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The day before, Atticus had asked Zoey to spare him just 30 minutes of her time, but despite how strong and perceptive both of them were, neither of them knew when an hour passed.

The location they were currently in was still as quiet as ever, and during this one hour, no student had come to disturb them, much to Atticus's delight.

Only the soft chuckles of a boy and girl kept sounding through the space. The once full containers had long since been emptied, and the beverages drunk.

After a few more minutes, they both stood up from their seated position, intending on ending their "meeting".

The atmosphere became a bit awkward as both Atticus and Zoey had expressions filled with reluctance. It was plenty obvious that neither of them wanted this "meeting" to end.

But they had to get to their divisions.

"Would you mind me walking you to your teleportation room?" Atticus offered.


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