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Dying in a truck accident Levi wakes up to find himself in a completely new world, so different from his own and yet so familiar, the world of "Avatar The last airbender" Will he survive and thrive in this new world and climb the leader of power or will he fall down and be forgotten like countless people before him _____ If you like my story and you're interested in reading more you can read 28 advanced chapters on patreon Pat reon.com/xXTheDarkOneXx _____ Note: I will also be uploading this fanfiction on royalroad

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02 - Gamer system

'And then there is the gamer's mind!, so that's the reason I am relatively calm about all of this.' he thought, coming to an understanding of why he didn't panic with everything that was happening.

'Is there anything I can do now to become stronger system?.' he asked in his mind, he knew that he was still only a kid but he had a system so a lot of rules shouldn't apply to him, right?

[The host is currently only an infant and is greatly limited in how he can get stronger, it is recommended that the host wait until he unlocks water bending at least]

'Sigh I see so there is no hope for no.., wait what! water bending!?.'

There were two critical pieces of information revealed in that simple simple answer.

First of all:

'I was right, I am indeed in the Avatar universe, this makes things a lot easier for me.' he thought happily, one of his favorite shows in his previous life was "Avatar the Last Airbender" show and its sequel, and to be reborn in it was like a dream come true, he already knew almost everything about this world, plus it was not a high-level world and neither was it a weak world that it was useless for him, it was just perfect.

And second of all

'Water bending!, so I am in either the Southern or northern water tribes. I honestly would have preferred the Fire Nation but I am already lucky enough to be reborn. I can't be ungrateful.' he thought as I analyzed his situation.

'The only bad thing about this situation is that I still have to endure the torture of being a baby for at least another year, sigh.' Thinking of this made him depressed, after one year he would be able to eat normal food and go to the toilet by himself which would save him a lot of face but it was still a long time nonetheless.

Finding nothing to do he started looking around his room to pass the time, trying to make out anything of interest but sadly it was too dark for him to see anything, 'Honestly who leaves a newborn infant alone in the dark.' he thought.

But he still kept looking around. He was bored out of his mind and had nothing to do so why not, but what he didn't expect was that all of a sudden the room seemed to get a little bit brighter allowing him to make out some things clearly.

'That's Weird!, what's going on?.' He was confused about what was happening, his first thought was that his mother had come back but as he didn't see any light source in the room he knew that was not it, logically speaking he shouldn't be able to see anything, and as if to answer his questions a notification popped right in front of him.


Night vision unlocked]

[Through the repetition of a specific action the user has unlocked the ability to see in the dark]

[Night vision (passive) - Level 1: Allows the user to see in the dark as if it were daylight, it can allow the user to navigate better in dark areas and not lose his way, the higher the level the clearer the user's vision will be]

Reading the notification Levi was ecstatic. He already suspected that he would be getting abilities like that with the system's earlier description but it was still hard to believe.

'So that's how it is, I can unlock powers this way, not bad, not bad at all hehe.' he thought in ecstasy. Fantasizing about all the things he'll be able to accomplish in the future.

After looking around his room randomly trying to level up his night vision ability which he sadly failed to do, and finding nothing interesting he felt his body and mind becoming tired and started drifting to sleep, this body was still too weak to do anything now.


Things were mostly the same for the coming days and time seemed to slip by so fast for anybody to notice except him of course, when you have very little to do, and very little range of motion time seems to become endless, nonetheless, things were normal.

That is until two years later when his mother gave birth to his little brother which he didn't think much of at first, that is until she named him Sokka!!!

That's when everything clicked for him, where he is, at what point in the timeline and when will the plot start.

'So now it's confirmed.' he thought as he stared at his mother holding his little brother and putting him through the same torture of sucking on her breasts that he'd been put through, 'Poor kid, just hang in there for a few more years and it would be all over.' he thought praying for his baby brother, except that the newborn didn't seem to have as much resistant to it as he himself had.

'Sokka was 15 years old when the plot started so I have 15 years give or take to prepare for everything that's coming.' He thought, his heart becoming heavy.

He had the system and detailed future knowledge of all that was going to happen and knew that if everything went right he would have no need to worry, by the time the plot came around he would be more than ready. But that was human nature for you, even with that reassurance and gamer's mind to keep him calm and focused he still couldn't help but overthink it, in fact, all that future knowledge might be the cause for it all, after all, if he didn't know what was going to happen he wouldn't worry too much, right?

He hoped he had at least a few decades of training and preparation before the avatar came back and shit hit the fan, but it was obvious he won't have that luxury now.

He is not complaining though with the gamer system he was sure to get strong enough and face the threats of that time. In fact he'd be ashamed if he isn't strong enough by then.

His brother's birth wasn't the end of his surprises though, because just one year later his younger sister Katara was born, which he already anticipated. What surprised him though was something else entirely.

On a full moon night he was sitting on his bed meditating as he usually does, which is a habit he had picked before going to sleep and had also unlocked an ability for it a while ago.

[Meditation (Active) - Level 2: Helps calm the mind and spirit, speed up HP, SP, and Energy recovery speeds, at higher levels it can help the user connect to the spirit realm]

As he was meditating he suddenly jolted in the middle of the night, opening his eyes he had a strange feeling, it was as if he had an extra limp or sense that only now he became aware of.

