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Dying in a truck accident Levi wakes up to find himself in a completely new world, so different from his own and yet so familiar, the world of "Avatar The last airbender" Will he survive and thrive in this new world and climb the leader of power or will he fall down and be forgotten like countless people before him _____ If you like my story and you're interested in reading more you can read 28 advanced chapters on patreon Pat reon.com/xXTheDarkOneXx _____ Note: I will also be uploading this fanfiction on royalroad

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08 - Water!

Sadly none of it will matter if I can't survive.

But still, it was all thanks to it that I could deal with my current situation. At the start I could barely bear the pain but now it was manageable and it didn't bother me as much.

[Due to the repetition of a specific action a new skill is unlocked.]

[Dodge (Active) - Level 1: Allows the user to swiftly evade incoming attacks with enhanced agility and reflexes, the user gains an intuitive sense of foresight, enabling them to predict and avoid enemy strikes more effectively]

[Dodge (Active) - Leveled up + 1]

[Dodge (Active) - Leveled up + 1]

[Dodge (Active) - Leveled up + 1]

[Dodge (Active) - Level 7: Allows…]

You can clearly tell that I have been doing quite a lot of dodging during this fight but sadly there wasn't much I could do otherwise and I am grateful I unlocked this skill when I did, it saved me again and again.

[Vitality + 3]

[Strength +4]

[Endurance/willpower + 9]

[Agility +8]

[Dexterity +5]

[Stamina +10]

[Wisdom + 4]





The bear roared at me in clear frustration as I again dodged one of its attacks, and to be honest I couldn't blame him. I would be just as angry if I spent so much effort hunting my prey with no results, but I wasn't going to give him what he wanted.

Looking through my states I couldn't help but feel a hint of happiness and frustration as I continued to dodge the bear attacks as it roared at me.

Happiness because I was getting stronger at an unbelievable rate, way faster than any training I might have done.

And frustrated because it was still not enough, as according to the system I wasn't even at the level of an elite in the avatar world and the one power I put my hopes on to escape this situation stopped leveling up at one point.

[Water bending (Active) - Level 9: Exp 99.99%]

I had put all of my hopes on water bending breaking to level 10 and giving me a new ability that will help me in my current situation, but it seemed I wasn't that lucky after all. So much for 10 points in luck.


Bear third pov

It was really, really, really frustrated, never had a prey given it so much trouble. And worst of all it couldn't do anything about it, it could only voice out its frustrations with a roar.

No matter what it did or what it tried the human seemed to be able to survive it. And worst of all it seemed to be getting stronger, faster and more adaptable. It seemed to be learning in battle!.

It was even stronger than when they first started their fight and that terrified it. Even with its limited intelligence it knew that it was something unnatural, something that shouldn't happen.

As for himself, It wasn't unscratched either, although it was in a better situation then the human, it was breathing heavily with water vapor almost covering him due to its big lungs, his nose was bent in a strange way from all the hard snowballs ramming into it constantly, it was obviously broken, Blood was coming out of his mouth and, and his teeth were crooked.

It wanted to turn around and leave more than once but it couldn't bear to let all its previous efforts go to waste, it didn't want to give up on its prey, not after all it went through to get to this point.

Coupled with its past experiences it knew that no creature could outlast it in endurance so sooner or later its prey would collapse and it would have a hearty meal.


First pov - Levi

*Pant* *Pant*

"Let's end this….*Pant* you freaking bastard *Pant*." I said gasping between breaths barely able to voice my words.

Seemingly able to understand me the bear roared as he rushed towards me also wanting to end this. But this time something was different, it wasn't as arrogant as before, it was intentionally slower and paying a lot of attention to me, probably watching for my attack to evade it.

'Humph, smart fuck.' I thought as I decided to throw all caution to the wind and fight with everything I had.

I had already given up on my water bending leveling up or someone coming to save me, at this point I can only rely on myself.

My only worry was for my family, did those two make it back to the tribe alright? Will they be okay in the future? What if there was more than one bear? My heart ached at that thought. Even though I knew the future plot I still couldn't help but worry that my interference had changed things.

'Sigh, aside from that I have no regrets in this life.' I thought to myself.

I've lived a fulfilling life no matter how short it was, I had a loving family who cared about me, I experienced care and affection like I have never did before , I lived free of responsibilities and shackles for five years and and I'm going to die protecting my loved ones, a death most could only dream of, what is there to complain about?

[Endurance/Will power: +1]

[Wisdom: +1]

Ignoring the notifications of the system and seeming to have received a giant burst of energy I started to compress snowballs one after another and launched them at the bear like crazy hitting him all over his body even though he tried to evade, I even started manipulating the snow under his legs as it got closer making him trip and slow down.

But it seems it was all for nought as it was getting closer and closer to me with each passing second and I could feel my energy running out.

Seeing him almost on me my body started attacking on its own as my life flashed before my eyes.

My previous life was mediocre and that was putting it nicely, it was shit. Which was one of the reasons I got used to this life pretty well, I didn't have any attachments or feel like I lost anything from my previous one.

As for this life it was the complete opposite of the previous, I had a close loving family, a great community that supported each other, a great healthy body, and I was even pretty handsome and was sure to get a lot of ladies when I grew up, alas…

'It's a shame to die this young, but It was worth every second of it to have 5 years of this life, mother, father, sokka katara, I am sorry but I will have to say goodbye to you early.'

'And if there really was a being responsible for bringing me here I don't know what your intentions are but I am really thankful, you gave me the best years of my life.'

'So this is the piece that comes right before death huh? I didn't get to experience it in my previous life. It's not so bad.'

The bear was already so close to me, it was already too late, even if reinforcements come at this point they won't be able to do anything.

Closing my eyes I waited for it to all to end,'I just hope it'll be fast.' I wasn't a fan of getting mutilated while alive.

But something strange happened, or didn't happen for that matter.

After closing my eyes and waiting for my end for a while nothing seemed to happen, even the roars of the bear caught off.

'Am I already dead? Was it really that fast?'.

Those were my only thoughts as I Slowly opened my eyes, and the good news is I wasn't dead

But what I saw left me baffled, the bear's head was right in front of me, like literally just centimeters away from my head, I could even smell the pungent smell mixed with blood coming out of its mouth and feel its hot breath on my face making me recall the fear I felt previously.

But aside from that there was nothing, the bear was only breathing and glaring at me but it was not moving.

'What's going on?'

'Please don't tell me that something even scarier is behind me.' only that possibility came to mind as I turned around and heaved a sigh of relief after finding nothing. I've seen enough plot twists to not think of that possibility.

I even thought that I was hallucinating before feeling something familiar. It was what was holding the bear frozen in its place, and it seemed to be under my control!

Focusing more I discovered where that familiar feeling was coming from, it was inside the bear's body, and it seemed to be…..Water!!??


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