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Chapter 25


As Sokka went through the checking and was imported to the prison, he was talking with Zabuza on the intercom the whole time.

[MistDemon: I must thank you for the advice, it helped me a lot.]

[BeastMaster64: Really?]

[MistDemon: Yeah, now I am liberated from the laws and the whole world treats me as a criminal. What's the use of trying to stay within the contract now?]

[BeastMaster64: Well, that's nice, I just punched a guard from the enemy nation and am now in prison.]

The messages between them weren't anything that would reveal too much about the other. But Zabuza had slowly but surely come to trust the person on the other side. That had been Sokka's intention, though he didn't know if he could learn Jutsu from the Naruto world. He had to at least try. After all, MP wasn't called Chi, but he could use it as Chi, all the same, to fuel both his waterbending and many other techniques. Also, Sokka was being careful here and not inviting anyone else in the chatroom, even though he could now invite someone else too since he had reached Level 30.

"This is your new home for the rest of your life, scum," one of the guards snorted, pushing Sokka in where the rest of the earthbenders were staying.

Sokka walked casually as the rest of the men looked at him with suspicious looks at first, but as soon as the guard went away, an old man with a white beard came forward, a gentle smile accompanying his lips. He had falling hair and seemed like a grandpa. "Young man, why did someone like you come here? Were you reckless and got caught too?"

'This should be Tyro, Haru's father.' - analyzed Sokka, before a smile came to his face and he offered the old man his hand. Tyro took the handshake. "My name is Sokka, from the Southern Water Tribe, and I am here to free you all."

"I am Tyro," he introduced himself and signed. "But none of us can escape here. There is nothing to bend with."

Sokka narrowed his eyes, able to see that what the men around here missed wasn't just earth to bend. But the will to rise against their oppressors was nowhere to be seen either. This made Sokka sigh, as he walked towards and crackled his neck. He took a deep breath and his lungs expanded unnaturally in size. "EVERYONE!!!"

A loud sound permeated through the prison, and Tyro, who was close to Sokka, winced as he had been the one most affected by the noise. He went towards him and tried to stop anything from happening to a boy that was the same age as his son. "Young man, this isn't-"

"Are you cowards?!" Sokka yelled, this time the guards opened the door and came in with weapons, there were some firebenders amongst them too. 

"What the hell is going on here?!" Asked the warden, a strict-looking man with a small gray mustache and similarly gray falling hair. He looked at Sokka and clenched his teeth and in anger, pointed at him. "Are you the one who screamed so loud?" 

"Yes," Sokka smiled, his eyes turned sharp and a sense of maliciousness was hidden within them, like a wolf looking at its prey. It wasn't the sense of someone arrogant, no, this was the confidence that he could kill the man in front of him.

That terrified the warden as he could instinctively feel the danger, he was never used to such sharp looks before. But he composed himself quickly. 

'There is nothing to be afraid of, he is surrounded and the rest of the prisoner's spirits are too broken to fight.'

Those were the words the warden used to try and calm himself down. The danger he was feeling seemed almost unnatural to be produced by a human. Sokka also creepily smirked at the warden and stared him down like a wild beast.


-Sokka POV-

If your opponent is afraid of you, then half the battle is already over. After all, a man who was openly scared would pose a pathetic figure and wouldn't ever be able to gather courage from his men once the battle went haywire.

"Do you want your children to live out in fear!" I yelled out some second-rate cringy lines. Even though I felt embarrassed saying this, thanks to [Gamer's Mind] I was able to easily keep calm and not cringe. "Do you want your wives to always worry and be stolen by the Fire Nation scum! Do you want them to be raped!"

That was when the men finally gained cold looks in their eyes.

Good. Demonizing the enemy, making it seem like they are after you. Not your country, but you personally, then it would make the situation a whole lot more bearable. Make the enemy a monster who will kill their children and **** their wives and daughters. 

Everyone's muscles flinched and like mad beasts, even without earthbending, they charged forward. The warden tried to scamper back and run away, but sadly for him, I was here. 

Putting a hand in my pocket as if to take out a hidden weapon, I pulled out a knife and threw it. Due to my high agility, the knife flew through the air with impeccable precision and pierced the back of the warden's knee. Okay, I didn't have that good of a skill even with high agility, so this was all Luck.

"Ahhhh!!" the warden yelled out in pain, as he stumbled and slammed on the hard metal floor, knocking out a couple of his teeth. Through a gritted jaw, he yelled out. "Revolt! Guards!!"

I casually walked towards the warden as his guards were beaten to a bloody pulp by the earthbenders. 

Their children being killed and their wives raped. No man would be able to handle that kind of emotion, and they would embody the best that they always keep under control. Especially warriors like them, who were used to having bending power. 

The earthbenders' eyes turned towards the downed warden and they walked forward, ready to rip the man apart. But I stopped them by crouching down in front of the warden and pulling the knife out of the back of his knee mercilessly. He whimpered, tears coming out of his eyes. The same knife was drawn towards his throat and ready to slit it.

"Please! Please spare me!" the warden begged, tears and snot coming out of him as he stared at me fearfully. 

"I won't kill you."

As soon as he heard that, his face lit up in a disgusting smile. But that quickly died down once my knife got closer, touching his skin and drawing a line of blood on his throat.

"As long as you do what I say, then I won't kill you," after telling that to the man, I grabbed him by the hair and raised him up, and turned him around to face the gates. My knife stood at his throat all the time. "If you don't open the gates in three seconds, I will slit your dear warden's throat!" 

As I said that, I was careful about the brutality of my words, but seeing the earthbenders still were out for blood. I felt relieved. It meant that they were still drunk in victory and would do anything I said as long as victory was delivered to them.

Kind of like when Hitler told the Nazis to do horrible things. They were so high in their sense of superiority and how Hitler had filled their minds with a groundless sense of supremacy, that they forgot the people they were persecuting were also humans. 

Okay, that was a horrible analogy. But the point still stood. Both sides were seeing each other as monsters, and right now, it was good. Because this was a time of war and not one where people must heal. That will come after if this war ends in our favor.

If we win, I will have to make sure to create a time of healing between the sides. Damn... why does war have to be so complicated.


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