19 Speech

As Magnus began to speak, his voice filled the hall, resonating deeply with everyone present. His words broke the silence, filled with both sorrow and determination.

"We've suffered a great loss," Magnus said, his tone heavy with emotion. "Ariel Ravenstein, a core part of our family, was taken from us." A wave of agreement swept through the crowd, grief visible on every face.

Anger simmered in the room, a shared feeling among them all. Magnus reminded them of their vulnerability, of the disrespect shown to the Ravenstein name.

"But know this," Magnus declared, his voice growing firmer. "We won't sit back. The obsidian order has challenged us, threatened our power and family. We won't let it slide."

His words hung in the air, promising action. The room buzzed with determination. The Ravenstein family, known for their strength and will, were ready for battle.

Magnus looked around the room, his gaze unwavering. "We're not to be messed with," he said, carrying the weight of their history in his voice.

The room went quiet, and Magnus's words hit home. "I, Magnus Ravenstein, declare war on the obsidian order! Let everyone bear witness the strength of our family," he declared with unwavering determination.

The tension hung thick as the Ravensteins absorbed the weight of their decision. Revenge was the only path forward.

After the meeting, determination crackled in the air as the family dispersed. Avalon walked with Nathen, Lyanna, and Sirius, each step heavy with purpose.

Lyanna's voice cut through the tension, delivering crucial news. "We interrogated a man from Sentinel Guardians. He orchestrated Ariel's mission—a spy for the obsidian order."

Avalon's anger simmered. "What did he say?" he demanded.

"He revealed the mastermind, Ronad," Lyanna continued. "He leads the obsidian order in sector 4. His motive was personal—Ariel killed his son."

Avalon's fists clenched. "Ronad," he spat. "Find him. Spare no expense. Let me know any lead."

Lyanna nodded, determined. "I will."

As she left, Sirius stepped forward. "We'll get him, Avalon. We won't let them get away with this," he reassured, a hand on Avalon's shoulder.

Avalon breathed deeply. "Yeah. They'll regret crossing us."

"I'll stay at the estate. What about your son?" Sirius asked.

"In the mansion," Avalon replied.

"Alright. We'll get him," Sirius affirmed before leaving, his determination unwavering.

Avalon nodded with gratitude. "Thank you," he said sincerely as Sirius departed, leaving Avalon to mull over their next steps alone.

Meanwhile, Nathan, with a slightly portly figure, mirrored the gravity of the situation as he walked alongside the group. Concern etched his face as he muttered, "This is going to be expensive," his mind already racing with calculations.

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