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What if you get the chance to live the life of anyone, in your choice of world. And do anything you want. Will you take the chance? ————————————- English is not my first language. Bad Grammar too. If you can keep up then continue to read. ————————————— This novel is 80% Hentai, 10% adventure, 5% Slice of life and 5% killing. ————————————— Tag: Incest, Incest, Incest, Harem like collecting Pokemon, Multiverses, overpower MC ................. World: 1: Man Of the House 2: High school DXD 3: Solo Leveling 4: Naruto 5: One Piece 6: ____________

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Big sis is the best

Grayfia and Chysis hug him from two sides. After some time Millicas said "mom, let's go outside."

Chysis looked at him and said "you want to go out?" Millicas nodded. Chysis smiled and said "then let's go, I will take you out."

Grayfia smiled and said "go with your Great Grandma. I will take out the clothes from the luggage."

Chysis stood up and held his hand and said "let's go." She didn't wait for his answer and started going outside.

Millicas stopped her and said "great grandma…" "call me big sister or by my name. Great grandma makes me feel old." Chysis said before he continued.

Millicas nodded and said "big sis, change your clothes first." Chysis is wearing a little see through T-shirt. He doesn't want others to look at her breast with hungry eyes while they are out.

Chysis looks at her dress and asks"you want me to cover my breast?" Millicas nodded his head. Chysis teleported to her room with Millicas and took off her T-shirt. She then opens the dresser and asks Millicas "Which one do you want me to wear?"

Millicas look at her naked upper body and gulp some saliva. Chysis notices this and smiles. Millicas looks at the dresser and selects a black bra and T-shirt for her.

She wears the bra in front of him and asks "can you hook a bra?" Millicas nodded and went towards her and hooked her bra up.

Chysis put on the T-shirt and asked "is it okay now?" Millicas smiled and said "Yeah it's good now."

Chysis smiles and asks "do you hate my boobies?" Millicas shakes his head and Chysis asks again "then why did you tell me to change clothes?"

Millicas blush and said "you look the same as aunt Rias, and I don't like others to look at you weirdly."

Chysis' eyes widened and smiled and asked "do you like your aunt Rias?

Millicas nodded and said "we are already lovers. We will get married after I grow a little more."

Chysis smiled and said "Do you like me then?" Millicas blush and said "yeah"

Chysis smiles widely and asks "then don't you want to marry me?"

Millicas looks at her and asks "will you do that?"

Chysis smiled and said "yes, if you ask me when you grow up then I will marry you."

Millicas looks at her and asks "then can we become lovers now?"

Chysis smiled and nodded and said "of course we can." Millicas smiled and said "then let's kiss." Chysis looked confused but smiled and kissed his cheek and said "there,are you happy now?"

Millicas looked at her with a sad face and said "you are lying to me?" Chysis confusedly asked "why would I lie?"

Millicas said "aunt Rias said lovers kisses on the lips and it's proof of their love."

Chysis' eyes widened and laughed next. She then leaned down and kissed him on the lips. "Is it correct now?" She asked.

Millicas pulls her towards himself and kisses her lips. Chysis was shocked at first but then waited to see what he would do.

Millicas took out his tongue and tried to invade her mouth. Chysis' eyes widened but then she opened her mouth and let his tongue inside her.

Millicas then gives her a very passionate kiss. Millicas kisses her for a full minute and separates after that.

He then said "now we are lovers." Chysis touches her lips and looks at Millicas. She hasn't kissed someone like this in a century.

Chysis smiled and said "okay, then we are lovers now."

After that she teleports downstairs with Milicas. Millicas looked at Grayfia and smiled and said "mom, big sis Chysis also became my lover."

Grayfia smiled and rubbed his hair and said "really, then take good care of her."

Millicas nodded his head. Chysis smiled and said "let's go Mil." Millicas then kisses Grayfia on the lips in front of Chysis. She was shocked to see this. She then smiled and said "you guys are very close."

Grayfia smiled and showed Chysis her left hand. Chysis was confused first then Grayfia pointed at her ring finger.

Chysis now really became shocked. Grayfia smiled and said "I will tell you after you come back."

Chysis nodded her head and said "come Mil"

She held his hand and went outside of the building.

They go to the park and she takes out a very expensive car. Millicas looks at the car with a star in his eyes. Chysis smiled and said "get inside."

Millicas hurriedly go and sit on the left seat and Chysis steps on the gas and start driving.

Millicas looked at everything in the car with curiosity. It's his first time sitting inside such an expensive car. So he is excited about it.

Chysis looks at his excitement and asks "do you like the car?"

Millicas nodded and said "yeah, it looks so cool."

Chysis laughed and said "do you want one for yourself?"

Millicas nodded like a chicken, picked up grains and asked "can I?"

Chysis laughed and said "of course, as many as you want. But you have to wait a little bit to be able to drive one."

Millicas look sad. Chysis looked at this and said "or I can let you drive in the underworld."

Millicas eyes lit up and said "big sis, you are the best."

Chysis laughed and felt proud as she said "of course, your big sis is the best in the world." She then increased the speed and said "let's have fun today then."