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What if you get the chance to live the life of anyone, in your choice of world. And do anything you want. Will you take the chance? ————————————- English is not my first language. Bad Grammar too. If you can keep up then continue to read. ————————————— This novel is 80% Hentai, 10% adventure, 5% Slice of life and 5% killing. ————————————— Tag: Incest, Incest, Incest, Harem like collecting Pokemon, Multiverses, overpower MC ................. World: 1: Man Of the House 2: High school DXD 3: Solo Leveling 4: Naruto 5: One Piece 6: ____________

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Human world

"Are you ready to go?" Venelana asks Millicas. Everyone is standing in the hall room. Millicas, Pikachu, Grayfia, Venelana, Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Kiba, Zeoticus and Sirzechs together.

Pikachu is on Millicas shoulder and swinging its tail. Zeoticus looks at it with hate. He has been suffering from it since the day it was born. Every time he tried to approach his daughter, wife or Millicas this hateful cat appeared behind him and fired electricity on him.

Millicas nodded his head with a smile and looked at the Sirzechs and said "thank you dad, for letting me go with them."

Sirzechs smile and smile said "you are welcome, son." Zeoticus looked at him sadly and said "I support your mother during the permissions too."

Millicas looked at him and said "thank you too grandpa." Zeoticus smiled and was about to go towards him when "Pika pika" sounded.

Zeoticus stopped and looked at the cat on Millicas shoulder and thought 'one day I will cook you and eat you.'

Venelana looks at these two and shakes her head.

Sirzechs looked at Millicas and said "behave well and listen to your mom and grandma okay. And go to school regularly with your aunt."

Millicas nodded and said "I will dad." After that sirzechs looked at Rias and said "you have two years to train and win the game."

Rias looks at him with determination and her peerage also looks determined too.

After that Grayfia said "let's go now."

Venelana nodded her head and cast the teleportation spell. Millicas waved his hand at sirzechs and Zeoticus as he said "dad, take rest too. And grandpa does some work too."

Zeoticus and Sirzechs smiled and said "study well there."

With that they vanished from the place. Once lively place completely became silent. Zeoticus looked around and sighed and said "I already miss them."

Sirzechs looked at him and said "why don't you attend the meeting too then." Zeoticus looked at his son and said "nah, your other mother's need my attention too."

Sirzechs rolled his eyes and said "then what about my original mother?" Zeoticus' body shivered and said "I have something to do, bye." He then teleports from there too.

Sirzechs looked around and thought 'it will take a while to make this place lively again.' He also then vanished from the place.

~scene change~

Millicas and everyone come to another big hall room. Everyone looked around curiously too.

Millicas and everyone suddenly notice someone sitting on the sofa. She has red hair, the same as him and other gremory. But what surprised him is that she looked the same as Rias. It's like she is her twin sister, but a little older.

Millicas looks at Rias and then looks at the woman too. It wasn't just him Rias peerage members were shocked too. Grayfia, Venelana and Rias smile seeing them.

The woman stood up from her seat and walked towards them with a smile. Rias looks at her and big smiles bloom in her face. Rias ran towards her and hugged her as she said "Grandma I missed you a lot."

"Grandma missed you too, sweetie." The woman replied with a beautiful voice.

Millicas looked at her shockingly. So are Rias peerage members. Venelana pat Millicas shoulder and introduce her.

"She is your Great Grandmother, Chysis Gremory."

Chysis looks at everyone and then looks at Millicas. She walked towards them and said "is this my little Millicas? Look at you, you have already grown up a lot."

Millicas bowed a little and said "nice to meet you, Great Grandma."

Chysis smiled and lifted his head up and said "you don't need to be formal with me." She then hug him in her bosom and continued "sorry, I couldn't attend your ceremony."

Millicas shook his head which was between big soft breasts and said "it's okay."

After that Rias introduced her peerage members to her. Chysis smiles at everyone and welcomes them. After that he called some maid and told her to take them to their respective rooms.

Now Millicas, Chysis, Venelana, and Grayfia sit on the couch.

Venelana asks "why did you suddenly decide to come and stay here?"

Chysis drank her tea and said "I wanted to see my grandchildren and I can go anywhere I want."

Venelana drank her tea and said "yeah, like your son, don't like to stay home for long."

Chysis took a sip of her tea and said "yes, better than staying with an airhead."

Grayfia took a sip of her tea and said "like the person who has to ask about business to the air head."

Millicas look at them and smell gun fire. Grayfia ignores both of them and drinks her tea from the glass.

Rais returns after leaving her bag in her room and wearing a school uniform. She saw her mother and grandma playing tit for tat and sighed as she said "how long are you two gonna do this?"

Chysis smiled and said "we are just exchanging information." Venelana stand up and hold Millicas hand and said "let's go Millicas"

Millicas stands up and holds Venelana's hand and starts walking towards upstairs. Grayfia also stand up and bowed towards Chysis a little And followed Venelana.

Chysis looked at Rias and said "your childhood friend is also attending the same school."

Rias smiled and said "I know, sona told me before."

Chysis smiled and said "don't tell anyone that I am here." Rias nodded her head.

On the side of Millicas

Venelana gives Millicas a blowjob and Grayfia helps him by wearing his school uniform.

He enjoys his kingly service with them. After a few minutes Millicas said "I will cum grandma."

Grayfia rubs his balls and Venelana increases her speed. In a few seconds Millicas grabs her head and thrust inside her mouth and reaches her throat and cum in her mouth.

Grayfia kisses his mouth and Venelana drink his cum.

After he finished cuming Venelana cleaned his dick completely. Grayfia pulls his pants up and makes him ready for school.

Grayfia looked at Millicas and said "call us if you have any problem. Also ask your aunt Rias if you need something."

Millicas nodded his head and kiss her lips and said "okay mom, let's go."

Grayfia and Milicas walk downstairs and see that all the kids are there waiting for them.

Chysis smiles and walks towards him. She hugged him and said "you look good in this uniform." Rias and her peerage nodded and agreed too.

Chysis looked at Rias and said seriously "no one will help you with the management of this territory of yours. Be careful and always stay alert. This test is important for every devil. Manage your territory well."

Rias nodded her head and said "don't worry grandma, I will do my best."

Millicas looks at Chysis and asks "even I can't help aunty?" Chysis looked at him and said "of course you can. You are out of the restriction."

Rias and her peerage smile. Akeno smirks and says "this will be a mistake on their part then."

Chysis looked at them confusedly but didn't think much of it. How much can an 8 years old kid do?

Grayfia kissed Millicas on the lips again and said "stay with your aunt okay."

Rias smiled and held his hand and said "don't worry sis, I will take care of him."

"Pika pika" a Black cat suddenly said. Chysis looks at the cat and asks "why didn't it say meow but pika pika?"

"Pika.. pika pika pika Pikachu." Pikachu complained. Koneko translates "He said, "he is not a cat, he is pikachu."

Chysis laughed and said "is he Millicas contracted beast?" "You can't even recognise the difference between a beast and a contracted beast?" Venelana said from behind.

"Are you saying that to me?" Chysis turns around and asks with a smile.

Rias took Millicas hand and get out of the main gate and said "we are leaving."

Akeno smiled and followed her out. Koneko and Kiba also followed behind her.

Grayfia is happy and also worried for Millicas. Venelana pat her shoulder and said "don't worry, that kid is a monster everywhere."

Chysis looks at Venelana and looks at the back of Millicas. She feels like she missed something very important.