Atticus’s Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground

Hardworking Protagonist: Yes, Interesting Side Cast: Yes, World Building: Yes, Overpowered Protagonist: Yes, Transmigration: Yes. Atticus faced the worst day of his life: his heart was shattered, and he was suddenly killed in his home, only to wake up in a magical realm as the heir to one of the most powerful families in the human domain. Fueled by determination, he vowed to grow stronger and exact his vengeance on whoever killed and brought him to this world, no matter the cost. A/N 1. There's no harem. 2. The MC cares only about himself and his family. He doesn't mind crossing the line if it means he can keep himself and his family safe. 3. He has an extremely vengeful personality. Regardless of the reason or what you're going through, he doesn't care. What matters is that you hurt him, and that's all he needs. 4. There will be no 'hiding of strength.' He'll be cautious about what he shows, but he won't lose if he can help it. 5. The MC works hard for his strength; don't be fooled by the system tag. 6. Lastly, if you have any semblance of liking for this novel, give me your everything, hahaha. Just kidding, please give me power stones and drop reviews. Thank you! Discord: https://discord.gg/t7z25ZzKX3

RealmWeaver · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
560 Chs


As soon as Mortrex spoke, from within the cocoon of blue light, a white light suddenly ignited, blinding in its radiance.

With the force of a rocket, it suddenly burst upwards through the cocoon of light, engulfing and encompassing it in the next second.

"After the entrapped Grandmaster has unleashed his own domain, then another battle would begin. During this process, there can only be three outcomes."

The unfolding display suddenly split into three identical parts.

"One, the newly formed domain overpowers the opponent's, thereby freeing him or her and destroying their opponent's."

One of the split parts suddenly mirrored Mortrex's words, the newly formed cocoon overpowering the initial one.

Its form suddenly went supernova, and a large wave rocked the area, spreading out in every direction. In the next second, the first domain turned into motes of light, followed by its maker.