5 Magic Training [2]

I hurriedly looked left and right while hiding myself behind a pillar. 'Okay, no one's here'. I thought, and then slowly walked forward toward my room after making sure that there was no one around to spot me.

With a CLICK sound, I pushed open the door and entered the room, closing it afterward when I was inside.

"Sigh," I let out a breath of relief.

I would get scolded if someone saw what I did with that tree; it was one of mom's favorite trees, after all.

'Welp, what's done is done,' I said to myself as I made my way toward the bed in front of me.

I started thinking about magic as I sat on the bed—the beds in this world were quite good and soft no matter where you found one.

Now it was confirmed. Magic was a real deal in this world, and I just used it. The process to use magic was a little classy but at the same time, it was easy too. And why do I say such a philosophical thing?

Well, when the first time I created a water ball I had to imagine it from scratch but when I did it a second time, the water ball appeared as soon as I recalled the feeling I got during the first time.

'I wonder if it'll take even less time if I did the same thing for a third time,' a wild thought surfaced in my mind. I had to try this if I wanted to find out and prove my thesis, and this time I was going to try it with a little twist. 

I hopped off my bed and stood on the floor, I stretched out my right hand just like before, and taking I deep breath, I concentrated. Trying to recall what I felt before when the water ball appeared.

'Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate…'

I tingling sensation ran throughout my body as I felt blood rushing through my veins and vessels. Then, a water ball the size of a fist appeared in front of my palm. 

'Good, now to add the twist.''

Slowly but steadily I imagined the temperature of the water ball decreasing. This time I'd planned to turn this into a ball of ice.

Of course, nothing happened at first. But I kept going as this was going to take some time on the first try, I knew that much. Thus, for around five minutes I was standing there like an idiot while a water ball floated before my hand. 

But then it changed. I saw ice flakes forming inside and the translucency of the water started decreasing as the water was slowly beginning to freeze. Once the process was at its prime the water completely turned into ice in a matter of seconds.

Now in front of my right hand floated a solid ball of thick ice. I was doing my best to not get excited and lose my focus, however…

-Knock -Knock. 

"Wha!!" I panicked when I heard someone knocking on the door of my room, this caused my concentration to fade away and the ball of ice dropped onto the floor with a loud THUD.

'Ah, damn it. What should I do now?!' I ran around my room trying to figure out what choice I had now. The problem at hand was not big but the sudden change of events had made me lose my cool.

'Well, I have to open the door quickly or it will raise suspicion,' with that thought in my mind I reached for the ice ball—that was now on the floor—and kicked it with my leg, sending it rolling under my bed.

"Okay, the crime scene is clear now," I mumbled and hurriedly ran toward the door and opened it.

The person behind it came into sight. She was Anya, my older sister. She smiled when she saw me on the other hand I was as confused as I was before. 

"Yes?" I asked while I held the door with my hands, blocking the way inside.

"Today you got to know your status right? I was a bit curious so I came to see," she said.

"Oh yes…my status! Y-Yeah, I saw it back when father called me."

"Will you tell me what it is? If you're confused about something you can ask me that too. I'd be more than willing to help you out," she offered while trying to steal a look inside my room.

The way I was acting must have caused her to think something was going on. And regarding her offer, well, I wanted to talk to her too but the timing couldn't be worse.

"Ahh, would it be alright if we talk outside? I kind of wanted some fresh air," I said and gave the lamest excuse possible.

She thought something for a while and then spoke. "If what's you want, I'm fine with it."

I quickly closed the doors behind me and stepped outside, considering how big that ice ball was, I guessed it'd probably take an hour to melt. Then I'll have to wipe the floor too.

Pushing those matters in the back of my head, Anya and I continued walking in the hallway. This way led to the garden so we were headed there I think.

"So, what was your rank?" she asked, looking at me with curiosity in her eyes.

"I have a C rank while my other stats are D," I replied. 

She didn't say anything after, literally nothing. For a minute or two, there was an awkward silence between us as we walked toward the garden. Then she spoke up as a caring smile appeared on her face.

"See, it's nothing to be ashamed about if you have a normal or below-average status. Even if you have a G rank, it's fine," she said, trying to console me.

'Ah, for God's sake! Here we go again!' 

She was a good sister, apparently. When I first heard that she had high stats the image I had of her in my mind was of an arrogant big sister who liked to bully everyone. But she was really not that sort. She was well-mannered, caring, and kind-hearted. 

I won't really blame her for this behavior, anyone would react the same if I told them that I had a C rank when the highest someone has got in the entire city is E.

"You are right, I have an average status," I said. 

I know I was going down the cliché route of hiding my rank, but as I've said before. If someone were to take advantage of this, I won't hesitate to use my powers in public. I just didn't want to waste my time trying to convince everyone that I have high stats when everything was fine without doing that.

Plus, after all the things I've done and gone through in my former life…I'll prefer not to be the source of attraction again—which was bound to happen if they got to know my real rank.

"What's your rank, sis?" I asked, trying to shift the topic away from myself.

"Huh? My rank? It's E."

"And your other stats?"

"What? I said it's E, didn't I?" Anya said while looking at me with a hint of confusion on her face.

"What is your agility and strength stat then?" 

"Tch, are you trying to annoy me here, Zero? I said that I have an E rank, so it's obvious all my stats would be E too," she explained.

So this was the case with ranks, huh? I somewhat understood now why my rank is C while the other stats are D, and also the fact that I was the only one with this type of status.

Though I can't say for sure I might have got a C rank as a reincarnation perk, but still, the question remained. Why the other stats are D?

I can't wait to see what will happen after I level up and make all other stats C too. Will my rank go up to B or it will level up like normal?

"Sis, can I ask you something?"

"What?" she asked, urging me to speak. 

"Can you teach me magic?" I pleaded. Trying to figure out everything by myself was probably not the best idea. She is older than me and must have some skills so having her teach me magic will be efficient.

"What?! No! I can't," she replied in an instant. This was rather an unexpected response. 

"But...why?" I asked as I looked at her with my forced-innocent, ten-year-old eyes.

"I mean, I don't even know how to use magic myself. How can I teach you?"

I took a moment to rethink and make sure I didn't hear her wrong. However, I'd heard her right, word to word. 

"But father said you are the one who has the highest status in the whole city?" I tried to reason, but it seems like it was of no use.

"Ah, he likes to brag about that, doesn't he?" Anya mumbled with a sense of disgust in her voice. I guess she was not the type to act all high and mighty just coz of her strength. 

"Listen, having high stats and knowing magic are two completely different things. I also want to learn magic but it's not a thing everyone can learn; only those who have the money to enroll in the Zaforths Magic academy can learn it and only the higher-class nobles can afford that," she explained. 

Well, I didn't know what to say. Hence I stayed quiet. 

I thought magic will be an everyday thing in this world but the situation at hand was completely different. However, there was this one thing I didn't understand. I mean, I can use magic just fine, right? And it's not even that difficult. Then why do you have to go to the academy to learn that?

'This is something I'll need to figure out,' I made a mental note of it.

"Then what do you do in your practice lessons?" I asked.

She had regular practice lessons with Ron every day. If she was not learning magic then what?

"That? Father's teaching me sword arts," she replied instantly as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Still, sword arts, huh? I just need to add online and then it will be perfect…just kidding.

But I could also learn that, right? I mean, it wouldn't hurt to do so, and I think I can increase my agility and stamina status with it.

"So can you teach me sword arts then?" I appealed, a hint of determination in my voice.

"Well, I don't have any problem with that but you'll have to get father's permission first," she said.

'That won't be a problem,' I thought and grinned internally.

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