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Dying in a truck accident Levi wakes up to find himself in a completely new world, so different from his own and yet so familiar, the world of "Avatar The last airbender" Will he survive and thrive in this new world and climb the leader of power or will he fall down and be forgotten like countless people before him _____ If you like my story and you're interested in reading more you can read 28 advanced chapters on patreon Pat reon.com/xXTheDarkOneXx _____ Note: I will also be uploading this fanfiction on royalroad

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07 - Fighting a polar bear

An: I've tried writing a First person pov from this chapter to chapter 11 tell me what you think.


"Alright you piece of shit, let's dance." I said and the piece of turd seemed to understand what I meant as it increased its speed and rushed at me.

Steading my breath I moved my arms in a practiced motion as I lifted a bunch of snow from the side of the bear and flung it at him as hard as I could landing a direct hit.

Sadly it didn't do much damage, it was only snow after all, it could barely injure a normal human let alone this beast's tough hide.

The bear was shocked at the very least and stopped in his tracks thinking that there was someone else around but seeing no one he was confused for a second before forgetting about it and rushing at me again.

But that short pause gave me enough time to think of my next move, it was my first real battle and I still wasn't as sharp as i should be, and I gotta say that I love this gamer's mind ability, even in a situation like this I could still think clearly and rationally making up for my lack of experience.

'The snow is not hard enough.' I observed the snow on the ground as an idea came to me.

Manipulating another bundle of snow to lift in front of me I tried my best to compass it making it smaller and smaller, and the smaller it got the harder it became to compress it more, but I still persisted, in the middle of all that system notifications started popping up.

[Water bending EXP is increasing]

[Water bending (Active) level 7: 2%]



I didn't have the luxury to pay it any attention now, though I took note that the exp percentage was increasing way faster then when I was training, 'I guess it's not surprising that a battle is the best way to raise my levels.'

I was already done compressing the snow ball by now and putting all my power into it I launched it straight at the bear like a Cannonball.

Sailing through the air it hit the bear right on the head before it could even react and I swear I heard the sound of something cracking as the bear groaned.

But I could tell that this time my attack seemed to have some effect besides making it confused as it seemed to have stunned him for a bit but I knew it wouldn't last long.

So taking this opportunity I flung my hands up with my palms facing the sky making the snow below my fit shoot upwards and cover my whole body like a wall.

I quickly moved from where I was before the snow settled back down, the bear was already too close and I couldn't let it get closer than that or I'd be doomed.

And it seemed I was right in doing so as before long giant bear paws hit the ground where I was standing making the earth quake and causing a chill to go up my spine, 'Just what kind of force was that!?.'

I couldn't help but have sweat cover my forehead as I thought about it, ,'Shit, if i was still there…. ' I didn't dare to think about it any more.

Seeing me escape seemed to make the bear more enraged as it roared and looked around for me before spotting me and rushing at me again.

Seeing that the strategy seemed to be working I again started lifting the snow and compressing it, what else do you expect me to do? This time I had more time than before so I compressed a larger portion of snow into the size of a human head but that meant it was heavier than before and way harder to control.

Waiting for the right moment I launched the ball of compressed hard snow at my foe, but what I didn't expect was for the bear to suddenly move his head out of the way, making the ball miss a critical spot on the head and hit him on the shoulder, but it slowed him down nonetheless.

I didn't wait for what would happen next and immediately used the strategy from before, lifting a wall of snow up and covering my figure before disappearing from sight and moving somewhere safer.

Just these few seconds of battle had already taken a lot out of me, it may have seemed simple but it was because every little action was made with deliberate thinking and calculations, just one slight mistake would have sent me to the afterlife, again I am really grateful for this gamer mind, I just gotta keep this up for a while and I might even win


Third pov

*Huff* *Huff*

Far away from Levi at the gates of the Southern water tribe, Sokka and Katara ran towards the village panting like they were going to burst their lungs out, they could barely stand straight but they still preserved nonetheless. They had to, their brother's life depended on them.

