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“System novels have oversaturated the web novel space. I’m sick and tired of all this uncreative crap!” Those were the words of Alexi right before he went to work, creating a web novel of his own. Out of spite for the system genre, Alexi wrote an urban fantasy novel that worked perfectly without the use of a system. This gained him fame and a massive following and lots of contract offers. 2 years after the fact, Alexi had grown tired of writing this novel and brings it to an abrupt, controversial ending that tarnished his image and made him a laughing stock in the web novel space. Now in his final year of college, Alexi gets a request from a reader threatening him to change the ending of the novel. In a drunken stupor, Alexi rewrites the ending, but makes it end in the worst way possible, tarnishing his image even more. “You, a mere mortal, dare to defy my orders? You will pay for this!”, The reader commented. Of course, Alexi was too drunk to understand just what he’d done and who he had pissed off.


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