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What if you get the chance to live the life of anyone, in your choice of world. And do anything you want. Will you take the chance? ————————————- English is not my first language. Bad Grammar too. If you can keep up then continue to read. ————————————— This novel is 80% Hentai, 10% adventure, 5% Slice of life and 5% killing. ————————————— Tag: Incest, Incest, Incest, Harem like collecting Pokemon, Multiverses, overpower MC ................. World: 1: Man Of the House 2: High school DXD 3: Solo Leveling 4: Naruto 5: One Piece 6: ____________

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Sudden outburst

Kuho Academy, the place where everything starts. Millicas is now part of the same academy too. Though it used to be only girls school, after Rias and Soa decided to make it a collab now with boys. Besides, Millicas can study with them too, that way.

Millicas followed Rias to the principal's office with the other three.

Millicas and Koneko will attend the same year and class. Akeno, rias and kiba will be in the same year but in different classes.

Outside of the principal office Rias look at Millicas and said "come to me if you need anything okay."

Millicas nodded his head and said "okay aunty."

Koneko and Millicas then go to their classroom. It's on the second floor and rias class will be on the third floor.

Millicas look at the class door and knock on it. Then they wait outside. A few seconds later the door opened. On the other side is a woman wearing glasses. She looked at them questioningly.

Millicas gives her the paper in his hand. She takes the paper and looks at them. "Transfer student?"she asked.

Koneko and Millicas nodded together. The woman smile and said "okay come inside." Millicas and Koneko go inside following her.

Millicas and Koneko look at the student standing from the front of the class. He noticed that all the students in the class are girls only 12-13 years old. Yes he is registered as 13 years old because of his growth.

All the girls look at Millicas with wide eyes.

"He has two different color eyes."

"His hair looks so beautiful."

"Did you dye his hair? Isn't it against the rules?"

Classroom teacher said "quiet, they are new transfer students." She then looked at Millicas and Koneko and said "introduce yourself."

Millicas smiled and looked at everyone and said "Hello everyone, I am Millicas Gremory. A new transfer student. My hair color is original. So it's not against the rules." He then bowed a little and said "thank you for having me."

Everyone clapped hearing him.

"His hair color is natural."

"Wow, I wish I had the same."

They then look at Koneko and wait for her introduction. She also has unique white hair.

"Koneko," she introduced herself.

Everyone looks at her strangely but nevertheless they clap again.

"Her hair must be natural too."

"They both look beautiful."

Millicas smiles at Koneko's small introduction. He isn't surprised. She always talks a little. She only talk a little more with Pikachu and him.

Classroom teacher then said "go and sit at the back."

Millicas nodded and walked towards the back. Koneko also followed him. Millicas sit first and then Koneko sits beside him. She holds his hand and looks at the front.

The girls beside them notice her holding Millicas hand. They look at them with stars in their eyes. These girls are in the age where they start to bloom curiosity towards the opposite gender.

So seeing Millicas and Koneko holding hands they start making many kinds of scenarios inside their head.

The teacher again started with her class. There is nothing for him to learn here. He knew all this before.

So he started to prepare himself for other things.

"Yuki, Buy me all three types of Haki."

[10,000 deducted, "observation Haki" is added to the skill]

[10,000 deducted, "Armaments Haki" is added to the skill]

[30,000 deducted, "Conqueror Haki" is added to the skill]

The moment Conqueror Haki added in his skill a strong darkish red aura burst out of him and spread all around the place. Before Millicas could do anything it covered the whole school. Like an air wave it hits and passes by everyone, even the wall.

Rias stood up from her seat with a serious face.

She looked around and became shocked and pale. She saw that one by one everyone was falling unconscious. Even Akeno is any different. She immediately disappeared from her place.

In another classroom a girl also noticed this and stood up from chair. She has black bob cut hair and violet colored eyes. she also wearing a glasses. She has a slim figure and small A cup breasts.

She becomes serious when she notices that everyone is falling unconscious. She looked at her side and saw her Queen wasn't any different. She fell unconscious too.

She gets serious and prepares for any kind of sudden attack.

Same thing happened to every classroom. Teacher fell on the floor and the student fell on their table unconscious.

Rias appears beside Millicas and quickly hugs him with visilent. She is worried for her peerage members. She is in a dilemma what to do if someone attacks now. Her peerage is defenseless too.

The culprit of the sudden change is smiling awkwardly. He doesn't know what he should do. He didn't know that just adding this skill would cause such a big scene.

Luckily he didn't have any bad intentions and it was just his first outburst. So everyone just fell unconscious otherwise it might critically injure these normal humans.

As for why sona and rias weren't affected. It may be because they are pure blood And high class devils.

Millicas looked at worried Rias and said "don't worry aunt. It's my fault. They are unconscious because of me" Millicas look down guiltily.

Rias frowns and looks at Millicas and asks "what do you mean?" Millicas looked at Rias and said "I was secretly training and my aura suddenly burst and all this happened."

Rias looks at Millicas bewilderedly. She is too shocked to say anything. She then smiled worriedly and said "what were you training? Besides this is a school not a training ground."

Millicas bowed and said "sorry aunt I won't do it again."

Rias relaxed her body and sighed and said "don't do things like this. Also don't say it to anyone." Millicas nodded awkwardly.

Rias then cleaned the sweat from her forehead and said "I will go and check Akeno and Kiba. You take care of Koneko."

Millicas agreed and Rias teleported back to her classroom. She checks her best friend and sees that she is just unconscious. She then spread some water on her face and shook her.

Akeno shakily opens her eyes and looks at Rias. She immediately stands up and is ready for a sudden attack. Rias sighed again and said "don't worry. It's not an attack. Wake up everyone in the class. I will go and check kiba."

Akeno was confused but didn't ask anything now. Rias again teleports from the room towards Kiba's classroom.

Millicas does the same to Koneko and wakes her up. She is ready for any kind of attack. Millicas hugged her and said "sorry Koneko, and don't worry it's not an attack."

Koneko calmed down and remembered what happened before she lost consciousness. She looks at Millicas and asks "you?"

"Yes," Millicas replied. She finally calms down and hugs Millicas. Millicas sits on the chair with her on his lap.

Koneko hugged him facing him and said "strong" Millicas smile and agreed with her "yes."

Koneko looked around and saw everyone was unconscious. She looked at Millicas and said "good, she, I don't like." Koneko points at the teacher.

Millicas smile, he knows why she said that. She either trains, eats or sleeps. She doesn't like to stay awake and listen to lectures.

Millicas wanted to help everyone to wake up but Koneko wouldn't let him. So he sighed and decided to do as she said.

Koneko looks at Millicas and kisses him on the lips. She then said "thank you." She kissed again and said "do it tomorrow too."

Millicas shook his head and said "aunt will get angry." Koneko looked thoughtful and said "okay, then do it the next day."

Millicas giggled and said "okay." Koneko smiles and kisses him. She moves her tongue inside his mouth but doesn't know what to do next.

So Millicas do the rest and give her a good kiss. Koneko separates her mouth after a minute and looks at Millicas. She then leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

Millicas rubbed her back and continued to hug her in the middle of all the unconscious students and teacher.

After 10 minutes someone came inside the classroom and woke up the teacher. Koneko looked at the person who woke up the teacher with burning eyes. Millicas patted her back as she calmed down again.