334 Sorry

It was still very fresh in their memories, the figure of Atticus easily defeating geniuses of the third years and then going ahead to brutally torture them by burning them alive.

If he could easily do that to third years, if anyone of them were stupid enough to offend him, wouldn't they be completely screwed up?

This wasn't even about the fact that he was a tier one again; none of them even dared to cross him personally.

This was what the lower-tiered students were feeling. For the tier ones, their feelings were different.

They all had their pride ingrained into their very being from their childhood.

Nothing was set in stone.

Just because he had defeated third years didn't mean that he could easily defeat them.

Each of them was seated on their seats, all acting as though they didn't care about his entry. But despite their nonchalant demeanor, only each of them knew exactly how they were feeling inwardly.


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