there were other ways to restore his honor besides sucking on Ozai.

In our way back to the fire nation I had more than enough time to realize something, Zuko didn't like me, at all, his emotions would flare everytime I tried to engage in conversation with him, and while it bothered me, it was pointless to give the little prince any time of my day.

He questioned deep down how could I associate with Azula, and without answer immediately had me in the same corner he had her, as a psychopath.

"We should go to the beach!" Ty Lee offered with a smile, "We finally ended our mission, we deserve to be pampered,"

The beach episodes, so the time to tell Azula the truth was coming, "That would be nice," I said.

"Very well," Azula nodded, "But first Zuko and I need to do some paperwork about this mission," she added with her signature evil smile.

"While you two do that I will have some quality time with my family," Everything just to avoid Ozai, if I saw him now, I would end up killing him without hesitation, his presence was painful, and I wanted to end him.

"It's not like you have anything to do in the castle," Zuko growled.

"I do," I chuckled.

"Do I need to remind you, there are only two royals in here right now?" Zuko challenged.

I eyed the angry prince with amusement, "It's that supposed to scare me?" I chuckled.

"No," Zuko shook his head, lighting his hands on fire, "But this should,"

I looked at him in disbelief and laughed, "You are adorable," as soon as I said that Zuko charged at me, trying to prove… I don't really know? Maybe he was trying to hurt Azula? Or kill himself?

"Zuko stop!" Mai shouted, getting in the middle of the clearly retarded prince, "You can't win,"

Zuko was shocked, and with a hurt expression growled, "Are you saying he's stronger than me?!"

Azula at this, started to laugh uncontrollably, "Oh Zuzu…. he's stronger than me, did you really think I would date anything but the strongest man?" She pointed at me, with pride, "But be my guest… go ahead and die…"

"Let him," I said with faint smile on my face, "If he wants to end his life… who are we to deny him of that noble wish,"

"Guys… our auras are getting very dark….. maybe it's time to change the subject?" Ty Lee offered with a weak smile, trying to defuse the situation.

"Overconfidence is unbecoming of a warrior," Zuko stated.

"No, overconfidence…. is the privilege of the mighty," At this point I had started to walk towards him, "And if you don't back down… you will soon see how mighty I am, prince of nothing,"

"Zuko… please," Mai muttered, fear being the most prominent emotion she was feeling right now, "Let this go…"

"You should count yourself lucky," Zuko said, walking away, "Next time, it won't be like this,"

"Threaten me with a good time," I chuckled, "Alright prince, you won my respect… you didn't back down out of fear… so as a gift when the time comes for us to fight… I will not kill you… but I will make you face symmetrical…"

"Now that would be a sight to see," Azula giggled.

"You are diabolically cute," I rolled my eyes at her.

"Oh god… it's over," Ty Lee muttered looking like a frightened cat, "No one died… yeih,"


[Zuko POV]

I hated Akira… the way he walked, the way he talked… everything was like he thought himself to be above others, above the me… above my family, above the royals.

He saw himself as untouchable just because he was dating Azula, and soon he would learn by my hands that was not the case, as if I was going to believe he was stronger than Azula… if that was the case, he would not be here, breathing, I know my sister, she's incapable of love, and of letting others surpass her, if Akira was stronger than her… he would be in a morgue by now.

"Zuko…" Mai said as she entered my room, on the ever moving ship taking us to the fire nation, "Please… let Akira be… I beg you,"

She was afraid, but why… if that bastard did something to her… I will kill him! "Did he do something to you?"

"No, he's a good friend… no… more like a good acquaintance, but I have seen him fight… he doesn't fight to win… he fights to kill," Mai said shaking at the end, "I saw him kill one of the generals in the fire nation… with a single fire punch…. he blasted his upper half with a single attack,"

"He's a criminal?" I asked.

"It was an Agni Kai," Mai clarified.

"'Maybe he's strong… but I won't let him walk over me, or you…" I stated, maybe he did know how to fight, but killing a general was not a feat to boast about, Azula could easily defeat all of them, and so could I… that feat merely told me he was a competent fighter, nothing more.

"If this is what you want… then go!" Mai shouted, "I won't stand and watch you die! Just because you have to prove you are the most macho or something!" With that she slapped me and stormed off my room.

"I will show you Mai," I muttered, "I will everyone how strong I have become,"

"Was that really worth it Zuzu," Azula chuckled as she entered my room, "Not that I don't enjoy the show… but really… why must you make it so easy to crush your ambitions… start small brother, fight a blind kid… and you might have a fighting chance,"

"I know your game Azula," I growled, "You are probably tired of him… and you want me to do your dirty job, so be glad I'm happy to do it,"

"Impressive," Azula clapped her hands in amusement, "You know… I never expect anything from you, and yet you manage to disappoint me…. oh well," she shrugged, "do whatever you want Zuzu, I will enjoy the imminent result of you idiotic thoughts regardless,"