1 Reincarnation

A beautiful girl in her early thirties was looking at the news with teary eyes. The TV showed the scene of a dead guy found inside an apartment with a cut on his wrist while the reporter said, "Today, A man named John Hammond was found dead in his apartment. He was a young 26 years old guy. He cut his wrist and commited suicide. The reasons of the suicide are not sure but John has left a writing on the wall with a marker."

The scene in the news changed to that of the writing on the wall. It said, 'Sorry Lulu.' The reporter then continued, "We are not sure who Lulu is but this name may be of a girl, probably a nickname."

The woman looking at the TV couldn't stop herself and cried. The tears fell from her eyes constantly while she sobbed without end.

This woman was Lucy Reid. She knew that the writing was supposed to be for her. After all, it was only john who called her Lulu. She remembered how they broke up four years earlier and sobbed even harder.


Inside an apartment in the Mahendranagar city,

A young guy in his early twenties and a girl in her mid twenties could be seen. The guy was standing in the bed room with a angry and frustrated look on his face while the girl was on the floor sobbing.

The girl had a beautiful oval face that had been swollen due to the beating while her arms had a few bruises. The guy was seemingly ordinary looking with an average build.

The guy squatted down and had his hand raised which was probably to beat the girl but just when the hand was about a few centimeters away from the girl, it stopped.

The girl who had closed her eyes couldn't guess why the hand stopped. She opened her eyes slowly. What she saw made her stunned.

The guys who had been beating her hard until now had teary red eyes and was looking at her with a tender gaze.

This guy was none other than John Hammond and the girl was Lucy Reid. John looked at Lucy for a few minutes before cupping his hand on her swollen face and saying, "Sorry Lulu!!!"

Tears flowed down John's eyes as he said this. Lucy didn't know why but she forgave him in her heart and said, "It's okay." The words were ordinary yet gentle.

These seemingly ordinary words were what John had been waiting to hear for the past four years. Suddenly something clicked in John's mind as he heard a voice, [ Ding.. Activating Auxiliary job system ]

[ Ding.. Progress 1%....]

[ Ding.. Time remaining - 20 minutes. ]

"What the….", he blurted out. John looked at Lucy who was looking at him and noticed that she looked younger. He also couldn't help but be dumbfounded when he realized that he was at the apartment in Manhendranagar, where he had lived four years ago.

John's eyes widened as he thought, 'I reincarnated. And that notification, I even got a f××king system.' He then looked at Lucy who was dumbfounded while looking at the myriad of expressions on John's face.

John soon calmed his emotions and looked at the time remaining for the system installation once again. He just left it alone for now and turned his attention to the room.

John looked around the messed up room. It was a simple room with a double bed, attached bathroom to the side, closet in another side, small desk near the bed and a computer desk near the door. The sheets on the bed were messed while the blanket was thrown on the ground. The things were scattered around. Documents, books, little figurine holding the love sign that he had gifted to Lucy this year on Valentine's day.

John then turned his gaze back to Lucy and what he saw made him stunned. The swollen face had all reverted back to original and the bruises on the arms were all gone.

John looked stunned and asked, "How did you do it?"

"Do what?", Lucy answered with a weird expression on her face.

"The bruises? Where did they go? "

"I used essence energy and healed them. Why are you acting weird?", she said with a weird expression on her face.

"Okay." John didn't ask further as he was worried that the cat might get out of the bag and he would be left alone by Lucy.

After all, what normal person would say that he reincarnated just now. John then hugged Lucy. He slowly picked her up in a princess carry and walked towards the bed. He didn't bother much about the blanket or the messed up room and placed Lucy on the bed.

He then went onto the bed and hugged her while saying, "I feel sleepy. Don't leave me." He then closed his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face. After all, it had been about four years since he last became this happy.

Lucy, on the other hand, stared at John's face while pondering what happened. This change in John's behaviour was just too sudden. She was a bit skeptical about it but since he needed her by his side, she stuck even closer to john and went to sleep after pecking John's cheek once.

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