Before long one of the guards saw them, he smiled seeing them running towards him but soon he frowned, he could tell that something wasn't right.

Didn't Levi leave with them? And why did they look so distressed? A bad feeling started welling up in his chest as he ran towards them. If something happened to the chief's kids….he didn't dare think of the type of consequences that will be in store for them.

"You two, What's wrong?" Said the guard as he rushed towards them and kneeled on one knee in front of them.

Seeing that they have finally returned to the trib and an adult coming over to greet them seemed to blow a dam in their eyes as all the emotions they were holding burst out and they started crying and bawling while gasping for breath.

They tried to speak more than once but they were so tired they couldn't utter a word without their bodies gasping for breath outside of their control, it took them a while to get their first clear word out, but from their state the guard could deduce that something terribly wrong had happened and it made him shiver.

"Brother… he…. h…. waaaaa *Sniff* *Hic* *Sniff*." Katara tried to say something but being 3 years old she couldn't barely speak clearly normally let alone now when she was tired, it was a miracle that she could even run all the way back and still be standing.

Thankfully Sokka, who was in a slightly better condition was around.

"We were coming back and then….." Sokka took over after catching his breath, speaking so fast that the guard almost didn't understand him, "And so he told us to run away while he...he…." he couldn't help but have tears run down his face again as hd recited the finally part, but, even though he was crying he didn't make a single sound.

'Shit this is bad, really bad.' thought the guard.

"You two go back to the tribe immediately. I'll report back to the head of the guards. You don't have to worry, I am sure that your brother is okay." Said the guard to comfort them before turning around and running as fast as he could, but even he didn't believe the words that got out of his mouth.

The eldest son of the chef might already be bear food by now, the only thing they could do was to avenge him.

But nonetheless Sokka and Katara didn't know any better and felt relieved hearing his words as they rushed home to tell their mom.


First pov - Back at the battle of levi and the bear.

I was panting as white vapor escaped my mouth. I could feel my lungs burning, my whole body aching, my limbs cold and almost unmovable. I could barely stand up straight, my legs and hands were shaking, and my vision was blurry. I also wanted to vomit for some reason and my head was dizzy.

I could say for certain that I have never felt so many things at once in both my lifes and it wasn't something pretty.

Dodging the bear's incoming claws I flipped my hand sending a bunch of snow into his eyes temporarily blinding him before stealthily moving a little distance away.

By some stroke of luck or a miracle I was still standing, though I know it was most likely my gamers body and willpower keeping me going.

But worst of all was the nasty Scar that covered my left eye and hindered my vision.

It was the result of the bear claw brushing past it previously. If I had been a little bit slower my whole head would have been ripped in half. Thankfully eye wasn't gone. I could feel that much, but I couldn't open it at the moment, not that it mattered as It would have regenerated anyhow but it made my already desperate situation even worse.

I was already at my wits end and I didn't know what to do except repeat what kept me alive till now.

Condensing three balls of snow the size of a human head I started sending them at the monster like an earth bender would and it was having some effect.

This was a move I learned after my water bending had leveled to level 8. It came naturally to me and I didn't need to practice. Thus adding to my lists of reasons why I didn't want to die here, if i could survive for longer nobody will be my match.

Sadly things weren't looking too optimistic for me, my health points were down to double digits at 18 points, and the same was true for my stamina points at 12 points.

I know that if nothing happened or if help arrived I wouldn't survive for much longer, and I didn't know if I could respawn like in a video game but I really didn't want to test it out.

'On the bright side though, this whole shit fest wasn't without its rewards.' I thought as I remembered the notifications I received previously.

[Due to a specific situation the user have unlocked a new ability]

[Pain tolerance (Passive) - Level 1: The user can resist and stay focused under intense pain, at higher level the user will be able to withstand anything]

[Pain tolerance (Passive) - leveled up +1]

[Pain tolerance (Passive) - leveled up +1]

[Pain tolerance (Passive) - leveled up +1]

[Pain tolerance (Passive) - Level 4: ...]