332 Failed

Zoey was completely baffled.

Lumindra was crying? This thousand-year-old oldie!?

'Lumi, are you okay?" Zoey's voice rang out amidst the sniffles.

'It's just *sob* I'm so proud of my little girl!'

Lumindra sobbed even louder as she said this, her sobs resounding in Zoey's head.

Zoey couldn't help but roll her eyes with a small sigh. This spirit of hers was just so dramatic.

She tuned out the sounds of Lumindra's sobbing and focused on walking through the garden.

And as soon as she did, she noticed that the cold aura surrounding Atticus had already disappeared.

Zoey didn't comment on anything, and despite the mutters and stares of the students, Atticus and Zoey made their way through the garden to the first-year leader's building.

They both entered the elevator and made their way to the top floor, getting to the front of Zoey's teleportation room in just under a minute.


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