4 Chapter 4

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And the days passed, with me practicing and learning everything Makoto decided to teach me, apparently I had a knack for it, which was weird considering my original world had no magic or mystical shit… unless you count politicians doing nothing but still being elected… but that's not magic… I mean.

But the point was that I had learned how to move water and shape it in forms really fast, though I still lacked the concentration to use it in a fight, I was still able to mold it.

"Alright enough training for today," I sighed as I looked at the sun far away in the sky, which was now halfway on its journey toward the horizon, which meant I had to go and find Yuu's hunting group.

I wanted to venture further into the ice tundra, more that I would normally do.

And today was my chance to do so, after all, I had been invited to accompany the village hunting party with the intention of seeing them up close, who knows? perhaps I might even have the chance to use my skills or learn something new, either way this would be very interesting.

"So what are we hunting?" I inquired my small hunting group that consisted of a girl one year older than me, and a guy that looked older than everyone, but was actually my age, my biological age that was, but before I could even get an answer, a powerful growl that thundered deep within my head interrupted everyone swallowing any other sound, the sound was so loud that made me clutch in pain, all of this was accompanied by the sight of one of the hunters the village had previously send a few days running towards us as fast as his legs allowed him to, with absolute terror showing on his face. "Run!" cried the unknown hunter. "RUN!!!"

How long have I been here? Two months? Maybe more? And once again I'm probably on a fight or flight situation, terrific, "Fuck," I muttered as I saw the man trip on his feet, falling face first into the snow, as the unknown beast was charging at him at full speed.

"Fuck plus one!" I was an idiot, normally I would let bygones be bygones, people get themselves in awful situations, and it's really not my problem to help them, they can help themselves, but this village had been more than nice to me, a total stranger, so here I was running towards my own death, trying to save him, was this a bad choice? Maybe? but there was no time to regret it now.

'Time to put to use what I have learned about water bending,' I thought as I pushed the man out of what seemed to look like a tiger mixed with a turtle and a bear together.

The beast turned its attention to me , charging at full speed, "Now if we all gang on it we will…." oh I had failed to notice my hunting group had abandoned me, even the guy I had saved great, well, is like they say no good deed goes unpunished, and here I was facing the largest animal I had ever seen on person, being almost as tall and big as an elephant, but way faster and lethal probably.

"Take this fucker!" I said, creating an ice prison around him, with many ice pillars, I was quite happy my bending was working under pressure, but my technique apparently meant nothing to the beast, who broke through the ice cage with its claws and fangs tossing his paws left and right in fury, "What kind of god decided to make this diabolical amalgamations…"

The beast growled, blasting at me like a bullet, but I dodged its charge first by pushing myself into the air with a burst of snow, once I was in a better position, I started to try and sink the beast deep within the snow, freezing the bastard to death, but all it took the beast was one growl to break free of my restraints.

"Great," I muttered, deciding to go for a more lethal approach, taking a stance, I waited as the beast rushed towards me, dodging the assault at the last human possible second, using this very moment to land a water based pressure blade on its neck.

And while the attack did manage to cut a bit of flesh, the beast didn't even flinch, once again I had only severely pissed my enemy off.

"Well," I cursed as I pushed myself out of the way with the snow beneath my feet as the beast swung it's massive claw at me, "It hindsight… I'm doing way better than in my training right now, apparently the imminent fear of death is an awesome teacher,"

It was clear the beast would not go down easily, but, at least now I had a weak point to target, the wound I had delivered on its neck.

With that in mind, everytime I dodged its attacks , I would deliver a water pressure blade on the same spot I had done before, taking my distance after each attack, repeating the same over and over again, but I had failed to account for the beast's durability.

The wound the beast had, looked serious, bleeding a lot, but apparently not enough to kill it, and while I knew I was close to killing the beast, I was almost all out of energy.

"You are one tough monster," I panted, wondering why haven't the village sent someone to help me. It had been an hour already, more than enough time to send someone.

I had energy for two attacks, after all, I would be out of the fight, not being able to bend with enough strength to actually do something.

The beast turned its monstrous face at me, growling, his bleeding neck turning the snow beneath him from a clear white to a red carmesí.

"In my defense… you attacked me first," I shrugged, bracing myself as the massive deadly creature rushed at me flew running at full speed. This was my last chance to decapitate the monster, once the beast was close enough its tail slapped me out of the way, but I was ready to receive some damage, it was part of the all or nothing plan, as the tail hit me, the water blade finally managed to decapitate the monster, it wasn't something fast though, the blade went slowly through the monster necks as the giant amalgamation let out a long monstrous scream that lasted for a minute before it fell to the ground in a thunderous thud.

"Oh, god… life insurance policies rates must be through the roofs here," I panted, finally taking a break.

"I knew you could do it," Confused as to who said that I turned around finding Yuu and the hunter clan behind him, "You passed the adulthood test of the clan, congrats!"

Next time, I won't help….

"To think he would take on a Juggernaut alone… not even you can Yuu,"

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