Two Months Later...

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Mu Sihan watched as the figure gradually disappeared from sight and his dark eyes were red.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The vein on his forehead pulsed and for a moment he felt only shock and anger, and his heart was burning with grief!

He was here to save her but all he did was watch as she fell down the cliff with Gu Sheng.

He stared at his palm that was full of dirt and his jaw was clenched tightly.

Why didn't he catch her in time?

He closed his eyes then looked at the deep cliff and leapt.

But his body did not fall. He looked up and saw Bo Yan leaning over the cliff, grabbing his hand.

"I know you're upset now, but if you jumped down, what about Xiaojie? Have you thought about him?"

Bo Yan tugged at Mu Sihan's hand and pulled him up bit by bit. "Below the cliff is the sea. If one falls, they might not die. Besides, Nan Zhi knows how to swim, right?"