NB: I will only be sharing what I've revealed in the story so far.


- Novice

- Intermediate

- Advanced

- Expert

- Master

- Grandmaster

- Paragon

*Note: Each rank has three sub-levels, for example; (Novice-, Novice, Novice+).*

**TALENT (Your talent determines your progression in the ranks):**

- Dormant: Cannot surpass the Novice rank in their lifetime.

- Unlocked: Can advance beyond the Novice rank but encounters a bottleneck at the Intermediate rank.

- Adept: Can reach at most the Expert rank but no further.

- Empowered: Can attain the Grandmaster rank.

- Transcendent: Can reach the Paragon rank.

- Mythical: *Coming Soon...*

*Note: Having a high talent means your body can simply contain/withstand/adapt to higher mana levels than someone with lower talent.)

**Bloodlines:** These are ancestral heritages that enhance an individual's strength. Various types of bloodlines exist in the human domain.


- Elemental Bloodline: The Ravensteins are known for their elemental bloodline, which awakens randomly. For instance, a father may have the ability to control fire, while his child can manipulate water.

*Note: More bloodline types to come.*

**Bloodline Ranks (Elemental Bloodline):** Ranks range from Level 1 to 5.

- Level 1: Can control elements only in contact with your body.

- Level 2: Can release elements from your body, for example, conjuring and projecting fire.

- Level 3: Can control elements within a certain range.

*Note: More levels to be revealed.*

**Arts:** These are techniques documented in books, where channeling your mana into the book transfers all information directly into your head.

**Art Ranks:** Arts are ranked based on potential. An art with dormant potential can only exhibit Novice rank power, while one with transcendent potential can eventually reach Paragon rank power.

**Normal Weapon Grades:** Weapons are graded from Novice rank to Paragon rank.

**Life Weapon:** These weapons grow with their user. If the user becomes a Paragon rank, the weapon evolves accordingly.

**Life Weapon Art Grade:** Life weapons have no grade, and the associated art also grows with its user.

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