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What if you get the chance to live the life of anyone, in your choice of world. And do anything you want. Will you take the chance? ————————————- English is not my first language. Bad Grammar too. If you can keep up then continue to read. ————————————— This novel is 80% Hentai, 10% adventure, 5% Slice of life and 5% killing. ————————————— Tag: Incest, Incest, Incest, Harem like collecting Pokemon, Multiverses, overpower MC ................. World: 1: Man Of the House 2: High school DXD 3: Solo Leveling 4: Naruto 5: One Piece 6: ____________

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Early returns

Because of the sudden mass unconsciousness of students and teachers the class got canceled for the day. After checking every student that nothing serious happened to anyone the school authorities let everyone go back to home.

Rias and her peerage also Sona and her peerage stay back at the school. They don't believe that it's just happened out of nothing. They thought it happened due to supernatural reasons.

Rias didn't say that it's because of Millicas. If the devil world knows that Millicas can do this at such a age many will start to take notice of him. And because of it they might even find out his other secret.

So Rias hides everything from sona and her peerage. And the culprit of the intense discussion is eating ice cream with Koneko.

Rias looks at Millicas and her lips twitch. She wants to laugh but can't break the serious atmosphere.

After not finding anything they start to discuss other matters.

"Rias, I have already taken over the Student council. You have to make a new club for yourself." Sona said to Rias seriously.

Rias nodded her head and said "I already know and prepared everything. I will start a new club."

Sona looked at her childhood friend and said "okay that will do then."

A girl who is also wearing glasses and has long black hair, stands behind Sona. She listened to them but her face turned red from time to time. She looks at Millicas eating ice cream from the corner of her eyes.

She is Tsubaki Sona's Queen and her most trusted subordinate. In the original she falls in love with Kiba. But this time it's changed to Millicas.

The reason is still the same. She likes handsome men who are younger than her. She also finds some similarities with herself and Millicas. Both of them have two different colored eyes.

Tsubaki blushes whenever she looks at Millicas. She didn't move from Sona back as she thought she might do something wrong.

After the discussion Rias stood up from the chair and said "I will take my leave then." She turns around and leaves the room with Millicas and her peerage.

Sona leaned back after they left and said "they are hiding something. As if they know who did that attack." Tsubaki immediately returned to normal after Millicas left.

She looks at sona and asks "why do you think that?"

Sona looked at the window and said "Rias was acting that she doesn't know, but I can see through it. But the question is why are they hiding it."

She then looked at the ice cream cup on the chair and said "was it, Millicas? No, he is still too young."

Tsubaki nodded and said "yes, he is a good boy. I can feel that. He can't do that." Sona turns around and looks at her queen and asks "you can feel that?"

Tsubaki corrected her glasses but her face turned red. She didn't reply back.

~scene change~

"Mom, we are back." Millicas said as he went into the building. It's a five floor building near the school. The building has an underground training room.

The first floor is where the swimming pool is. The Second floor is for entertainment with large size Monitors and many gaming devices. Third floor, fourth and fifth is where they sleep. Each floor has 4 rooms.

Kiba decides to stay on the third floor. Koneko, Akeno and Rias take the fourth floor. Venelana, grayfia, Chysis and Millicas take the fifth floor.

Grayfia and Chysis were talking downstairs when they heard Millicas shouts. Grayfia and Chysis both look confused.

They saw Millicas come inside running. Grayfia opens her arm as Millicas hugs her directly and sit beside her.

Grayfia looks at Rias and ask "why are you so early?" Rias sat on the sofa next to her and sighed and started to talk about what happened in the school.

Finally Akeno and Kiba also understand what happened there. They look at Millicas weirdly.

Chysis laughed and said "oh you are as reckless as your grandfather. Zeo also used to act recklessly sometimes when he was a kid."

Rias stands up and goes upstairs as she doesn't want to hear anything about Zeoticus. Akeno smiled awkwardly and bowed a little and then followed Rias up.

Kiba also took his leave. Koneko is the only one who wasn't awkward. She sits on the couch and starts eating the cookies on the table.

Chysis looked at Rias back and sighed. Millicas looked at Rias and then at Chysis and said "don't worry Great grandma, aunt will forgive grandpa once she wins the game."

Chysis smiles and comes beside Millicas and hugs him from the other side too. She then said "I hope so too."