Avatar Last Airbender: Prince Sasuke

To spite Itachi, Sasuke kills himself in front of him when he massacres the clan. Sasuke wakes up as the new Zuko, Prince of the Fire Nation! PS: I write on my own time so don't expect updates too frequently.

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Chapter 4: Can I graduate early?

'Sigh' I'm already tired and don't want to do this.

"Sasuke, are you ready?" said Ursa while waiting outside.

"Yes, I'm coming," I said. I'm wearing a lot of black and red with gold trimmings. These clothes seem similar to the samurai in the north back in my world. Hopefully, there won't be another incredibly boring speech like the 3rd Hokage did during the entrance ceremony to the ninja academy.

"Good. You look, wonderful dear, I can't believe you're already going to the academy," she said, beaming brightly at me with her strange motherly joy. Mothers always get excited about weird things.

We soon get to a carriage that takes us to the Academy. I have spent every waking moment as alone as possible. I only associate with Instructor Yi, who I think was promoted, Ursa who checks on me every day three times a day, and annoyingly Azula. She thinks I don't see her hiding from me while I practice but I can. After she called me those cursed words, I gave her the cold shoulder. She seems to crave my affection just like those crazy fangirls and keeps doing ridiculous things to get my attention, like burning flowers or manipulating other boys to fight me. Though I welcome them with a nice beating, burning flowers gets no attention from me. She simply doesn't know what to do and it's funny watching it eat away at her.

Upon reaching the academy, I say goodbye to Ursa who just looks kindly and says the same. She casts a lingering glance at me before ushering the carriage driver back home.

The school is really big now that I see it up close. At Least triple in size in comparison to the Konoha ninja academy. Entering the school grounds, attention soon gathers on my person. Something strange about my status is that at every level I go up, my charisma goes up on its own. I don't do anything and strangely everyone's attention is on me. So annoying.

In front of the gate, there is a board with names of all the students corresponding to where their classes are. For convenience, there is also a map right next to all the names.

'Great, they even put my title into the roster. "Prince" Sasuke...Elite class, room 1. Located in the main building on the 2nd floor.'

Entering the halls, the school is kept very clean. There are quite a lot of students walking around and instructors to match. I guess It's just something I'm not used to yet considering I've spent the last 5 years at home or in the backyard training grounds.

"You don't belong here!"???

'Hmm?' My attention is displaced from my original purpose of finding my class to the noise being created next to the stairs. Some people are crowding the area with two people in the middle.

"The earth nation colonies are not able to produce any actually good fire benders. You're all just a bunch of hillbillies! Heck, I'm even surprised you got into the ROYAL academy."

I feel like I'm in the ninja academy all over again. I found another blonde-haired loser immediately. The kid talking is blonde, looks around 8 years old with brown eyes. There is another kid on the ground with some papers sparsely laid around his person. The blonde kid back in Konoha was loud and annoying but at least he didn't do crap like this. This kid is just scum.

The other kid struggles to get off the ground. He looks like he's my age, with black hair, and big brown eyes. "T-That's not true! The Earth nation colonies are populated by pioneers and explorers, protected and led by the Dragon of the West!"

'Hmm? A familiar title popped up.'

"D-Dragon of the West? H-hmph so what! Just because the leader is great doesn't make you great! In fact, General Iroh is Royalty, you can't compare to him!"

This sentence seems to have shut the kid up. Bothered but unconcerned by their actions I walk to the crowd. Seeing my presence the first one's eyes spring open and he yells, "Prince Sasuke!"

The crowd quiets down with whispers echoing those words, and they part the area like the blonde-haired kid back in Konoha. I ignored the call and continued my steps to the stairs. This show isn't entertaining.

"P-Prince Sasuke, Good morning!" The blonde-haired kid approached me with a greeting. While the black-haired looks on in awe at me. Regardless, I didn't slow my steps.

"Prince, My name is Zaiku! I can be your right-hand man and I'll protect you with all I have!"

'Ha, you're definitely 'U-Zaku!'.

(A/N: Mean's annoying, in case you're not cultured...)

Still moving past the annoying kid, he seems to develop more courage as I haven't spoken yet. He even blatantly rushes in front of my path to the stairs. "Prin-" I cut him off by kicking his left ankle with deadly precision. He immediately tumbles over and falls to his knees.

"That's where you should be when you talk to me." I said while staring the kid down from up above.

Ignoring the absolute shock in everyone's faces, I ignored them and reached the 2nd floor classroom. Going inside, I ignored the gazes of the students sitting down and walked up to the teacher.

"Good morning Prince Sasuke, what can I do for you?"

"What are the requirements for graduation?"

"Hmm? It's the first day and you want to graduate already?


"Well to answer, students in the royal academy are provided all the resources in order to reach private level standards by the age of 8, Lieutenant level by the age of 12, First Lieutenant by 16, and finally, Captain level, where they can command their own ship by 18. If they can't reach the rank of Captain by 18 years old, they leave the school with their current rank and must obtain their own resources for practice and pay for their usage of training areas."

'This is more complicated than I thought. I originally thought they would provide all their resources to create a quick supply of soldiers for the war front, but they make it sound like it's an honor to fight in the front lines. In fact, you should pay money to fight on the front lines.

If I must reach Captain level, then according to my status, I'm not at that level yet. But there must be another way….'

After digesting the information and waiting 2 minutes in silence, I finally replied to the teacher, "If I beat you in a duel, can I graduate early?".

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