1 A Twist Ending

"Stupid writer, asshole, you have wasted my time!"

"Rather than kill my best girl, you better kill yourself, Ka Hyun-Su!"

I wrote the perfect story they could enjoy, the best seller one. But what did the readers do to me in return? All the reviews spread on the internet sounded absurd and made little sense!

"I liked the story. I spent all my savings buying all the books and supported the author by buying the merchandise. But why did the story have to end in tragedy? The author did not intend to make a story with a happy ending from the beginning! This is complete nonsense! This story doesn't even deserve the slightest appreciation!"

That was the average content of their reviews, my proudest readers. All the books I had published were selling well. Stupid reader! They should have realized that there was quality behind all those sales.

And you know what's more annoying than that? Damn, a little more time, and I could have finished my final book. But, it seems I died because of working too hard.

I got separated from my physical body, the body of a young man who seemed to sleep on his desk. The monitor screen was still on, leaving the last chapter of the story I wrote blank. I can't even complete my novel before I die. So sad.

I closed my eyes as my soul flew through the roofs. After that, I floated in the night sky with my transparent body.

I saw dozens of people brutally pelting the small place where I lived. Yes, they were the readers who caused a rampage because of dissatisfaction with the ending I wrote. Annoying! Really annoying! If only I didn't die by myself, I would have fought those fools.

I woke up from my daydream. Someone appeared before me, a teen boy with a shabby face and messy white hair, hovering at the same height as me, throwing a smile. He held a book, the eighth book of my series.

[Hello… My favorite writer. Ka Hyun-Su.]

The nerd boy put on a cheerful face and greeted me.

He's the one who just died too? Hoping to get the last piece of the story I made? In your dream!

I turned around, my spirit body following my will with ease.

I'd better get away from this place.

The boy had reappeared in front of me.

[Hey, at least say thanks.]

"What thanks? And who are you?"

[I'm a god, you know? I saved you from those savage fans.]


"Saved? You mean killed?"

[Ehek, you will die eventually. I gave you a more honorable death.]

Honorable, my ass!

I turned back and immediately left the nerd boy who claimed to be a god.

'Even after death, I have to deal with weird people.'

[Hey, I can hear what you said. I'm a god, okay!]

The boy reappeared in front of me.

[I want to show you something.]

"Not interested! If you are a god, please take me to the afterlife or whatever. Don't waste my time."

[I'll take you somewhere. Somewhere much more interesting than that.]

A glare of light covered the world in my eyes, shattering a building, tree, and everything to the ground. A powerful energy force pulled my body to one point, and darkness covered my vision.

The same energy released my body, returning my sight.

My body was still floating in the air. I saw a scene that differed completely from before. I saw a vast plain with thousands of carcasses filling the ground. There were not human corpses but the carcasses of creatures in human form and others as animals with fur and horns.

This area was dark because of the dense clouds in the sky and the thick fog that filled the view. A person sitting on his knees was still visible with a sword stuck in the ground close to my floating position.

'What's this?'

[This is the world I created with all my savings.]

The nerd god reappeared beside me. His messy white hair was waving in the wind.

A great battle occurred in this place, and one human being was the only one surviving after all this was over.

'Isn't this like the last scene in the story I made?'

[Yeah, this is the world I created based on your story.]

'What? You mean, you copied my story? Without even asking for my permission?'

[Eh, hehe. Yeah, I mean No. This is real, a real-world.]

'Still, you plagiarized my story. Now, pay me royalty! A lot of royalties! And because you're a god, pay me the god-level one!'

The nerd god scratched his messy hair, then looked up the other way, whistling.

The main character, Elliot Rush, was the last person alive in this world. He was a man in glamourous armor and a shining sword, with battle marks and blood all over his body.

I tried to get closer. My transparent body moved according to my will. But Elliot was unaware of my existence or the stupid god beside me.

Elliot looked up, showing his piercing eyes. A pack of light appeared before him, a circle of energy swirled, and a blonde hair woman emerged. A white dress covered a small part of her body, and her four pairs of wings flapped slowly.

An angel has appeared, a stunning one. I'm amazed. I had never seen such a gorgeous young woman like this one in my life.

This was the scene in the story where Elliot would be rewarded for what he had done, for killing the demon lord.


"Elliot Rush, congratulations. You have completed your greatest mission."

"Fuck! Shut up!"

The angel congratulated him, smiling with a flat face.

"As promised, I will grant your three wishes."

Elliot looked at the figure emitting bright light in front of him. The angel looked like a miniature sun that illuminated the surrounding area.

"What kind of writer wrote my story full of tragedy!" Elliot continued, gritting his teeth.

How does he know a writer deals with his life? And this is not something that I have been writing about before.

[He is no ordinary human. You designed all sorts of characteristics for him. And I brought him here from the same world as yours.]

Wait, what do you mean?

I turned to look at the god, who occasionally whistled, looking at the scene.

Yes, it's true. Elliot is an ordinary human brought to this world to end the demon lord. Although, in the end, the victims who fell were not minor, I mean major.

But that's just fiction, right? The Elliot in my story couldn't really be from the same world as me or any world.

I looked back at the angel and Elliot, who argued about something.

"You can ask to return to your original world. Go back to living your life as a normal human being." The angel continued.

"Bring the shit who wrote this kind of tragedy here! To this cursed world! Make him feel the despair that he himself created!"

What? I haven't written this part yet. What happened?

When I looked back at my hands and body, I still saw the same appearance, but translucent and floating in the air. Judging from their reactions, it seems I'm a kind of observer here. So is what is happening right now real?

[I told you this is the real world.]

That little nerd god floating around seems to enjoy the scene before his eyes.

The angel shook her head in response to Elliot's request. "I'm afraid I can't grant your wish."

"Don't talk bullshit. This is a god-grade wish, isn't it? You should be able to do such a simple thing."

Yeah, this is a god-class wish. Elliot could even ask to make himself the new ruler of this world. And I gave him three wishes at once. No! It wasn't an exaggeration. The journey he had to take to get to this point wasn't easy. He deserved it! He could even ask to reset this world and live with the people he loves in peace. Or even return to the earth where he lives, though I'm not sure he'll choose that request. I created him in an orphaned condition with no family on earth.

"Reset everything from the beginning and bring that asshole to this bullshit kind of world! Or I will ask you to kill yourself if you again reject my wish!"

Bring me to this world? Is that possible?

I looked at the nerd god, hoping for an answer, but it didn't seem like he had the slightest intention of helping ease my curiosity.

"Ok, I'll grant your wishes! And that will count as two wishes at once. One more, congrats."

"Shut up! Do your job with nothing to say! I'm sick of everything in this fucking world!"

Wait! Wait! Please explain to me first what happened!

The angel raised her hand. She formed a sphere of light, which enlarged in no time. The light was too bright; I covered my eyes, couldn't stand the glare.

The nerd god flew in front of me, lowering his head.

[Please, help me, save the world, make a better story. I beg you; I need to keep my face in God Society.]

Please, at least give me an explanation about what is happening!

I tried to scream, but they didn't seem to hear me.

"And for the next wish, please…." Elliot continued on his last wish. They kept talking to each other, but I couldn't listen to what they were saying anymore.

[As an apology, I'll give you some gifts.]

And now darkness covered my vision.

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