335 Time Passed

A red haired boy dashed through a foliage of trees at fast speed, enacting what many would view as a massacre.

The young boy moved with a cold expression on his face while effortlessly locating different beasts in the forest.

And every single time, he wouldn't stop or turn to even acknowledge the presence of the beasts. At every instance, a myriad of thick vines would suddenly shoot out from every direction, brutally piercing the forms of the beasts.

Then the boy would simply continue as though nothing had happened.

This boy was none other than Dell Alverian. The Alverian family bloodline was completely plant-based, and it was exactly because of their bloodline that enabled them to be the alchemists of the human domain.

While the other tiered families also had their alchemists, none of them could be compared to the true genius alchemists of the Alverian family.


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