He was a little confused at first. He had his suspicions but he wasn't sure, but as always the system didn't disappoint as a notification appeared in front of him.


[Water bending unlocked]

[Due to reaching the specific requirements the user has unlocked water bending]

[Water bending (Active) - Level 1: The power to move and manipulate the water according to the user's will, at higher levels the user will unlock other sub-bending categories of water bending]

'It finally happened.' he exclaimed as he sat up straight on his bed and fixed his sights on a bucket full of water in the corner of the room.

It was very dark inside and any other person would find it almost impossible to see said bucket but…

[Night vision (Passive) - Level 5:.....]

He didn't have much to do in the past few years so he concentrated on leveling up the only ability he had, night vision, unfortunately, it only seemed to level up at a snail's pace. But even with its current level he could see everything clearly in the night almost as if it was day.

Focusing on the water in the bucket in the corner of his room he moved his hand slowly from afar trying to make the water in it move, but even though he could already clearly feel the water he couldn't move it.

'Maybe I am too far away.' he thought to himself but the system seemed to have picked up on it as it replied.

[Yes the user is too far away to be able to move the water with the current level of water bending, the user can level up his water bending to control more water quantity and move it from further distances away.]

'I see that makes sense.' he thought as he got up from bed and moved right next to the bucket. This time there was some effect as he tried to bend it, he managed to lift it a little above the surface before he lost control over it and it fell back down but it was a start.

'Seems like I will need a lot of practice.' He thought with a happy smile as he went back to bed, it didn't matter that he couldn't bend it. What mattered was that he now unlocked the ability and it was only a matter of time and effort to level it up, something that he had plenty of.

As he was back to bed and about to lay down he suddenly thought of something.

'Hey system, what requirements did I fulfill to unlock water bending, and will I be able to unlock other bending elements the same way in the future?' he asked, if there were requirements to unlock bending abilities does that mean that he would be able to unlock the other elements if he fulfilled those requirements?.

[The requirements to unlock water bending for the user was for him to reach three years of age and to have water bending ancestors]

Levi was surprised as he read this first notification, 'So today is my third year birthday, it's been three years since I came to this world.' thought Levi with a nostalgic expression.

He had thought that it would be torture to get past the first few years when he had first woken up but reality proved otherwise as these past three years passed like a breeze, he barely felt the passage of time at all.

Strangely he didn't miss his old world, he had no attachment to it or anything he left behind there, he might have missed the technologies and the perks that made his life easier the first few months here but he had gotten used to it by now, and in the grand scheme of things this world had more interesting and exciting things to offer.

Shaking his head with a chuckle he continued reading through the notifications.

[The user's water bending is different from the normal one, it had been purified the moment it was unlocked and integrated into the user, it is no longer bound to the moon and is completely in the user's control, if anything happens to the moon the user will still retain his full bending powers, the downside is user won't receive a buff during the full moon]

Reading this notification Levi couldn't help but smile, it had always been a worry of his even before he unlocked his water bending, he worried that his bending powers would get stripped from him if by an accident some random fish died in the northern water tribe, he couldn't believe how absurd that is, it always felt unfair, now though he can be at ease.

[For the user to acquire other bending powers he can find lion turtles which won't be easy as there's barely left alive, or the user can receive bending powers by completing quests given by the system]

Reading through the last notification Levi didn't have much of a reaction, he already knew about the lion turtles and how they can grant bending powers, unfortunately, he doubted he could find any left alive besides that one that gave Aang his energy-bending, at least he had another option, he could acquire them by completing quests.

Sadly for him he hadn't received a single one ever since he woke up here and he'd even started to worry that the quest function was broken.

'But it's not like I really need to unlock other bending powers for now, just water bending will be a handful to level up all the way and master, maybe I can start looking into it after I am done with that.' he thought as he put his head on the pillow.

'By the way, in my previous life there were a lot of theories that stated there being a lot more bending powers than the basic four mentioned. Is there any truth to that system? And will I be able to unlock them?' he asked the system in his head, more like a passing thought really, he didn't have much hope for that theory he was curious about this and wanted to make sure, but the answer he got really surprised him.

[Affirmative, there are a lot more bending powers than the four basic elemental ones, an example would be space bending, time-bending, energy bending… Etc, as long as the user survives he will eventually be able to unlock and master all of them]

Seeing the system's answer Levi was left speechless for a long while before a wave of ecstasy hit him, making him jump in place and almost start bouncing on his bed, 'Haha good good, that's amazing.' he thought in excitement as he imagined how overpowered he would be in the future if he controlled all those bending powers.

He didn't think there actually existed such bending powers, but now that he knew they did the possibilities were endless, maybe he could even travel to other worlds if he mastered them.

However there was one thing that caught his attention, how does the system know so much information?

Considering what it can do, information was the last thing he should be questioning, he more than once wondered and even outright asked the system where it came from but he had never gotten an answer, and he didn't even worry about it after that.

He wasn't even supposed to be alive right now so it didn't really matter to him any extra time that he had was a win, and with that train of thought he drifted into dreamland.


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