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"Big Bro! How do I look?"

Despite the rough start of the day, Zhenzhen acted as if nothing happened, enjoying her life to the fullest. She jumped out of Xu Yue's bedroom with her new bikini set and presented herself to Liu Ye. 

"You are the cutest," Liu Ye praised with a nod of approval, helping her turn around like a ballet dancer. He couldn't help but be proud of her glow-up. 

She used to be a nerdy girl who often wore baggy clothes to hide her obvious loss of weight yet now her body looked amazing. Her quick recovery from the scary illness that almost took her life was everything he wanted to see. 

"Am I only cute or maybe sexy too?" Zhenzhen wondered as she leaned forward, trying to make her chest look more presentable. "Big Sis said I look hot and you would love it." 

She fixed her frilly white top before adjusting her undies to fit her perky butt. "The bottom seems a bit small. I guess my butt grew again." 


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